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2023 Updated.  Hello Creative Artists, Empaths, Awakening Souls, Sensitives (HSPs), Intuitives, Entrepreneurs, Visionaries, Seekers, and All!

Welcome to all who are wanting a safe haven of emotional support and intuitive guidance for overcoming creative blocks, self-doubt, anxiety, and childhood wounds.

For when you need someone to talk to who listens and deeply understands–who holds space for you and is an enlightened witness for your healing work. 

You’ve come to the right place for support and emotional healing! I care, I’ve been there, and I’m here to help!

Welcome To My Blog that is an uplifting, safe Haven of Hope and Healing and a community of like-minded introspective, compassionate souls. 

For those of us with childhood wounds or past trauma, emotional healing is an ever-present process of acknowledging and releasing painful emotions that come up as we reach new milestones in our growth.  When we are triggered in life, it is helpful to view these times as an opportunity to heal these wounds–the repressed emotions are coming up to the surface to be released and healed.  The goal is to to learn to self-soothe and love ourselves!! Compassion for yourself is always RULE #1 on this blog! Eventually we learn to access the strong foundation that is innately within us underneath the pain–it helps to view it as a steady, sturdy platform (standing on our own 2 feet) in which we can feel grounded in our bodies, feel clarity of mind, and shine our lights that are in our hearts as we let our creative gifts flow with confidence.

It is my sincere honor and pleasure to provide Emotional Support and Empathic Intuitive Spiritual Coaching and Guidance. I’ll be adding more information about my services (including Energy Work ) to this blog in the coming weeks–until then you can read about all of them here.

Also for:

Sensitive Compassionate Souls, Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), INFJs, INFPs and all who resonate with desiring emotional support and healing from past wounds

Also includes: Supportive posts sharing tips and information on the journey to Emotional Vitality, Vibrant Health, Wholeness, Harmony 🎶, and Balance for Mind, Body, and Soul. And tips for understanding your Emotional Triggers, Overcoming Shame,  Anxiety,  Self-doubt,  and the negative Inner Critic.  

2019 Update:

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Hello Dear Sensitive Souls! How are you?! I hope you are doing well! I am so happy to be back and with new clarity, compassion, and gratefulness for my role to assist others on their emotional healing and/or spiritual journey.  I am blogging here again and I am providing sessions again. Email me at Roxanne@hspsurvivors.com if you have questions about spiritual energy work/intuitive coaching for HSPs and Empaths.  I offer a free email consultation to answer all questions and see if we are a good match for each other. 

Even though I had not been writing here consistently for a while, this blog has continued to get a lot of activity and new followers all along and I feel so grateful.  Now that I am re-engaged in writing here again, views are up and people are beginning to also comment and email me again!  😃😇🙏💖✨!! I’m so grateful and honored to be helping others in one-on-one sessions again!  Thank you for your continued interest and reaching out–I am happy to provide support, validation, comfort, hope, and healing through this blog, songs, and now through my coaching again!

There is much free coaching guidance by me in the comment sections of many of my posts as well so please use my categories in the side bar to find posts meeting your current needs. More importantly though there is so much sharing of personal stories in the comment sections that help people to know they are not alone so please seek out these sections if you are needing support!  My most viewed post with the most comments can be found here.

Welcome to a community which is a safe haven for those needing comfort, encouragement, and compassion for emotional healing and moving forward to vitality and wholeness!

You can read my blog posts on this blog by clicking on “Blog” above or “Blog” in the side bar under Pages.

I am available for sessions again now at EmpathicSoulHeal.com and and I am also a singer/songwriter/performer.

As we achieve vitality and wholeness and a higher vibration, we then attract abundance as we deeply trust this feeling and ask the Universe for more.  My hope is that my intuitive sessions and coaching, this blog, and my songs of hope and healing can help you heal by providing a safe haven for inner child healing, validating your feelings and experiences to the extent that you can access and trust your inner guidance. I’ll also give you tools for finding your voice and inner strength. This will help you to know that all of your experiences are leading you to success in life–the Universe wants you to succeed! This process can assist you in learning how to recover the hopefulness, goodness, and joyful state of your true essence as a spiritually awakening, highly conscious and compassionate soul!–your higher self is the co-creator of your new healthier future!  I am so happy you found your way here to my blog! I look forward to supporting your healing journey!

With comfort, love, and light,

Roxanne 😇✌️🎶😍💖✨


August 2021 update:

Hello Everyone! I hope you are doing well in spite of this new spike in Covid-19.  I have a new wonderful office where I see clients in-person in the Indianapolis area and since I’ve been vaccinated I ask for masks to be worn by the unvaccinated. This is working out well!  The spiritually-minded, sensitive souls who find me seem to be a 50/50 mix of passionately vaccinated and passionately unvaccinated.  The unvaccinated are welcome–there are so many personal reasons and choices people make and that’s what makes our country great–freedom to choose. I’m for diversity and inclusion in every way for every human! 🌈💖✨

For those of you not in my area, I offer distance Reiki sessions, intuitive coaching for empaths and highly sensitive people, spiritual counseling, and angel readings too by video or phone call.  More information here. I look forward to hearing from you soon! I have openings for more clients starting the 3rd week in September, 2021!

Since 2019 I’m taking a break from performing around the Indianapolis area but I’m also creating and sharing more of my original songs of hope and healing which are actually “Reiki-Infused Music”! I’ve always called them Folk Rock Songs For the Soul but I could say For Healing the Soul!–listening to my songs can help balance your chakras and heal deep emotional wounds as they did for me when I wrote them …with Angelic help!  I didn’t know at the time my angels and guides were inspiring my songs and that my higher self was capable of infusing Reiki and healing codes in the songs but now I know this to be true!–and now I know it’s part of my purpose to help others!

I’ll be expanding and adding more songs here and on my websites in the coming months. You can find my debut album of original songs on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, and all worldwide platforms (just search Roxanne Smith. the title is A New Beginning) or better yet please buy and download them from my website: RoxanneSmithMusic.com.  Proceeds from my website store go to making more albums!–the angelic realm has helped me write 70 songs of hope and healing, 50 of which are copyrighted and ready to to be made into more albums. I’m excited to share them and perform them on YouTube.

Mostly I’ve been seeing clients in-person for sessions so the music will take time. But as a highly sensitive person and empath I’m always guided where to spend my energy each day. It’s exciting to see what unfolds as I trust the guidance I receive.

This past year has been a year of personal deep inner healing in ways I didn’t even know was possible.  You may relate to breaking out of the cocoon stage and you aren’t quite ready to fly ….but you can see it–over the rainbow, the brilliantly colorful future awaits you and is beckoning …but perhaps you are disoriented, not sure how to BE yet because the cocoon stage turned you to mush haha! Be Patient and Trust are the words I keep hearing and all will fall into place step by step.

I’m already feeling it as Lions Gate energies of 8-8-21 gave me a surge of energy on the 9th that I haven’t felt in a long time. I cleaned and uncluttered my garage that day lol and it wasn’t even on my To Do list.  I feel it was symbolic of being the first place I arrive and leave my house daily which tells me to clear out old debris in my life in the mornings and before bedtime to sleep better and have more energy for all the things that I want to do. Sounds great! I’m excited!

I’m hoping all of you sensitive souls out there are experiencing similar growth and expansion of your wings–through insights and inspirations and deep clearing of old wounds to clear the path to your true self and true purpose on the planet. It’s a roller-coaster ride as we follow our joy and trust that our sorrows are temporary and that more joy is just around the corner.  Our platform to take off and fly will just appear before us easily and comfortably!  I’m counting on it!–I trust and believe!

I turn 60 years old on September 9th and my family has a big celebration planned. I keep telling myself, “It’s just a number”–because it makes no sense that I am that age.  How can it be?!  I’m a kid at heart and feeling younger and healthier every year so I decided we are going to Disney for my birthday! Yay I’m ignoring the number and will keep acting the age that I feel. 38. Yeah that feels right.

Thank you for reading and being part of this community. 😍

Sending you comfort, and warm healing wishes,

Roxanne 💖

2019 update:

P.S. For those interested in this subject, I am now performing around the Indianapolis, Indiana community (including some of the songs of hope and healing whose lyrics are featured on this blog (they are the inspiration for the name and starting of this blog).  I now call all of my 60+ songs FOLK ROCK SONGS FOR THE SOUL because all of them are empowering, uplifting, heartfelt, emotional, and soulful. My performance style and song content has been described as a combination of Carole King, and Linda Ronstadt, (my 2 idols), and Joni Mitchell (whose music I discovered more recently).

10 of my original songs, have now been professionally recorded and are available for download on my new music website RoxanneSmithMusic.com.  You can now find a professionally Mastered version of this debut album “A New Beginning” on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and music sites worldwide (just search Roxanne Smith).  Thank you all for your loving support in this creative endeavor!

All proceeds of purchases on my music website go back into the expenses of helping others to find their true voice and true purpose as I was able to do with the help of the music.  Also please remember to “like” my new facebook musician page so that you will be notified of all new posts. I appreciate it so much! ✌️🎶😊💖✨

I am performing around the Indianapolis, Indiana community and I am having a blast performing!–I have to pinch myself sometimes because of the exciting things that are ahead as I’ve learned to override my inner critic and trust my inner guidance and follow my heart’s desire and let the creativity flow! My dream to be a singer and performer, which I had given up on for many years, is now happening and I am also helping others find their true voice and true purpose in life as well. Wow! I definitely never dreamed that I’d be doing both! I’m here to say your dreams can absolutely still come true and you can do it!!

On this blog I’ll be adding only those lyrics and songs that are about hope and healing of emotional pain–my plan is to start adding videos of me performing these in the privacy of my home to give a one-on-one type of experience for the viewer–for those who are drawn to this blog when they feel larger world does not understand the depth of pain of emotional recovery from childhood wounds.  I hope to give hope to those wounded souls who are affected by the healing power of music (or the lyrics as healing poetry) in their recovery from childhood wounds to living a life of wholeness and vitality–free of anxiety and self-doubt.  It was the music that ultimately helped ME to heal and inspired the creation of this blog and now I feel blessed with the opportunity to share them here as part of my healing work helping others. I plan to start working on this project in early 2019 and I’ll be adding these videos to my YouTube channel as well.


Original Home Page for Highly Sensitive Souls (HSPs) from 2012 (When this blog (2010-2013) was called Hope and Healing with Elaine-my middle name-and I went by the pen name of Elaine D. Sanders):

Hi Everyone.  Welcome to my Home Page! Whether you are new to this blog, or already a frequent visitor it is my sincere hope that you will find support, comfort, and inspiration on these pages devoted to highly sensitive (HSP) survivors with childhood emotional wounds.  As a highly sensitive person myself,  and as a life coach specializing in inner child healing and emotional healing of childhood wounds,  I have much personal knowledge and wisdom to share.  I love my work–there is no better feeling than helping other highly sensitive souls to feel good about themselves and their lives and to help them to heal their emotional wounds.  In my opinion, my clients are among the kindest, most compassionate, gifted people on the planet!

It is interesting for me to take an objective look at this blog now, after I took a break from writing the posts as regularly as I used to–there is so much content here.  The first post I wrote was back in January 2010, writing new posts every week at first.  In a fall 2011 post,  I talked about how I feel I healed a big trauma-wound—an abandonment wound from the time when I was only 1 and 1/2 when I was hospitalized for a week.  I couldn’t remember it of course but the emotional pain had been dormant within me and in my body in the form of an energy blockage.  Both ailments that I suffered from in 2011 were in my root chakra–I never knew about the chakras before and I had been kind of resistant to learning about that kind of stuff.  But it kept coming up in my search for answers to how to heal from this last ailment.  It helped me to put it all together when I read that health issues in the root chakra area may have to do with issues of abandonment.  Then it all came clear in the AHA moment I talked about in a post: (The Eruption of Post Traumatic Stress is a Healing Opportunity) and I was able then to process and heal this inner trauma.

Since then I feel different–healthier, physically stronger, and wiser and with so much more clarity and calmness. For the last month, when thinking about what I was going to write for this post I was trying to think of a word to describe this feeling.  Then I saw Jane Fonda speak on Oprah and on Dr. Oz and some other shows and I resonated so much with what she was saying about “wholeness” and I realized that is it!  I feel “Whole”.

I feel I have come full circle into living my life with the vitality of my whole true self.  I feel more centered and grounded with an exhilaration about the wonderful things to come and for all that I have learned from where I have been.  I am so grateful for what feels like a second chance at life.  I have learned how to relax and enjoy my life.  It has been such a rollercoaster of a spiritual journey to come to this place and time where I can say that with confidence and amazement.  In 2004, when I started writing my songs and process through the layers of grief and pain that kept coming up and were holding me back, I never would have dreamed it was possible–the pain seemed endless as I worked through my childhood truths that had previously been long hidden away from me.  There was something inside of me that KNEW that going through the pain was the only way to get to the other side–that finding my true self was only possible by changing the “faulty BELIEFS” about myself that had formed in early childhood.

And now here I sit feeling very much healed with a new-found ability to recharge and comfort myself and find inner peace no matter what life throws at me and know with complete confidence and trust that everything is going to be okay.  I am telling you this because I want all of you to know it is possible for you too.  I feel so strong in spirit now with so much to give to assist other highly sensitive souls to heal from their abuse, neglect, bullying, or emotional trauma from childhood.

I look at the content on this blog and there is so much self-help information here–I am amazed at how I did it!  I remember it just flowed out of me easily for almost 2 years, ideas coming to me all the time.  I really was just going with the flow in my life at the time–it takes a lot, getting informative posts ready for public view.  I look over this blog and it feels like it is “complete’–I have had people tell me that it is an entire self-help book in itself.  Some people tell me they read 2 posts a week and it helps them so much.  Others tell me they start at the first post and read it like a book.

If you are looking for some emotional support and guidance, there is much content that has been written in the comment sections of each post where I have in the past answered each and every person’s comment.  I am no longer able to do that now due to some new projects.  Some wonderful comments were approved without a reply from me when I was, unfortunately, too busy to get to all of them. Frequent commenters have been jumping in occasionally to give support to other commenters when I am not able–it is wonderful to see this happening. Thank you to those of you who have reached out to help others in this way.

Please know, I am here–I am reading your comments and I know you are out there–I understand the emotional pain you are experiencing as you try to make sense of the confusion and destruction of the spirit that is left behind from a childhood of being diminished and not being able to express your true voice or be truly “seen” or of emotional trauma from an event in your childhood that caused you to have PTSD.  I send my love and message of hope to you all.  I hope this blog will be a safe place that you can come to for comfort, encouragement, compassion, and most of all healing.

With love and warmest wishes,

Roxanne ✨💖✨

40 responses

  1. Hi Roxanne , I am not sure if you recall me…you have a lot of wonderful followers but I just had to write to you. You have been on my mind for a long time. You helped, supported and loved me through the most difficult part of my life. Walking away from my narcisstic parents was the hardest thing I ever endured. I went no contact around this time last year and I know I could not have done it without your kind words and encouragement. I am so far removed from the girl I was last year…I can’t actually belive I lived through all of it. I know before you I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown or really to be honest I had one and you helped me through it. From threatiing emails, to having to call the police on my own father I look back and can’t believe the inner strength I had to have to pull away from their scary, intimidating and threating ways. But today after one year away I must say I am happier then I have ever been. Yes, I have a long way to go…I am working on a lot of personal growth. I am still healing, don’t get me wrong but I am really coming out of the fog!! Roxanne, thank you so much for this website and know because of you I am paying it forward. I have signed up to dailystrength.org and I blog, journal and positively support anyone in my group that needs it. I want to be there for someone who had to endure the same abuse I endured. I want to be there for someone like you were there for me. I have a testimony now and I share it with anyone that needs support and you are part of my testimony. May your website continue helping others find their true sensitive, wonderful and beautiful self!! Be Blessed!!


    1. Hi Belinda, Of course I remember you! This wonderful comment gave me the most wonderful boost this week as I am under the weather I am overcoming a “bug” at the present time. I want to respond further to your comment which I will do as soon as I am fully recovered. Thank you soo much Belinda. So happy to hear from you and that you are doing so well!! more to come…. With love and light, Roxanne


    2. Hi Belinda! Thank you so much for your wonderful comment and for letting me know how you are doing!!! 🙂 I have often wondered about you but I never had a doubt that you would persevere because your amazing spirit, inner strength, and wisdom always showed through to me. I am so happy to hear that you are paying it forward and I feel humbled that you feel this way about my support to you–you were the brave one to open up so honestly in your comments and I felt it a real privilege to assist you because I knew it would touch many others who followed your story. I know there are others out there who would love to hear how you are doing as well. So I have an idea: I would like to put all of your insightful and honest comments that you made on this blog in one place since they are spread throughout different posts so that people who visit this site can have an easier way to access the healing journey that you experienced through this blog. My plan is to release it as a post first, and then make it into a Page here on the blog and call it “The Story of Belinda”. What do you think? I want to get your permission first before I do it–I think it will be very helpful to many, many people Belinda–people who are struggling out there like you were but are afraid to take a stand in their own behalf! Thank you so much for letting me know how you feel about my work and my blog–it means so much to me!!! Blessing to you as well with love and light and much humble gratefulness, Roxanne


      1. Roxanne,

        Wow, I don’t really know what to say. I am truly overwhelmed with emotions…Sure, feel free to use my blogging any way you find it will help your website. I only hope that it helps someone else. After all this I am 100% a supporter for no contact. I support it, I encourage it, and most of all I try to let everyone know the true benefits of it. Reflecting back, my situation in the beginning felt like a lose lose situation but after time and therapy it turned into a win win. It doesn’t happen overnight, it does take time but I have to let people know what can lie ahead if they just hold on!!. I really want to be the support during the lash out phase, when a person is on the brink of cutting off contact. It is the most intense, scary, out of control place to be when you first walk away from a Narc!! I don’t wish this on anyone, but if they can just hold on, I promise that happiness is just over the mountain. It is the absolute crossroads between choosing to live a deep, fulfilling soulful life or handing your soul over to the devil and dying slowly everyday!! Roxanne, be blessed in your journey and please keep writing!!


  2. Hi, I recently found your blog and I have to tell you how very familiar everything you say feels. I admire the progress you’ve made. But I have a question. How did you get started on this process? I cut off contact with my narcissistic parent about 10 years ago, and she died 2 years ago. But I feel like I’ve been a holding pattern. The situation is no longer toxic, but I’m just as trapped as I always was. How did you start the healing process? How did you find the motivation to do it?


    1. Hi Angela, Thank you for your comment–this is a good question. I understand this “trapped” feeling that you describe. The answer to your question is not a short one–I have been in the process of healing since I started writing in a journal at the age of 14 determined to “find myself”–the motivation and determination to be happy was always there within me propelling me forward. Having children and being determined to be the best possible mother I could be and focusing on creating the best possible childhood for them so that they could be spared the self-doubt I felt was my motivation. Focusing on building their self-esteem forced me to purge out the pain and grief of not having this same encouragement as a child–I purged it out in my journal writing which I found to be very healing for me. The really deep inner grief work began in 2003. I describe my healing journey all throughout this blog in many different posts. For the best synopsis of my healing journey read the ABOUT page from my Coaching website hspsurvivors.com. Another post that talks of my healing journey’s beginnings is How My Best Counselor Helped Me…. Feeling trapped in a holding pattern is a feeling many survivors feel because of the numbness and dissociation we must develop as children to survive the lack of love and support that we so desparately needed and deserved. I talk about ways to break through this numb state in several posts but the best one to help answer your question is How HSPs Who Are High Achieving Can Overcome Self-defeating behaviors.. I hope these posts are helpful to you. Welcome to our community of survivors! 🙂 Please let me know if this information was helpful to you. With warmest, caring wishes as you embark on your healing journey, Roxanne


      1. Thank you for your reply. I did read the posts and I actually have the Artist’s Way. I think journaling might be helpful to me, but I just have not been able to get myself to do it. I never established the habit as a kid or teen because it wasn’t safe to put anything into writing – it would have been used against me. And I can’t seem to get myself to do it now. I keep meaning to do it, but never actually get to it. I’m self-sabotaging, I know, but I don’t seem to be able to get past it.


  3. Thank for doing this. You have really helped me! Please add me to your email list.


    1. Marie, Thank you for your comment. I would love to add you to my email list to get my posts automatically but it won’t let me do it for you. You must click on the link on the sidebar of the blog that says “sign me up” and sign yourself up by typing in your email address–that is confusing, isn’t it? 🙂 I am sorry about that. I appreciate your kind words of gratefulness. Sending you warmest wishes of love and light, Roxanne


  4. Good morning Roxanne, good morning to all:

    First of all, I would like to thank you for this blog, which help us a lot not feeling so lonely and misunderstood by everyone. When I read you, it is like I read my own history, and even if I am from a different country- Spain-, different continent, language (by the way, apologizes for my English), probably religion, etc….you and me are sharing exactly same feelings and experiences. Also, I open my eyes same year than you, in mi case in April 2010, with 37 years old, and it was like born again, for the first time in my life I understood that it was not me, I am just the victim…..For two weeks after discovering this, I couldn´t sleep, or eat, just remembering all the times she were cru, she humiliated me, she made me feel like I was shit, she used me, or I went to sleep thinking my mom did not love me……and next morning thinking I am crazy and how that could be true?¡¡ Moms are so loving and caring¡¡¡¡, able of the biggest sacrifices for their children, so, being a mom is the best disguise you can find in the world to hurt somebody and nobody is going to discover you or believe your victims……….

    Now, I am very lonely, my two non-narcissistic brothers think I have turned mad and crazy, one of them-52 years old- (the one like me, exactly, the other perfect victim for my mom) did not listen to me when I tried to explain to him what´s happening, he took off the phone; and the other one (42 years old, we grew up together) feel guilty because he is aware of several times things were not as they should be, but thinking is not so important, they were just mistakes anyone can made. He was the one privileged by my mom, so, he is trying to blame me in order not to recognize that the way we were educated was not fair or even “normal”; he thinks that the reason he were on drugs with 12 years old is because he is so intelligent, so smart, so advanced for his age, and a bit self-tortured, like a romantic poet….the truth is I was on drugs and alcohol also with 12 years old, but he doesn´t want to hear this because that means he is not so special one, only an abused children like me. Of course, according to them I am not an abused person, just a coward, blaming my “so loving-family” for my failures and my sad life….better than thinking that our sad lives (not only me has a lot of trouble, the 5 children- between 58 and 40 years old- 2 girls and 3 boys) have a lot of problems of insecurity, anxiety, self-doubt, posttraumatic stress, and co-dependence issues like alcohol, cocaine, marihuana, ecstasy’s, so on…..our family is the dream of a drug dealer, but of course, officially the only problem is me)

    Anyway, I felt like I never had in terms on wellness, but still I notice that inside my mind there is a lot of shit I cannot leave behind as easily, even if I understand how the shit got there. For example, I am a lot of problems loving a man, for several reasons. One: my dad* loved us a lot, he was the best man in earth, but my mom always humiliated him, so, if the only person who loves you is a stupid, and useless, a person who nobody respects, his love is also nothing, the love we received has any value. Two: Also, when I was 15 I felt so in love with a boy; when my mom- probably listening my phone conversations with friends- realized this, and that I was on risk to leave her or not being taking care of her when she was old, she sent my sister- narcissist like my mother, but less intelligent, perfect to be used for my mom deepest purposes- to try to avoid and destroy this love history, and I swear she did it. She was every day controlling him, in order I cannot get close to him to talk, saying me that “everyone was saying he is lying me”, “I was ridiculous”, “I am acting like an idiot”, “he did not like me or care for me”, “he was cheated me”, and as I was told from my childhood I was not good enough- ugly, not intelligent, or talented, good girl but not too bright, “not the kind of girl who man like” just good to be with mom at home safe and not become victim of a men, who probable wanted just sex or make a joke of me.
    I believed my sister- I was so trustful- and suffered so much, losing the only person I never loved truly, and feeling like I was the most stupid girl in the world, and believing that my instinct and my heart is so stupid as myself, feeling so-so happy for the first time in my life when I were with him.

    Again thanks for this site, is in my favorites now¡¡¡

    *one of the best thing about discovering how my mom is, is discover how lovely my dad is, the big sacrifice he did for his children, putting himself on front of my mom to receive as much as possible of the shit and mistreatment


    1. Hi Sonia,

      Thank you so much for your comment and for sharing your story–you speak with such wisdom about what you experienced. I agree with you–you see exactly what has been going on and you are reframing your new life with your new eyes to see the truth. It is wonderful that you have the truth of your dear dad now. Amazing how the truth can set us free and then we can begin the journey to healing. Thanks again for you kind words about my site. With warmest wishes to comfort you, Roxanne


  5. Wow. I didn’t even finish reading this blog yet and now I understand somewhat of what I was going through blaming myself for being dysfunctional, something must be wrong with me for me to react this way. A lot of people with the ‘deal-with-it’ approach to life, say I am too sensitive and i am too hard on myself. they don’t don’t understand that things mean a lot to me and if I make mistakes, I really feel them and want to make things right and then I will feel better. I messed up so much this year, that I feel so awefully uncomfortable with knots in my stomache and I don’t feel like an INFJ anymore. I have never experienced this before in all my life. I am truly depressed and withdrawn for the first time in my life. I would like to confidentally heal from this year of my life so that I can go back to living again and gracefully maturing. I don’t ever want to repeat this year again of sabotaging my positive hopes and beliefs I have had since childhood that despite the abuse I went through, I was determined to heal and love and respect myself so that I could love and respect others.
    I feel as though I have to find out what triggered this reaction and heal all over again from negative messages and learn self-love and respect all over again. Yikes!


    1. Tara, Thank you for your comment and for sharing your story and experiences. Be very kind to yourself as you heal. You deserve compassion. With love and light, Roxanne


  6. Hello Again!
    Read most of your site, and I can’t sleep. At first I was uncomfortable, but now I am OK with it. I know I can’t sleep because my mind is now beginning to process things it had placed on hold 30 years ago, and that’s OK – its extra work and it takes extra time. I feel like I am waking up from a long long nightmare. I know the extra processing takes extra time, but I’m no longer disturbed by it because I already know the outcome.

    In one of the posts there was something about dark entities and stuff. Sometimes I get the impression past and contemporary HSPs are like advance paratroopers from another place, here to accelerate the development of this planet. Sometimes we hit bad luck and opposition. Sometimes the setback seems insurmountable – but it is not! Thank you so much for unlocking this part of me! Its like you were an advance scout who did a lot of heavy lifting for the rest of us!

    The future is already certain: Victory belongs to light!


    1. Yes, Yes, Yes!!! You said it all! The Star Wars Jedi’s win over the Dark side.–We are like Jedi’s (or paratroopers from another place 🙂 ) so to speak–Highly evolved souls finding each other on the internet now to unite and empower each other to believe in our amazing gifts we have within to change the world. With your brilliant imagination, Alec, perhaps you could write a sci-fi book (or movie) that could inspire and unite us all. Ha ha Yes!!! Thank you soooo much for sharing these wonderful positive insights with all of us! Thank you for saying “Its like you were an advance scout who did a lot of heavy lifting for the rest of us!”–sometimes I think my soul chose this life because I knew I could eventually overcome much to help others–helping others makes all the pain worth it–your words lift me up even higher and empower me forward as I try to find time and energy for writing a book and more healing songs to help others. With love and hugs…, Roxanne


  7. I feel like I’m no longer fighting myself, no longer hiding from myself… its weird! N’s get HSPs to fight themselves, and to hate themselves, thereby cancelling themselves out. This is the ONLY way N’s can keep down HSPs. Its a cheap, one-shot trick – that’s why N’s play that card so hard: its the only one they’ve got!

    Once HSPs figure it out and re-align with the universe, N’s don’t last very long at all.

    Victory belongs to light!


    1. Alec, Thank you for this wonderful comment. I agree with you about this–it’s the only card they’ve got but we are on to them! I agree with Healing Path–what you said here so concisely is very empowering.

      Alec, Please be very kind to yourself after reading my blog and commenting a lot–shame sometimes arises when we speak out in our own behalf–take it easy and reduce stress for a while–extreme self-care ,ok?, 😀 I look forward to hearing more from you soon and let us know how it is going. Sending lots of light your way, Roxanne


  8. Thank you for your comments Alec and Roxanne! I love what you said Alec about the only way to hold down an HSP is to turn them on themselves and how that is their ONLY weapon. It is very empowering. Roxanne I LOVE your term “extreme self-care”. I know exactly what that means and having a term for it and knowing it is a valid strategy makes me feel less guilty about doing it. I also thank you for mentioning that shame arises when we post comments and how to handle it. I did feel that the first time I posted and it was awkward. Now I understand and am not as afraid.


    1. Thanks Healing Path for letting me know the comment about shame and extreme self care was helpful. Perhaps I should write a post or put something on my main page about it. Anyone else out there feel this way too after they comment? I am sure many do. It happens to some clients as well (shame arises) after a session of being deeply validated and then speaking out to me in their true voice so I thought it might apply to comments as well. Thanks again for letting me know, Healing Path. It is so helpful that you say now you understand and are not as afraid. Wonderful! With love and light, Roxanne


  9. Hello again!
    Roxanne and HealingPath, thank you for your responses! I’m glad to have found you and I am glad we can help each other out.

    I felt a great sense of recognition-of-truth when HealingPath mentioned “empowering”. That’s exactly what it is, that’s exactly what its about – at a very fundamental, mechanical level. It is important to understand what power is, because it is the motivation for the crazy things Ns do. It is the reason why Ns have attached themselves to you. It is the reason why you will rebel – and be successful. It is the reason you will be free.

    It is about power, but not just power-in-relationships, its about power as in ENERGY, similar to electricity to heat. I’m talking about ENERGY in the sense that Eckhart Tolle describes it in “A New Earth”. As an HSP, you have power in yourself, and more distinctively, you have an “antenna system” which allows you receive power from the universe – and give it, too! You are powerful. You have energy, the ability to finely perceive, process, and transmit energy, and lots of it!

    OF COURSE you have this power & energy – why do you think Ns are always trying to extract it from you?

    Ns are a type of person, or spirit, or entity (or whatever, hehe!) who have forgotten, or lost, or been abused into forgetting this power. It is like the difference between plants and animals. Plants can receive energy directly from the stars of the universe – like our Sun. But animals cannot. That is why animals eat plants. That is why most of the food chain consists of animals eating other animals – because they can no longer directly metabolize the free energy from the Sun.

    Ns are like this too. Unlike HSPs or “normal” people, Ns perceive themselves to be at a continual energy deficit. That is why they are continually hungry. And that is why, to a narcissist, an HSP with an antenna system looks like an energy harvesting device. That is why you have been enslaved – because you look like an endless source of ENERGY.

    But pay attention to the energy dynamic, because in this is your power and your freedom. The person who has the energy has the “power”. If you were not a good person, if you did not have energy, and you did not have power, the N would not be interested in you. Simple as that. You have simply been enslaved by someone who wants energy. Every form of abuse the N has directed at you has been to steal this energy. Ns seek to belittle you and retard your development at a very early phase (~very early childhood) because that is the only system configuration in which they have an advantage. If you grew, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, you would rapidly develop “worldly” power as well – the power of POSITIVE relationships. You would be powerful, but just and fair. You would be powerful, but wise, and with X-ray vision. You ARE powerful, just and fair. You ARE wise, and you do have X-ray vision.

    But Ns don’t see the world that way. They don’t see you that way, and they don’t see themselves that way. You are a being so powerful that the ONLY way to enslave you is to capture you as a child and prevent your further growth, so that you can be turned from a great person into a rechargeable battery. You are a being so powerful that the ONLY way you can be defeated is by being tricked and trained and tormented into defeating yourself. The biggest lie Ns have told you is that you are weak. Oh really? Then why are Ns clinging to you? Why are you always trying to get away from Ns? Who is taking from whom? Who has the power? Who really has the energy?

    Ladies and gentlement, the jig is up. The game is over. Ns may have used deceit and abuse to gain power in the world and use this worldly-power against you, but they must fight continually to keep it, because IT WAS STOLEN. What are they stealing? Energy. They don’t have it. You have it. That means YOU have the power. YOU are the source – because you still have the antenna system to Hear The Source. If you are big enough to walk away, walk away, and let the parasites starve to dust.

    Who are you really? You’re not anything the N said you were. You might have very few connections to people around you right now, but that never made you lonely, because you could always connect to the positive energy of the universe.

    You are a good person. And you need to tell yourself that, because you probably haven’t heard it from many other people. And when you hear yourself say it, it won’t just feel good – you will recognize it as true.

    Your mission now is to continue your mental, emotional, and spiritual development (which will automatically make a good life for you) and help other people in your situation. This is the method for achieving justice and victory. This may end up being quite a fight, but remember this: you are not weak, you are strong. The world is designed to teach you that being sensitive equals being weak, but that is not true. It is the lie with which you have been tricked into learned helplessness. This may end up being a fight, because that’s how Ns operate, but if it comes to a fight, know this: You have access to more energy and more data than they do. You are not alone, and you are not crazy.

    Quite the opposite!


  10. Wow Alec! You are definitely in tune with the Universe because that is one of the most beautiful and again “empowering” things I have read. You are already on your way to helping people. I have been having a tough week and reading your post made me feel SO much better. My latest theory is that people in tune with the Universe share the same “universal truths”. That is perhaps how the concept of “one God” came about. I believe all the world’s religions are trying to describe the same thing but are describing it in different ways. Your post gave me goose bumps because it expressed truths that resound deeply in me but I have never even been able to describe or bring fully into the light, into my own consciousness. Perhaps I couldn’t because it meant acknowledging the truth that I was never really loved by my NM. Now that I am seeing that, I have gotten my voice back but I am still learning how to use it. Like you said, my NM struck early and I never really have had a chance to use my voice in this realm. You are right I never really feel “alone” because I’ve had the Universal Consciousness to connect to. The hardest part of my healing, the part I am at now, is trying to no longer hide in the Universe, to be more a part of my Earthly existence, to find out why I was placed here, to make more connections to people around me, outside of my own immediate family, even with those who are not highly intuitive with special “spidey powers”. I am trying to know and understand what healthy casual and professional relationships are, how to enjoy them and to trust when it is safe to trust. I am also struggling with the moral issue of letting Ns “starve to dust”. I don’t want to see people suffer, even if it is not my responsibility, even if I can’t and shouldn’t help them, even if there is nothing I can do. I need some way of being able to ENJOY my life fully without feeling guilty for not sharing a little of my energy with the parasites now and then. I have lately been settling with the concept of soul life vs. biological life and the idea that if I want to truly help their souls that I will not enable them to not learn the tough lessons they need to learn and to do their own healing that they need to do. After all, it is through intense pain, growth, introspection, and prayer i.e. “work” that I have done that I feel as free as I do to enjoy everything life has to offer. I guess they have their “work” to do to also to begin to heal and realize all the things that have made them the way they are. Having studied them intensely to get out of my own hole, I could probably tell them everything they need to know, but of course they won’t listen, and they need to learn on their own. With gratitude to all those “hooked up” Universal Gods and Goddesses helping the world out there! You rock!


  11. If you’re a good person, you have a certain standard of behavior. As a good person, even if you don’t do anything “pro-active” people around you passively benefit from your standard of behavior because, for example, you wouldn’t set out to harm someone else for your benefit. If you do pro-actively helpful things, people actively benefit from your standard of behavior.

    So therefore … isn’t it about time YOU started benefiting from YOUR standard of behavior?

    That’s right. I said it. I think you deserve to benefit from this standard too! Starting today.

    (Don’t worry about ’em, they are excellent at worrying about themselves. They can probably also read, and they can find the self help section of the bookstore / internet, just like you and me.)


  12. Those are good, helpful points Alec. What I hear you saying is that N’s worry the heck about themselves, so we know they are taken care of. No need for us to help them in that area. We deserve to take care of ourselves too and unlike N’s we don’t do it at the expense of others. The way we live our best lives allows others to actually benefit from us taking care of ourselves. Those statements help blast away some of that sticky, icky guilt that holds us back from living our best lives.


  13. Roxanne, I just discovered your blog. The intent of my search was business related so I nearly fell out of my chair as your words described . . . me. While business initiated my search, clearly the purpose of finding you is much deeper. Someone else in this world gets me (you and the other 15-20% HSPs). Wow! Suddenly my life makes so much more sense. I’ve known for awhile that I’ve embodied these characteristics, but I’ve never heard of the expression highly sensitive people. Some folks don’t like labels but I have to admit that in this case, I find much comfort in it. Thank you for the work you do and thank you for helping me understand myself better.


    1. Wow, thanks Gayle, for letting me know… and hearing you say you nearly fell out of your chair gives rise to an indescribable feeling of validation, exhilaration, and humility to stay the course that I am drawn to… 😀 comforting other HSPs and highly intuitive compassionate souls to see themselves clearly and begin to be kinder to themselves. Welcome to our community! You are a shining light, Gayle. Thank you so much for your comment.


      1. Roxanne,
        You’re welcome. I’m excited to explore your site and learn more!


  14. My father in law is a narcissist and my mother in law has had to put up with a abusive relationship for over 40 years.

    When my kids were little they tended to not take things personally.

    There was one major blow up when I held him accountable for his actions and he threw me out of the house.

    Well nearly 8 years later, it has happened again, with me throwing him out of our house.

    My frustration comes from the fact that my husband and mother in law never challenge him on his disgusting behaviour.

    I believe that I now need to protect my family and keep my kids away from him. He is more than hard on them, he belittles them and makes them feel insignifcant.

    He will no longer be welcome in my house, and my mother in law will supprt him yet again.

    I dont understand any of this behaviour. My saving grace is a wonderful husband who has seemed to withstand the years of abuse.


    1. Lo Marshall, Thank you so much for your comment and for sharing your story. You are right to see and take action about the truth that you see happening. Damage caused to loved ones of a narcissist in part is deep fear of not protecting them–it is deeply ingrained in us to protect our abusers and takes much strength, support and time to see all that you see. Your husband is stronger than he knows as a compassionate soul that is not passing the abuse down to the next generation–wonderful! Stay strong and keep shining, Lo Marshall. Sending warm wishes to all of you.


  15. Roxanne, I really appreciate this blog… I’m a 17 year old highly sensitive daughter of a Narcissist/codependent father and a codependent mother. I have brothers… but I am the only girl. (his “little girl”) It’s incredibly hard to function in my household. My entire life I’ve felt like I haven’t had a voice… because any time I speak out or dissagree, he lashes out… I also have social anxiety… and my mother knows how he is… and doesn’t say anything. I’ve just acknowledged all this hatred and sadness I feel towards him. I wish I had a regular, healthy father. He’s great at providing for the family… but his love and financial stability comes with a price. And that’s his emotional instablility… and fierce temper. Are there any tips you can give me? I can’t move out anytime soon… and am I wrong for wanting to cut him out of my life? Or atleast limit contact with him when I do leave? He has a way of making it seem like we don’t love him… if we don’t contact him 146 times a week.


  16. He feels like we owe him because of how hard he works. And he’s coming home permanately next week… and he’s going to want to “bond.” He’s very emotionally insecure…. so he counts on me to make him feel good…. (eck) Cause I’m usually the only child home. (Brothers are active…) And I don’t want anything to do with him. I usually stay camped out in my room (introvert, hsp, homebody) but he gets upset and thinks I’m sleeping all day. He acts like he’s ok with it… but throws it in my face any chance he gets. Help please? I’m really scared.


    1. Kendra, Thank you for your comment and sharing your appreciation for this blog. I am hesitant to give you much advice about how to move forward because I feel there is still much to be seen in your communication with your parents as you (and your parents) transition to being on your own as an independent young woman. However, I do want to tell you that I feel that you are a very bright, insightful, highly intelligent person with an unusually amazing understanding of psychological dysfunction such as codependence and narcissism at your age. You have expressed yourself and your situation very well and have an good understanding of your emotional needs. I am saying this because I hope you are planning to go to college and further your education so you can be the independent woman you strive to be, be able to stand on your own 2 feet and calmly and lovingly express your desires for respect and space as your parents adjust to you being on your own. In my opinion, Counseling Psychology might be a desirable subject of study for you–the world needs more insightful, emotionally intelligent people such as yourself in this field. Sending you my warmest caring wishes, Roxanne


  17. Hello lovely people!

    I have been suffering 34 yrs of narcisstic abuse from my siblings and parents and only now finally found the courage to cut all contacts with them. Its been a heartbreaking process but I’m sure reading your blogs will hopefully help me feel better by the day.

    I remember always being told I was stupid, dumb and worthless most my life. I was always the cinderella in the house and did all the housework and looked after my siblings. My parents would rarely give me any love and approval and always tells me that I shouldn’t even bother try studying for it will be a waste of time. But one incident that still haunts me was when I was 6. I found 2 newly born strayed kittens in my garden. My mum always believed strayed cats were bad luck to the family and never liked them. SO I hid them both away safely feeding them milk daily and watched them gradually grow. My mother later found out I had them in my garden. I did all I can to beg her not to hurt them but she grabbed them both and threw them as far as she could. I screamed and cried but she had no emotions or remorse. I cried and out of anger I hit her! I screamed how can she do such horrific thing! She walked away like nothing had happened. I was broken. Then I later found the kitten actually crawled back to my garden with broken limbs and blood pouring from its mouth. I picked it up I cried and cried. I showed my mother and said what a cruel nasty woman she is and I said I’ll never forgive her for that. Then a year down the line I found more strayed cats only blinded by my cruel brother who decided to throw sand into their eyes purely for the fun of torturing them. I was beyond broken and distraught. I knew my family didn’t have remorse for anything.

    My mother thought she was god. Basically anyone who dies from illness or had accidents she would say its because these people were horrible to her so they deserve it. She would constantly remind me that I better treat her well otherwise something bad will happen to me. I was terrified, so I did all I can to be the best daughter I can be and the best sister I can be. I just wanted her approval and feared of anything happening to me.

    Her and my dad were constantly arguing and fighting. She would run to the toilet and grab bleach as a threat to kill herself and me and my siblings would have to cry and fight her to stop. Or she would grab ropes to pretend she was going to hang herself. She would get drunk and run outside in the middle of the night so we’d all go and search for her. She would grab a knife and threaten to kill my dad and nearly did when I dad blocked the door and the knife went through that door and only missed my dads head by inches. I remember when I dad feared for his own life he would call the police. but she had bruises on her hand and blamed my dad for domestic abuse. I even once had to pick her up from the prison cell because she ran across the road all drunk like a crazy woman. The list goes on….

    I was only 8 when I returned from my cousins house and had a red lollipop and the red stained my lips looked like red lipstick. My mum stared at me with the scariest look and then slapped my mouth. grabbed me by my chin and shouted ‘why are you wearing lipstick? these are slutty things and your too young!’ I cried and told her it was red lollipop and she just said don’t lie to me you dumb child what do you call me for stupid? I was so unhappy so so unhappy.

    I have 4 siblings and me being the 2nd eldest. All my siblings were very smart. High achievers and rarely needed to study and had great grades. I low self esteem, couldn’t read at the age of 8 and couldn’t spell at all. Naturally I was the dumb child without brains. I remembered studying my exams and my mom kept telling me its pointless as I wasn’t smart anyway and that I’d be wasting time. But then I had decent grades, it wasn’t the best but I was pleased. My mom would say ‘omg she studied so hard and she only got those grades’ I was so so hurt. But I later decided to study graphic design and had a degree in design.

    Then I met my hubby at 16. I wasn’t allowed to date till I was 18 so I told him he must wait. He waited and waited 2 years and finally on my 18th birthday he bought me the biggest cake and lovely present and asked me out on a date. I said yes immediately. Only then my parents said he’s just a chef with no money no life ahead of him and that hes no good for me. But I stood by him.

    I was 19 when I turned to self harming and I was convinced I was going crazy. Everything I did was wrong and they would pick on me and yell at me everytime I stood up for myself. I got so crazy I broke my chopsticks and stabbbed the back of my hand with it with blood pouring everywhere. I was in distraught and pain. But my cruel brother grabbed a knife and sneered at me he told me to go on kill yourself you crazy person….dare you to. I couldn’t bring myself to to put that knife through me and stayed silent crying. My brother said see you can’t even do it! I knew it. I was so angry and hurt, but my dad felt sorry for me and held my hands putting bandages on me. I went back to uni with bandages on my hand explaining to people I fell over. My then boyfriend (now hubby) held my hand and ask me why I did it. I told him I was depressed and ask him if he can one day take me somewhere far away to be safe from it all, he said he’ll try.

    Later on those years I noticed my mom became more and more nasty to me and pick on me even at the smallest things. My dad eventually said enough of this bullying, this is your daughter and shes suffering. My mom immediately pointed at my dad and accused him of having feelings for me and called him a dirty man. Since then my dad tried to steer clear from helping me. I was broken.

    I have 2 younger sisters whom I loved so dearly. I remember I was only 10 when both my parents left us home alone so they could go casino and gamble. Everytime my sisters would cry and the house is dark I would quickly come down the bunk bed to cuddle them and say ‘jerjers’ here (meaning eldest sister). I was thier mom. ALl I wanted was to give my sisters as much love as possible and later those years when I did find a part time job I would enjoy buying them things taking them out to eat and simply making them happy made me happy.

    After graduating, I immediately found a great graphic design job. The pay wasn’t the best but this was the turning point for my parents view on me. I had a bit of money and spent everything I can to please them and my sisters. I even saved up to take my parents on holiday and bought them any nice gifts they wanted so suddenly those past memories was forgotten and I became the golden child. I was happy finally but my then boyfriend (hubby now) was feeling the strain from constantly pleasing them too. He’d buy expensive gifts for them and take them to eat out quite often. But slowly slowly everything he did was not good enough. They tried to encourage me to leave him as he was a poor chef who only worked in the takeaway and no future ahead of him. I ignored them. I love him, not just because he made me happy but because he bought the best out of me constantly telling me I’m not stupid and that I’m smarter than I think. How can I leave such a perfect boyfriend. But he decided to have a career change in hope for a better future for us both. He became a shares trader. He studied hard , went to numerous seminars and started to trade. Only to lose 30k in the first year. He was in debt he was broken and was down to his last £900. He was distraughted but met a man who was a self made millionaire who became his mentor and guided him now how to trade. that last £900 slowly turned to 1000s then slowly turned to 100k. Then my jealous brother realised and became very envious of my hubby. My parents and brother cornered us both and said get married and buy a house or you can’t be together. My hubby was upset but he loved me so we listened to them. We had a big wedding and bought a big house purely to please my parents, but then we felt the financial strain when my hubby had no money to trade with. We were doomed.

    Luckily my mother in law threw in a life line to save us from bankruptcy and hubby finally started getting back on work again. I was pregnant with our first child. I was working full time as a senior designer but also helping my parents out at the shop after work and was exhausted. Me and my mum argued over somethings and I remember her saying to me treat me nice or watch what can happen to that child of yours in that tummy. I was so upset I was crying. Why would she do that? Cursing your own first grandchild? As much as I wanted to leave her then and have no contact I thought she will always be my mum so I stood by her.

    AFter my first healthy son, I was pregnant with my second and thought I miscarried her as I bled. My mother went crazy on the phone and yelled abuse at me for not being careful. Then she called my hubby to say it was all his fault, my hubby retaliated. Then they called my mother in law to say I miscarried and that her son shouted at her and been inconsiderate. I returned from hospital to find out all this dramas been happening and told me my to stop because I didn’t know if baby is dead or alive in my tummy yet and told her to stop causing so much trouble. SHe was angry, very angry. SHe went casino lost all her money then point the blame at me. I was so angry but luckily the DRs said baby was fine and that was all that mattered to me. I ignored them for a while but eventually thought they’re my parents so lets forgive and forget.

    Later my hubby made enough money. We travelled all over the world on a cruise with our kids (I have 3 now) and sometimes our mother inlaw came with us. Oh my parents absolutely hated it. They despise my hubby for not asking them. My kind farther gradually turned into a nasty bully himself. They would make comments to put us down like how skinny I was and that he wasn’t feeding me well. Or saying how wrinkly I look and that I seem stressed all the time. Being a stay at home mom meant I didn’t have money like before to spend lavishly on my parents so things changed.

    There have been many things that happened since but the last straw was when I wasn’t allowed to stand up for my 6 yr old son who was being verbally abused by my sister in law. She thought my son was being nasty to her son so she grabbed the toy of my son and said you’re not allowed to play with my sons toys again! My son ran inside the house and wanted to cry on his own. I was upset and ran in to comfort him only to find she was already there pointing at my poor son and taunting him. I told her that hes was only a child and only 6yrs old, and that there was no need for her to yell at him like that especially when he just want to cry on his own? My brother yelled at me and told me to shut up. My parents later said I was a trouble maker. My sisters weren’t there but my younger brother chose to ignore what he saw. I was so upset. Then my mum said She had every right to shout at my son and that I should be nice otherwise my sis in law might put a spell on me and make me go crazy. I just told her shes the crazy one.

    Alot of things had happened since but the last straw was when I witnessed my own mom wanted to hit my hubby. She was in tears and screaming at my hubby purely because we didn’t ask them to come on holiday with us. She went mental. Her and my dad then managed to twist it all round to my siblings that we caused trouble and now they all chose to ignore me and my family. To be honest cutting my parents of from my life I can live with but I loved my sisters so much it hurts to see that they’re siding with my parents and ignoring me too. I’ve been so heartbroken and depressed I considered suicide as my sisters meant everything to me. I visited the Drs for desperate help and only just found out that my parents are narcissistics and my siblings were on the mild traits of N and I’m a codepedance child with a sensitive heart and a scapegoat. It was such a shock to me. Reading some of the articles it was as if some people have lived my life and wrote it all out. I’m seeing therapist to help me heal and overcome depression. I’m concentrating on my kids and hubby for now and we have considered selling the house to live aboard just to get away from it all. There are parts of me that cannot let go and still hope that things can get better but I’m fearing for my hubbys safety as I know very well what my parents are capable of. I’m so sorry for a long message but I really want to let it all out, I want to feel the anger and pain and overcome it all and heal. After writing this I can honestly say I feel alot better.

    Thanks for a great website and link. Hope everyone else be safe and stay strong.

    Much love Jenny


    1. Jenny, Thank you for sharing your story!–it will help many people who are still trying to find the strength to break free to the empowered life that they deserve. Sending caring, healing wishes to you as you find your inner strength to live FREE, Roxanne


  18. Thank you Shayne Off for your comment. I appreciate the feedback! Welcome to our community of HSP Survivors! With love and light, Roxanne


  19. I found your website as I have been struggling to be a caregiver to my sister n laws mother. I’ve known her over 24 years and she is basically family to me but she has lots of personality problems and I struggle with anxiety depression and boundaries, she also has fear depression and anxiety and severe OCD about how everything has a place and has to be done. That in it’s self is torture. I got so tired and angry with her behaviors I quit the other day. I don’t want to abandon her but I lost my temper and grabbed her arm to get her into the kitchen to eat and this was crossing the line. She said you are hurting me and I let go said I couldn’t do this anymore and left. I’ve been in touch with the family, my pastor and friends. The family doesn’t want me to quit. i spoke to her and apologized and she said I didn’t hurt her and to please come back. My heart is telling me to set boundaries and try again but I just don’t know what to do. I feel so drained and empty but also in pain. Thank you for reading my post. D


    1. Hello Di. Thank you for your comment. It is very understandable that you would feel drained and unhappy from such a job. I believe it is perfectly fine for you to find another job that is more suitable to your temperament and needs for positivity in your work environment and have them find a replacement. If they’ve been paying you adequately that should not be a problem for them to find someone else who is experienced working with people with personality disorders. Your caregiving ways are better suited to an outlet where you have a job you enjoy that gives you energy instead of depletes you so the rest of the time you can shine your love and light on the world. 😀 Sending comfort and caring wishes, Roxanne


  20. Good Evening,

    I was wondering if you are certified in Reiki and would we travel to you for a session.



    1. Sharis, Hello! Yes, I am reiki certified! Yes I do Reiki energy healing sessions. More info about my Reiki sessions can be found here:
      https://www.hspsurvivors.com/contact.html. Thank you for your inquiry! I look forward to working with you.😊🙏💖✨


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