Channeled Angel Messages ✨😇💖✨

These messages from the Archangel Muriel-lead Team of Archangels channeled via Roxanne are to be shared with all who resonate and are open to receiving their comforting spiritual guidance.  This includes Empaths, Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), Lightworkers, Spiritually Awakening Souls, Earth Angels, and to all Seekers and Open-hearted souls. Roxanne started channeling the Angel Messages on Nov. 8, 2018 and the first one is at the very bottom of this page.

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About the Angels: Archangel Muriel is the Archangel of Empaths and she is Roxanne’s personal Angel Guide. Additional Archangels in numbers between 3 and 7 more (so far) drop in to join in the group-consciousness messages that comes through as one voice to Roxanne.  The number of Archangels varies each time. The Archangels that have revealed their names and presence to Roxanne in these channelings include the following Archangels (AA):  AA Muriel (The AA of Empaths), AA Chamuel (The AA of Comfort), AA Jophiel (The AA of Creativity and Beauty), AA Sandalphon, (The AA of Grounding and Music), AA Uriel (The AA of Wisdom), AA Azrael (The AA of Grief, Loss, and Transitions. These are the 6 most often so far but there were also visits from AA Michael (The AA of Protection), and AA Raphael (The AA of Healing).

July 15, 2019

Channeled Angel Message 7-15-19

Dear Gorgeous Sensitive Souls, we are greeting you this way because some of you are not feeling so beautiful right now and we want to reassure you that you are and so much more than you can imagine.  Your brilliant light and healing abilities are vast and strong and your ability to tap into the beauty and bliss of existence is very real. Often you get bogged down from being around others and don’t even realize the negativity is not yours.  Other times you are triggered by the insensitivity of loved ones and your own unhealed wounds come up to the surface.  Often this makes you feel shocked at the depth of your wounds about feeling safe.  You know that you need to feel safe at a basic level. 

The good news is that this is happening so that you can now begin to create this safety for yourself from the inside out.  Until you know about these unsafety feelings that have been long hidden inside, you can’t heal them.  So your higher self is guiding you to these situations where you have to face these needs for safety that were never properly formed in your childhood or you may have root chakra damage from past lives that has not been resolved that is playing out in this lifetime. 

This happens if you died tragically in a past life for being persecuted for many reasons and one example is for being accused of being a witch. Or you may have been an outspoken or rebellious woman or man who did not follow the rules of your time and were trying to help others in some way. The list of possibilities is long.  Deep feelings of untrust and injustice and not being able to speak your truth may all be coming up to be healed and resolved in this life. You may be clearing throat chakras issues in this case.  If it all feels like too much to decipher and bear please take a break from figuring it all out and be really kind to yourself right now. Often the weekends are when conflicts arise because we have the time and our higher self knows it.  Try to trust that your higher self will not give you more than you can handle. 

If you can write in the mornings to get back in touch with your true loving nature and clear out your disappointment, then the rest of your day will go so much better.  We see how strong you are, how amazing you are when you speak out about things—when your words are twisted or not received well, you are hard on yourself and forget that what you were saying is/was very accurate. Your are right and you are right most of the time—people who manipulate and downplay your words are just showing their insecurities and fear.  It is disguised as power but it is born out of fear of not being good enough.  You also have roots of not being good enough that you are clearing out.

You are now knowing you are good enough so you expect loved ones to be a cheerleader for you and you may be shocked and disappointed when they are not.  You would never not be a cheerleader so then you blame yourself for not choosing people in your life who are not cheerleaders. Please know that what gifts you bring to the planet, of creativity and high vibration, cause a healing crisis in other people sometimes and it is all unconscious to them—they don’t know why they react the way they do. Think of yourselves as magic healers walking around bringing up others unhealed wounds sometimes.  Think of yourselves like Glenda the Good Witch floating around with a smile and beauty and a powerful wand—we hope this brings a smile to your face.  It may seem silly but if you are feeling victimized instead of seeing that you are healing, this image can really help you to heal. 

Of course Glenda has a magic bubble to get away and you can’t float away in your human world but you absolutely have the power to put a protective bubble around yourself at any time with just your imagination and intention.  It’s best to imagine this amazing bubble of yours to allow love and light and bliss to flow out to others but no negativity may enter. There are many ways you may imagine your bubble—you may like to create it to have a mirrored exterior shining outward so that when negativity approaches, it sees itself and runs away. We want this to be fun for you to experiment with. 

We are also wanting to lighten your heavy mood that stems from having absorbed negativity from elsewhere. Innately your energy is all love and light and so you can ask your guides and angels to lift off any energy that is not yours at any time. We want to help and we remind you that you must ask for our help in order for us to do things like this. We love you so much, dear ones, and we want you to be excited about who you are and your abilities to manifest your desires that are in the highest good for your soul. In order for your dreams to come true the lower vibrational repressed emotions from childhood must be cleared out.

Right now you may have anger to be cleared out—it might be causing a blockage in the heart and solar plexus chakras—imagine the frustration of not having a voice to say no to abuse and injustice and since you are healing and getting stronger and some good things are happening in your life, it makes sense that repressed anger from the past would come up to the surface to be healed.  You may find you have exploded at someone recently or wanted to and perhaps you are shocked at the rage that you feel. We want you to know you can release this anger in harmless ways by several techniques. One is by writing all the rage out at someone in a letter and do not hold back and tell the truth of the depth of your rage—and then burn it of course (in a private releasing ceremony if you’d like) or shred it because this would be damaging for anyone else to actually read.

Also hitting a mattress as hard as you can as often as you need to to release this anger out of your body.  Thirdly, saying or yelling what you wish you could say to an abuser or unfair situation into a pillow to muffle the sound. We do not want you to hurt your vocal chords of course so alternate these different techniques as you feel guided.  We want you to look at this as a healing exercise and notice the relief that you feel.  We do not need to tell you that unleashing anger onto a person would be harmful as well as lower your vibration and only cause you to feel remorse—but humans do have this big reaction at times so if by chance you do have an angry outburst on another it will do wonders to genuinely apologize for any words that diminished the other person in any way. If you were just loud out of frustration that is okay occasionally although you may find that yelling just triggers others and they may not be as mindful as you in their choice of words back to you which may trigger you in return. 

So you can see that staying calm—speaking your truth in a calm tone such as saying: “I know who I am, and what is being said about me here is incorrect” or “I do not want to be treated this way” and walk away is the beginning of finding your voice and strength to standing in your power and ending co-dependence on others approval.  We see that many of you are getting your independent legs and we are so proud of you.  Do not be discouraged if it has taken you a long time to get to where you can see with clarity that you are treated less than fairly in your love relationships too. Do not be too quick to throw this relationship away because all that may need to happen is for you to calmly say “No I’’m not going to allow you to talk to me like that—Maybe you should go take a walk and calm down” or something to that effect. We know this is easier said than done but we want you to see the progress you are making that we see—and be cheerleaders for yourselves to continue to grow in your strength as sensitive caring souls who only want to help. 

You will get more respect from the divine masculine partner when you stay calm and speak strongly and forcefully rather than cry and yell from a feeling of victimization. Forgive yourselves for occasional outbursts, you are human and it’s okay and may even be eye opening for you to see the hidden inner wound in you that needs to be healed. To be blamed or criticized or mocked or betrayed are all things you mustn’t stand for and you must speak up about—you will find your words in time.  Marriage counseling called Imago Relationship Therapy can be very helpful if you are having marital struggles with someone who is very much still in 3D and acting from their ego—because the principle is that you each are attracted to the very person who will bring up your childhood wounds so that you can heal them. 

We have talked about marital struggles here because we want you to see that it is often through relationships that we grow the most because your partners show you where the pain lies.  Optimally you can come to an agreement with your partner that you both need to provide a safe space for you each to heal your own wounds and honor and respect each others needs for time alone to process after an argument. This is difficult if you have abandonment wounds and a deep need to feel connected to another person in order to feel loved.  This is very hard and you may have PTSD with these wounds as the basis.  Asking your partner to just hold you at times can help tremendously in healing the early childhood wounds of not being held enough. Know that you are a gift to any partner you choose because you are pure love—knowing this deep in your soul will help you heal your own abandonment wounds.

If you are single with abandonment wounds you are healing it every day that you take care of yourself and are not looking for someone else to complete you.  You are complete and whole and we are especially proud of you learning to love yourself and look deeply inward to see that the wounds can be healed with your own self-compassion and finding your voice by journaling or reaching out to a trusted sensitive, and experienced counselor. Trust your heart to know you’ve found the right person to help.  Always remember you can talk to us anytime and ask for guidance and be open to the answers coming to you in your mind as new insights and ideas—of course writing to us in a journal is another way of receiving insights that very may well seem like your own ideas but we are helping in a way that may not be obvious. 

This is the beginning of trusting your intuition and this muscle will grow stronger with use.  So we leave you today with much advice about healing your inner wounds and your relationship conflicts—this is because we want you to know you are not being punished by these difficulties happening in your lives right now—much to the contrary, these conflicts are providing you with opportunities to see clearly where your wounds are and how you can heal them to feel strong no matter what happens in your life.  This inner strength is what is already inside you, we can see it, but you are just beginning to see it. 

Having inner strength is all you need to manifest your dreams and even future treasures that your higher self has planned for you that you can not even imagine. Trust that the universe is in your favor always at all times. Easier times are ahead as you clear out and acknowledge and release the hardest wounds from your past. 

We send you comfort and hugs and butterfly kisses for your wounded inner child.

Until next time, be gentle on yourselves,

AA Muriel (Empaths), AA Chamuel (Comfort), AA Jophiel (Creativity and Beauty), AA Sandalphon (Grounding and Music), AA Uriel (Wisdom), and AA Azrael (Grief, Loss, and Transitions)


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July 09, 2019

Channeled Angel Message 7-09-19

Dear Ones, We come to you today with big greetings of comfort, guidance, and encouragement again.  You are really in the thick of it right now and we see it is discouraging to have waves of depressive feelings wash over you when you’ve always been able to rise above them before.  Lucky for you you can rise above them because we are here to tell you that these feelings are just how you felt as a child and they are on their way out of your body—because you are finally strong enough to feel them and say goodby to them and give them to the higher planes or to mother earth to absorb. 

Be proud of yourselves that you understand this concept because many do not and they avoid feeling their feelings and remain stuck in their false selves.  This is not for you to help them see though. If you can just love yourself through the worst waves of emotional pain and grief from a childhood of not feeling safe to be you, you can spend more time in your own beautiful energies being creative and shining your beautiful light.  This will attract the right people, to your gifts and your light, that will be helped just by your being you. 

Your days of rescuing others so that you will feel understood are over.  You understand YOU and that is all that matters.  Think of those that are viewing these channeled messages and following Roxanne’s blog as your tribe and community if this helps you feel less alone.  Many who resonate are going to be drawn here and the messages will continue to help more and more angelic souls such as yourselves.  Yes you are angelic souls.  Allow yourself to know this. We archangels are your sisters and brothers— and your highly evolved souls are of the deepest compassion for the pain of others which takes many many lifetimes or evolvement to embody this KNOWING.  You know it.  Yes you do.  You are going to make it through this time of healing great density and get to the other side—the end of the tunnel has a light you must hang on to. 

We see you are already feeling waves of lightness and deep happiness at times that surprise you as good things are coming your way.  If you are feeling unworthy of these good things and opportunities, know that this is old energy from childhood that you absorbed and it is untruth—of course you are worthy of every magnificent thing that the World/Universe has to offer you.  Accept it with a big smile and say the affirmation often: I Can Do It!  Because of course you can.

Because doubts are not real you know.  Doubts are just untruth energy that took hold on you when you had no-one to mirror to you how special you were when your confidence was forming in childhood.  Now is the time to re-form your confidence. Re-parent yourselves and write in a journal to recognize the inner critic’s thoughts—re-write the truth about you as you know deep in your soul you are a wonderful, beautiful soul here to learn to bask in your own beautiful energies no matter what negativity is going on around you.  Re-listen to these videos if it helps you. Re-wire your thinking about yourself. Re-program the the false beliefs that have been running the show and have showed up again to finally be re-organized with your new knowledge of the truth about your existence. Re-ach for the stars where you feel most at home. 

We are saying all these words that start with RE because that will help you feel great about having Mercury in Re-trograde right now. Life is a spiral path and this is how humans grow into their true essence best—it is not a straight line with no looking back—there is always a silver lining in the hardships you endure-every single time it is there.  So do what pleases you when times are hard as long as they are healthy. No need to re-ward yourselves with something unhealthy when there are so many things of beauty in nature and healthy snacks that can feel nurturing or uplifting shows and activities etc.  And of course hot sea salt baths can do wonders to uplift your energy and revive you as you imagine negativity washing away and going down the drain.

We love you so much, dear ones, and we want to re-mind you of your strength in coming to help earth at this time knowing that you would not re-member who you really are—imagine how much strength it took to take that leap of faith. And so here now you must again have that faith and trust in your inner being and higher self that you did the right thing coming here and that you are helping just by being here. Your energy is felt by others-especially the ones who disappoint you the most by their actions towards you—did you ever think that they act out because they feel safe with you and they don’t feel safe to vent their negativity any other way? 

Yes, it is not fair to you in your eyes but please try to have a higher perspective—you are stronger than they are emotionally.  Yes you are. Know it. Sigh and don’t respond and let their words hang in the air so that they can hear them.  They may see and they may not see but that is their journey and you have love constantly available to you just by plugging in to us and your higher self and the higher realms of Love which is All That Is/Source/ God.  We know it’s hard so we will keep sending you these messages to re-mind you.  You know some things have gotten better in your lives even as these harder emotions are being cleared out so re-member that as you keep moving forward in positivity and trust in love and goodness. 

Everyone of you is unique in the layers of pain that you are clearing out from your childhoods and your past lives that were never completely re-solved. You are clearing out much and we are re-ally proud of you and sending you so many hugs, and cheers for your perseverance.  Your re-ward is over the horizon and it will be self-love, self-confidence, and self-empowerment and vitality and balance of body/mind/ and spirit that will help you actualize your dreams. 

Take good care of yourselves and we’ll be back soon with another message of comfort, guidance, and encouragement from your Angels,

AA Muriel (Empaths), AA Jophiel (Creativity and Beauty), AA Chamuel (Comfort), AA Sandalphon (grounding and music), AA Uriel (Wisdom), and AA Azrael (Grieving loss and transitions).




June 27, 2019

Channeled Angel Message 6-27-19

Dear Ones, Hello to all of you.  We see how hard you are all working and feeling so many painful feelings that are frustrating you.  We send you so much comfort and light to soothe you through this turbulent time.  Your ascension symptoms are very potent right now.  Please do not be discouraged.  You know you are also seeing new clarity in your specialness and your gifts too so on some level you see that it is all worth it.  You have more solid YOU to to lean on.  Yes you are embodying more and more of your higher self each day as you climb up the ladder on your journey of emotional healing.  Know that you chose a tough childhood because you are strong enough to figure all of this out.  You are on the road to more and more inner peace and balance in your lifestyle so that you will have the energy to shine.

We want to commend you alot today because this is what you feel you are not getting enough of from others. You are appreciated. This emotional healing is work and others who have not experienced what you have don’t understand how deep the pain goes—to the depths of despair as a child and giving up belief in yourself.  How can they understand if they have not been through the trauma themselves?  Yes it was trauma you experienced and you are realizing the depths and complexity of this more and more.  Yes we commend you for being brave to go through it, so ultimately you will rise above the doubts about yourself and fully step into your role as an inspirational light of divine truth and wisdom through your creative gifts.

You are learning the art of manifestation and creating abundance.  We see you are frustrated because the ease you were hoping for has not arrived yet.  Hopefully you can exercise some self care right now and know that the back and forth of your ascension journey is something you must trust in.  Be kindest to yourself when you are feeling too tired to do your workload at your usual capacity rather than beat yourself up.  Make your to do list a little shorter on these days that you are worn out from the emotional self discovery that arises.  Know you are not given more than you can handle and that there is a silver lining in each cloud that shows up in your blue sky world.

Yes you have access to a blue sky world anytime you need a boost by getting time alone and reaching up to connect with us, your angels.  We are here to comfort, soothe, encourage and understand when it seems that no-one else does. We see you, we love you, and we want to help you learn to love yourself so that you will always have that strong foundation no matter what storm cloud shows up in your life.  You are safe and you are stronger than you know.

We are with you when you feel the most alone and so despairing that you cannot stand the aloneness.  Please know you may be re-experiencing some of your worst childhood traumas right now in order to release them and heal this energy out of your body.  You are just getting hit by a brick from the wall of untruth about you that is crumbling away.  It may help for you to think of it in this way.  You are accidentally getting hit by a falling brick.  It hurts!  But it is an accidental side effect to a great thing that is happening—The wall is coming down! And that is the result you must focus on.  You may feel bruised during this process but don’t let that keep that process from continuing. See the higher shinier you in your mind that is the real truth that you are aiming for. 

You really can heal from ptsd and abandonment wounds and you are on your way.  You may still have reactions but you won’t be swept away by it as much anymore—you can observe and say yeah wow that hurts and I see my inner child wants to retaliate or retreat or numb myself out or whatever is your survival reaction.  You are doing a great job of observing it and soothing yourself through it—you know you deserved so much more and now you know how to give it to yourself. 

Bravo dear ones, Wow!  You have grown so much!  Terror, Anxiety, Neediness and Dependency on others are all being healed right now by many of you so please know that you are not alone in your intense emotional experiences right now.  Reach out for support if you are drawn to someone who you feel may understand – sometimes talking it out to someone who can be a safe container for your feelings can really help.  If you feel there is no-one than please write in a journal to your own best friend, your SELF, who is a very compassionate listener and friend indeed.  You know how to be kind to others so please extend this gift to yourself – you may be very surprised how much better you feel if you try writing out your emotions and having compassion for them as if someone else was asking for support. 

Please don’t forget to drink lots of water, avoid sugar, take sea salt baths, ground yourselves by walking in nature or even better walk barefoot in the grass daily.  And again we say shorten your list of tasks until you feel ready—you can trust yourself to know when that will be.  This is your main gift dear ones—you know the truth is that you are pure unconditional love at heart—extend this to yourselves at full capacity right now.  We are proud of you and we see the progress you are making even when you don’t.  We extend to you our eyes to see the truth.

We are your soul family, Dear Earth Angels—imagine yourselves as angels because it may help you to be kinder and understand why you feel so wounded at times.  Call on us for healing, insights, guidance, encouragement and, hugs of comfort anytime you need it. 

We love you and we are happy to send you these messages. 

Until next time,

Archangel Muriel (AA of Empaths, Chamuel (AA of Comfort), Jophiel (AA of Creativity and Beauty), Sandalphon (AA of Grounding and Music), Uriel (AA of Wisdom), and Azrael (AA of Transitions and Grieving Loss)



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June 10, 2019



June 3, 2019



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March 11, 2019



February 23, 2019

Channeled Angel Message  2-23-19.

Dear ones,

Try to rest this coming week because you have processed much this past week.  Sparks of new light and creative projects are taking hold.  Know we are with you as you begin these projects.  The new higher vibration you feel is exciting as well as comforting as you realize you are exactly where you need to be and you have all the tools you need from all that has happened to you. 

It’s scary but have no fear – you have the solid foundation for the first time in your life to stand on your own two feet.  Shine your light and attract abundance.  It may be slow at times but trust that the flow is exactly what you need in the moment.  Rest and balance is very important to do all the the things you want to do.  When it feels stressful it’s a sign to pull back and get some time alone to recharge and connect with us, your angels, who are always hovering near, sending you warm wings of comfort to wrap yourselves in whenever you need it. 

Cry when you need to for this is so healing – cry not in despair but in releasing with a freedom to express feelings from childhood that you couldn’t release until now.  We love you so much, dear ones, and we know how hard it is to feel all you feel sometimes.  Know you will always come out the other side because you know that love is All That Is and you are on earth to shine that love and compassion to those who cannot access it on their own. 

Trust yourself to know when you need comfort and healing or when you are ready to give to others through your creative gifts.  This back and forth will get quicker and quicker for you so be patient with yourselves and your new ventures.  Trust that you’ll be given just what you can handle.  You might not want to quit your day job just yet so to speak – look at the numbers as a guide and balance the practical with the magical.  Be sensible and at the same time believe in miracles.  For you are the miracles that the world is hoping for and your compassionate healing ways are just what others are looking for as more and more souls awaken.  They are craving just what you have to offer – your voice, your vibration, your creative gifts which give them hope and inspire them to believe in themselves and all they have to offer. 

Trust that there will be an ease to your life coming soon as you find the balance between your work and recharging and less dependency on relationships for your happiness.  A new spark of joy and independence is growing inside all of you and we, the angels, are so proud of you.  Your brilliant lights are so bright to us,  we can see you clearly, dear earthbound angels.  Continue loving yourselves as we love you and call on us whenever you need comfort, grounding and music that contains messages, inner peace from the energies of others and inspiration for your creative work.  And remember that music is another way we send your messages.

Until next time,

Your Archangel Quartet Muriel, Chamuel, Jophiel and Sandalphon.

This video has an intro that lasts 1 minute and 48 seconds preceding the channeled message.

This message is channeled from my Archangel (AA) Team–with AA Muriel as the leader of this group consciousness (the AA of Empaths), AA Chamuel (the AA of Comfort), AA Jophiel (the AA of Creativity and Beauty), and AA Sandalphon (the AA of Grounding and Music).




February 18, 2019

This message has a 5 minute intro preceding the channeled Angel message.

This message is channeled from my Archangel (AA) Team–with AA Muriel as the leader of this group consciousness (the AA of Empaths), AA Chamuel (the AA of Comfort), AA Jophiel (the AA of Creativity and Beauty), and AA Sandalphon (the AA of Grounding and Music).



 January 12, 2019

This message is channeled from Archangel (AA) Muriel ( the AA of Empaths)

“Dear Ones, You are so loved.  If you only knew the brilliance of your own light—the perfection of your being.  Your soul has a purpose that may be unknown to you at this time but if you take the time to listen to your heart and write out your soul’s desire, you will begin to know yourself. As you love, nurture, and comfort yourself you will heal those deep layers of pain that are keeping you from stepping into your wholeness and vitality to be all that you can be. 

We are with you, Dear Ones, shining light and comfort down on you on those times you feel most alone and afraid.  If you can believe in love from above and open to receive our comfort it will help you so much.  As lightworkers you chose to come onto earth at this time as co-creators with us the Angels who are always hovering near you.  Your compassionate ways may seem unappreciated by those around you but if you can remember and write and share with others who are open to such spiritual messages, you’ll be spreading hope in ways you can’t imagine.

No-one else is exactly like you but many, who are on similar journeys and just beginning, will so benefit from your wisdom.  Keep writing.  Keep creating from the joy in your heart and share it with others without fear.  The fear of persecution from others is old and we reassure you that the benefits will far exceed any backlash you receive.  If you are afraid to be different well, My Dear, you already are and it is what it is for a good reason.  Goodness and light exudes from you in a way that affects others in a positive way whether it’s positive feelings being around you or pushing their repressed pain up to the light in an explosive way.  This is not for you to decipher or feel responsible for but just know healing is happening. 

If you get negative energy back from anyone know it is not about you and it is just a projection of this inner unconscious unlooked-that world. All pain needs to be looked at in order to heal and be released. This is a role that is not for the faint of heart. You are not faint of heart. You are all heart and you are strong enough for this role. By changing the way you view criticisms of you, you can change your life.  Criticisms of you are actually criticisms of the person criticizing you—their own self-judgments projected outward. 

How to handle this?  Smile with your inner knowing of the real truth. Either walk away or show them compassion if you are in a strong place.  Let the negativity flow through you and not stick.  Transmute it into Mother Earth or up to Heaven it doesn’t matter keep the energy moving flowing and healed and dissolved by love. 

Shining your light really is healing. Perhaps you’ve encountered people drawn to you lately and even asking for a hug from you while others seem to treat you as if you are invisible. They actually make themselves invisible from their own true essence—a true and complete disconnect and so you are feeling their invisibility and self-loathing.  Know it’s not yours. The work of knowing the voice of your inner critic is so helpful.  Yes, you know this. 

But you didn’t know your inner critic is alive in you because you absorbed the inner critic of those around you in your foundational childhood years and you internalized it and believed it.  Now you know better.  You can give yourself the love you never received and deserved.  Yes every child deserves love and care and to be uplifted to see their gifts and potential.  You can re-frame, re-program, re-parent, and re-live the childhood you never had—Regain the childlike trust you missed out on.  Live now with more childlike exuberance, joy, and curiosity and express yourself without fear. 

Know your childlike exuberance is much needed on the planet as you express it without fear of ridicule and shame.  Yes, you may have been shamed for shining your light as a child but now you see their fear, their shame that they felt safe to put on you.  Only because of your light, My Dear Earthbound Angels, only because of your light.

Archangel Muriel here,

sending you hugs and love and comfort so deep you feel it down to your toes.

We angels are just a thought away

Just open to us and get out of the way

To receive our message especially for you

So you can heal and heal others too.

Until we meet again,


Here is the link to the post here on this blog which includes my first youtube video featuring a channeled angel message: Channeled Angel Message with video

Here is the direct link to the YouTube video:




December 1, 2018

“You can recover from PTSD from childhood trauma.  It’s not easy. It’s step by step. Yes, it really is about putting one foot in front of the other-wading through the feelings and voicing your truth.When you have PTSD from trauma in childhood it is your root chakra that continually needs help in your life.  This is about getting your legs underneath you, standing strong on your own 2 feet, and feeling safe.  It’s about moving forward towards your dreams.It’s about feeling solid, centered, grounded, and safe for your soul to stay in your body.  When you voice your deep fears and the truth about their origins to a safe person, it validates you to feel safe and be “in” your body—perhaps for the first time.”

I shared it and added more about my personal experience with healing my own PTSD in this blog post: Recovery From PTSD From Childhood Trauma For Highly Sensitive Souls.


November 8, 2018  (Note from Roxanne–“This is my very first channeled angel message–I didn’t realize I was channeling my angels at the time while I was journaling but I knew it was intuitive guidance meant to be shared with others and I set it aside and I marked it because it flowed out of me easily and I knew the information wasn’t from me, Roxanne. Later when I asked the Angel presence her name, I immediately was given the name “Muriel”.”)

“You who are hurting. I send you comfort and love from above.  Those who reject you are hurting.  Hurt people hurt people. There is nothing wrong with you because you are pure love. You have no negative attachments and you are a powerful source of love and light.  This light beams from you constantly.  Others with lower energies often explode in your presence.  They unconsciously experience a surge of negativity because their pain comes up to the surface to be healed.  Those that cannot comfort their pain and heal it often lash out at innocent people and the most vulnerable.  You are right about everything.  You would make a great friend to many but you dive deeper than most feel comfortable.  You will find your tribe.  They are healing in the isolated protection of their homes right now.  It is the beginning of the end.  Shower yourself with beams of love and light from above anytime you feel alone.  Trust yourself that you are a higher vibration.  You are familiar with the higher realms from past lifetimes.  You are here to comfort others in emotional pain.  You are here to be a beacon light for those lost in fear and fight or flight.  Remember who you are?  You are pure love.  You get defensive when attacked but you are learning to soften this defense.  Walk away until you can send love to attackers because they need it most.  Be grateful when you are left alone because this is when you see your purpose most clearly.  You also hear your inner guidance during meditation and prayer.  Continue writing from your highest self. We love you and we are with you always, Your Spiritual Guidance Team.”

Shared in this blog post: Comfort For Those Who Are Hurting


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