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Sharing a Song of Hope to Comfort the Fear as Obama Leaves Office

Hello everyone. I felt inspired to write today to send comfort!  A lot of people and especially minorities are feeling fear right now. (The inauguration of Trump is today).  It is palpable! Fear of the unknown possibilities of losing freedoms that America has fought long and hard for. I’m sharing my song Free To Live, which is one of my most downloaded songs, to give hope. It was written as I overcame an inner struggle to feel free to express myself. I also hope it is a reminder that feeling free to express your true voice and true self is essential to the pursuit of happiness which is so clearly stated in the Constitution of the United States as a fundamental right. …And it’s essential for all humans on the planet!

I believe Freedom is a state of mind much like inner peace that we can tap into internally and spiritually and give ourselves the inner strength to express our true voice. I believe God is love and wants us ALL to feel Free, to have self-belief, and to be self-empowered to be ourselves and spread love and light while sharing our unique creative gifts!

We will get through the turbulent times ahead by remembering that darkness is only the absence of light–and by turning up the lightswitches in all of our hearts we can and will illuminate the earth and the darkness can and will eventually disappear! This is because the majority of people on the planet are of the light!!! We will pour into the streets (peaceful protesting) if we all can’t be Free To Live!!! Please Share!

With love, Roxanne 💖

(You can buy this song on iTunes, Amazon, or music sites worldwide–just search Roxanne Smith. Or on my website…/…/22706519-free-to-live

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