New Song Of Hope and Healing–For Inner Child Healing-Lifting the Wet Blanket


How To Soothe My Soul

By Roxanne Smith

January 14, 2019


Pain in my heart. Follow it through.

What is this all about. Is it me or you?

I want to run away. …want to be left alone.

Am I the only one… who wants to stay in bed

… and write a song! 😀 lol


Okay here’s the healing part:  Pain has a voice.

It’s just a messenger. I have a choice.

I can look at it… and see where it’s from.

I can love the one who was made wrong.



And if I realize my innocence

My intentions were good….

It’s not my fault and

I did what I thought I should.


Everyone needs love. Give yourself a break.

Imagine the little boy or girl whose heart still aches.

They long for the words “It’s gonna be okay,

I will always be here for you … every single day.”



And if I realize my innocence

My intentions were good….

It’s not my fault and

I did what I thought I should.


Take it all away and leave the LOVE

Take the doubt and leave comfort from above

Lift me up. Make me whole.

No more feeling like a fool.

I am learning how to soothe my soul.

I am learning how to soothe my soul.

I am learning how to soothe my soul. ( last time slow)

Original song © 2019 Roxanne Smith

It’s been 6 months since I’ve written a new Song of Hope and Healing.  Yay! My creativity is really flowing right now in every area–blogging, music, channeled messages, and intuitive guidance for myself and others. I always feel immediately better when I stop and write a song like this when I’m feeling some negativity that seems to come from out of the blue.  And the melody that flowed out is extra good with this one.  I hope to have a video of me singing and playing guitar with it soon (or at least audio) and I will post it here as well as on my YouTube channel.

I wrote this song a week ago but it mirrored what I was feeling today. Today, I’ve got so many wonderful creative ideas but I also feel like I am clearing out a lot of root chakra debris and it’s sometimes heavy–like a wet blanket.


That makes sense because as a highly sensitive child I absorbed and believed those around me who were sometimes “wet blankets on the hopes and dreams of others”.  I internalized the negativity and blamed myself as a child.  Now I can visually lift off the wet blanket of negativity that was never mine and be restored to my true nature of positivity and creative hopefulness! You can too! I hope my words have been helpful to you.  Have a great day!!

rise above negativity cloud

With love and light,

Roxanne 😇🎶💖✨

7 responses

  1. Roxanne, This is a really beautiful song, and so resonant for me. I’m glad to hear that you’re in the flow. I’m still trying to get there! 😉Honestly, it’s there, but it comes and goes. Lately, I’ve allowed myself to get off track, listening to too many other people’s opinions teachings, and techniques…always thinking that someone else holds the key! I struggle with lack of trust in my own internal guidance and process.( despite the fact that I do feel strongly guided at times) So I too am being triggered to clear MORE root chakra “stuff”. Also needing to add a good dose of self love as I’ve realized that I’m still judging myself for cutting contact from my parents and sister. In other words, for doing what I needed, to protect myself from further emotional, and spiritual harm ( and actually physical as well , since my body was screaming at me in SO many ways.) It’s ALL progress 😁…but Yikes! sometimes I’ve got to wonder why I chose this particular life!

    Thanks for this platform for self expression. You inspire me, and it’s a great comfort to know that there are others who are having similar experiences.

    Light and love,


    1. Hello Sue! Thank you so much for the kind words! 😁Thanks for sharing your feelings, yes, my flow comes and goes too. I also have been looking to others on youtube etc. for what I’m going through right now and had to back off from that because I’m not finding it–which just forced me inward. …Which, I’m learning, is where I should have looked in the first place haha. It’s so refreshing to hear how alike our experiences have been and are!–I so resonate with all that you express! Yes, please don’t judge yourself–sounds like you absolutely are doing the right thing to heal in every way!! 💞Hugs! It takes courage to follow this path–I think you chose it because you are a very highly evolved soul with many gifts of light and hope to help others. You are a comfort to ME and I feel blessed–your comments spur me forward! Where’s YOUR blog by the way? 😉I know I’d love reading it! You are so welcome and I so appreciate your kind words and expressive comments. 💝 You are a gift to me right now as I get this blog up and running again! Thank you so much! I’m curious how long you have been following my blog?–My posts don’t seem to be getting to all of my followers so I’m thinking of doing a newsletter blast or something. Hang on–we can get through this together! With love and light, Roxanne 💃✍️😇💖✨


  2. You bring tears to my eyes as I deeply feel your love and encouragement ! 😇🙏🏻
    In answer to your question, I don’t know how long I have followed you. I know I was doing a lot of on line reading maybe 4-5 years ago? I think that you took a break somewhere in there too ?
    Regarding your other comment, about my blog….lol! I do not have a blog…I don’t know just what I have to say yet. I feel like there is a missing piece, in my healing that is blocking my creative expression. I KNOW I have an important purpose, but honestly don’t know what is next for me. I might have a bit of fear of my own light 🤔
    I need time to do some integration of a deep healing course that I just completed and will feel into what emerges from that.
    I’m glad you’re back! Divine timing?!


    1. Thanks Sue! I understand completely about the healing you speak of. I like the feel of the self-care you describe–taking the time you need. ✨😌✨Great insights! In reply to the first part–did you follow the blog back when I used my middle name Elaine as my pen name? I changed the blog’s domain name too around 2014 and maybe that is when followers lost track of me… Yeah it was a long break from blogging. Feels great to be back! Thank you, yes, the timing feels divine! 😁Warmly, Roxanne 💛✨


      1. Yes, Inwas reading your blog when it was under the name Elaine!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thanks for letting me know that! That gives me a clue to understanding what happened to followers. Thanks for hanging around until now lol! 😃What a blessing you are! 🙏💖✨


          1. I was so happy to see you’d surfaced! 😁 I hope you find your lost followers 🤔 . We all need one another! 😍

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