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The Raw Truth! You Are Strong Enough Now!

like the End of world is a new beginning

Hello Everyone!  It’s January 2nd!  Feels like a Monday but it’s Wednesday.  Feels like a brand spankin’ new beginning!  And it is! I’m fired up!–in a positive-anger, fed up, determined sort of way!  I wasn’t fired up when I first woke up–being my day off, I woke up with HUGE childhood pain.  Bigger than ever!  In my face!–heart, solar plexus, every darn chakra really! The kind of childhood pain where you can’t function–you are just a tiny abandoned toddler feeling completely in despair and giving up in order to survive. I’m like WTF! Excuse my language but like I said I am fired up and want to share the raw truth lol!

I had been so hopeful about the new year and Oh boy what a way to start out!  I learned a long time ago how to nurture myself instead of spiral with negative feelings so I pulled out my journal to write. I couldn’t even write much because I’m still so exhausted from the holidays and from being an empath and all that goes with that (all that is for another post).  I realized my eyes were terribly, unusually sore!  I sleep in my contacts and have to put new contacts in every 6 days–I take one day per week and give my eyes a rest.  I couldn’t even get my contacts out!–my eyes were too sore to remove them but I had to try. I thought “okay, I’m grateful I have the day off to heal–just take my contacts out ( a day early which is weird) and give my eyes a rest …Give my body, mind, and soul a rest.”

Even though I have a gazillion things on my list to-do today that I didn’t get done over the holidays, I told myself I am going to listen to my body and weary eyes and give my eyes and body a rest.  I got my contacts out and then I spontaneously just …cried.  I cried HARD, deep hard crying from the core of my being!  Not despairing or feeling sorry for myself but just FREEDOM to cry because like “I was never allowed to cry as a child and damn it today I’m gonna do whatever the hell I want–I’m a friggin’ adult with a day off to recharge and if I feel like crying all day then I’ll do that because I can!–that kind of crying!! Lol.

It lasted only for a few minutes and it was profound–I felt a ton better and had unusual clarity sooner than usual ( I had cried more and longer over the holidays healing some wounds that had been triggered but this was different).  This came with clarity!  This came with a powerful glimpse of …something.

When I took my contacts out I had this sorry-for-myself feeling that I need to wear contacts for being far-sighted–like “Geez, I can’t even see anymore, man, I am getting old.  Then I had this flash of being BLIND!–of going blind and the despair of the loss of my sight caused me to feel, for an instant, like I wouldn’t want to LIVE anymore if that happened!  It was a split second “gift” and then I was instantly so grateful for my eyesight and the clarity of “Oh wow, things could be so much worse!  Thank God I have my sight–I can rest and recharge and heal my eyes when so many people have it worse than I do.”  I was reminded of all the chronic pain I used to have at times and thankfully I no longer have–I had forgotten how I had promised myself, if and when I heal from this chronic pain, I will never take my health or life for granted.

Okay, you get where I am going here … but that was just the start of it!  I got some clarity and a reminder of my true purpose of helping others because of what I have overcome.  So let’s get right down to the raw truth!  Yeah I want to help others because for what ever reason I CAN!  The childhood pain staring me in the face this morning was my abandonment wound from my childhood.  As if I was re-experiencing it–it was impossible to deny–I was right back there–age 1 1/2 in a hospital crib (cage) with no parents or loved ones to comfort me for days on end. It was then that I stopped trusting the Universe that I’d be okay.  I experienced terror for days at the fragile age of attachment and it never got healed.  It explains so much! And I am strong enough, for the first time, to feel all of it now!!

In my wisdom and coaching and successes in life there has always been this limit that I’ve had.  Don’t criticize me too much, don’t blame me, don’t leave me, don’t hurt me because oh the bottom may fall out and cause me to feel all that I cannot bear to feel because–it killed me!  By age 5 the “too talkative singing and dancing child” finally gave up. Rejected again, I hid in a closet, my soul went dormant–the trauma was repressed–the pain numbed out with beliefs and illusions and bargains only a tiny child can make.  ” I am not safe alone–I must please others to be taken care of–I am not worthy of love as I am, so I must conform to get the love I need to survive–life is painful and scary alone–I need others to take care of me–I promise to be obedient if you will just be kind to me–maybe if I’m perfect then you will love me etc.”

Sure successes and experiences in later life healed some of these beliefs, but the deepest ones are often buried deep with the deepest of the pain.  It is pure rage!  I hated them for not having the wisdom to know how much they were injuring my trust in “life”!  My soul knew it was cruel to abandon a child–how could they not KNOW the damage they are doing!!  I (my highly evolved compassionate soul) would never cause such pain in such a tiny helpless being whose cries were begging for love but repeatedly ignored.

I’ll jump to the end here (because I could write WAY too much on this subject right now lol).  With my soul’s spiritual awakening and unquenchable thirst for knowledge about the highest truth in the Universe, I know now that I CHOSE for this to happen to me! (It was validated by years ago reading the book, Journey of Souls–Case Studies of Life Between Lives By Michael Newton, Ph.D.)

I know that sounds crazy,  why in the world would any soul choose to have a horrific trauma happen to them right at the beginning of their soul’s incarnation–a trauma so terrifying to a sensitive soul that it completely breaks them–makes them into a compliant, obedient, spineless shell of a person with no access to their gifts, their light, their energy, and no ability to relax and have fun and trust that life is a kind and loving place to just BE.  Yep I chose it! I also chose a lot of other events and people in my life that would slowly open me back up to trusting life and my feelings and my vitality again.

My higher self, while in heaven, before I incarnated, along with the knowledge that I would have free will to choose how these things played out I chose many things to evolve as a soul.  I chose an adult friend of the family to buy me a journal at age 14 so I could start writing about my feelings in self discovery–the very beginning of finding my voice.  I chose relationships that would break me open to find my own strength and desire to go to college.  I chose an education in child and family services to educate myself on what a child needs to be emotionally healthy in each and every developmental stage. I chose a significant other in life who experienced a similar plight  in childhood so he could empathize but had a tougher resolve and a warrior spirit to go out into the rat race and pay the bills so I could raise our 2 gifted children.  I chose being a stay-at-home mom so I could re-experience life through my children’s eyes and heal my inner child in the process.  Since my soul/higher self was a gifted writer and singer (my dream since before age 5), I chose circumstances that allowed me time alone to write about my feelings and healing journey and read self-help books on how to heal the blocks to my own creativity and become the singer-songwriter I was meant to ultimately become.

I believe I chose it all so I could write songs and poetry about overcoming deep pain from childhood and shine my light of compassion on other souls who have had a similar plight.  I even chose for my closest relationships to trigger me so that I can heal any remnants of my dormant pain and step into my full power as a woman.  This is where I am at now!

It’s all in how you look at it.  I could totally be resentful and be saying to myself, “Oh my lord what now!” or I can say I trust my higher self knew that I am strong enough for all that is happening to me!  I am a nurturer and comforter by nature so damn it I am going to nurture and comfort the heck out of myself right now more than ever!!  That’s easier said than done when all you feel is terror and as if you are being abandoned!  Meanwhile I’m having to step out of my comfort zone in my life and also face and heal my deepest abandonment wound pain.

More things I have chosen that helped me:  I chose to have such debilitating food allergies and ill-health and chronic fatigue in my 30s that I had to discover a pretty extreme anti-inflammatory diet that made me feel like a new person energy-wise.  I stuck to it out of necessity and now at the wise old age of 57, I look and feel like I am 38.  Which is such a blessing because I am just getting started with my career as a singer-songwriter and life coach/spiritual counselor/ and akashic record reader. I’m more physically fit than ever and my adrenal fatigue issues are almost completely resolved.

There’s much more I could tell you about what I chose but I want to get to my real point of writing this post.  And it is this:  My heart breaks for those highly sensitive souls out there who have chosen to incarnate here at this time on earth and feel completely broken from those early years in life.  Perhaps they are here to help the planet with their light and compassion as well but don’t have the resources or time to get the healing they need, the counseling, schooling, or there are no kind and gentle souls around them to validate them as empaths, see their giftedness as I do.  They may have no-one to understand that they are working at a job that is way beneath their abilities and intelligence but it is all they can handle due to the unresolved childhood pain that leaves them re-traumatized–with each thing in life that leaves them feeling like crawling back under the rock of safety in their small apartments, or small jobs, or small dreams. I have felt this way too!

Somehow in all my reading and time alone, I realized I had the gift of intuition and I learned how to hone it in to my benefit–I learned to listen to my own inner guidance by getting out of my head and into my heart with my special techniques of automatic writing.  Eventually, by learning to tune in the helpful guidance from my spirit guide and angels,  and the higher realms of the Akashic Records, I heard myself being guided to ask my significant other in my life, “Please just hold me, I need to be held.  I was not held and loved enough as a child and being held feels really healing to me.” This has been powerful for me and it works!

Sometimes when your partner, who is very different from you, says something that just makes you feel way too angry and rightfully rejecting, it can be so helpful to just realize you wouldn’t be so angry if you had been held and comforted every time you needed it as a child.  So instead of pushing your partner away with anger and tear-filled victimized cries of “how can you be so insensitive when you know more than anyone how sensitive I am” (am I right?! lol)–Instead you can calmly say, perhaps after walking away and cooling off, come back and say “I feel really triggered by what you said because of my childhood.  Could you please just hold me and let me cry–I wasn’t held enough or allowed to cry as a child and that would be really healing for me.”  The divine masculine often loves just being given something helpful to do!  This is often a win-win for both partners. It is powerfully healing!

But those time when you can’t be held by someone else, we still have times when our unbearable pain comes up! (either from this childhood or our past lives where we were persecuted for being “different” because our lights were shining too brightly). Those times are when perhaps this blog can help you feel like you are not alone and that is why I am writing about this raw content today.  We highly sensitive souls all need deep connection and understanding–being seen and validated has made all the difference in my life. I feel this is part of my gift to the planet–to create a safe haven where gifted sensitives who feel downtrodden can feel seen and uplifted to the beautiful, shining lights that they are. You are so special.  You are just wounded and those wounds can heal. But first you must bring them to the light–up to the surface where they can be seen.  Perhaps if things are really hard right now, your higher self planned for you to be faced with the truth of your childhood pain so you can finally heal it!  It will never healed be if you keep it all so deeply buried and protected. You are strong enough to look at it now!  Finally!  You can allow the unbearable pain to be looked at and voiced and released. Your powerful soul has been waiting patiently for your courage to admit how badly you were wounded.  It may have been worse than you thought.  I know, for me, it was much worse than I thought it was, but now it’s all been seen and it is so FREEING!

Please leave a comment if you relate to the subject here today.  Your voice will help others who are not yet ready to speak about their pain.  I’ll be writing about more raw truth about childhood pain!  Yeah I’m fired up like the Phoenix rising from the ashes–determined to be my highest self and overcome any fears that stand in the way of my dreams and my true purpose!  I love connecting with all of you who read or follow this blog!  You make the world a better place and give me hope to keep sharing my healing journey!

Sending hugs and comforting wishes to all who are on a healing journey,

Roxanne 😇🎶💖✨



Illuminated–Uplifted from the Dark

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Hello everyone!  I’ve been wanting to write here again and I get so many ideas of what I want to share. And when I went looking for something else, I stumbled upon this poem in a file on my computer.  Thank goodness it had the date on it because I did not remember it.  But it was written when this blog was just taking off with success in 2010 with many commenters and now things are taking off for me in a different way–with the performing and the coaching and blogging all coming together with my True Voice and True Purpose …and with such clarity and hopes of abundance–and so yes, darkness and unsupportive energies come out of the blue yet again!  So it seems timely to share it now. I hope it uplifts and illuminates you as finding it has done for me. I believe in you! You can do it!

Peace and Love, ✌️💖✨

Roxanne 😇


By Roxanne Smith, June 25, 2010

How could this be?  So much success

When part of me was so upset

I just kept on with my intent

Wanting to live with no regret

God does provide—his love is there

You can hide and not say a prayer

But love exists—It’s all around

Let it in and you’ll be found

Just like me you’ll be all right

I once was lost but I found my sight

Believe in God because He is Love

And we all came from up above

We are all one—strange but it’s true

If you believe you’ll make it through

Not only that you will feel bliss

Sorrow leaves and despair will miss

And hope returns with every prayer

When you believe you send a flare

And God does see and feel your pain

And He will comfort your disdain

You must reach out into the dark

He will be there amid the sparks

The sparks of light will guide you home

To your true self where you’re not alone

When you combine with your true self

You reconnect with God himself

It is pure love and fear is gone

And you can know your pain is done

And then you can reach out to heal

other souls who cannot feel

Those who are numb from life’s events

Need your light to circumvent

And when you help others to heal

Then love inside you feels so real

And you can keep on spreading love

And it keeps coming from above

This endless loop of sharing hope

Illuminating in it’s scope

So much joy inside my heart

I have learned right from the start

That God was there and ‘ere shall be

‘cause our souls live for eternity

Now I was never big on church

But I was always on the search

For the meaning of this life

And now I know—to end the strife

And change my thoughts to thoughts of love

And I’m loved from up above

And all this pain can be released

Til it’s all gone and I have peace

I’m almost there just some small doubts

I chase them away with kicks and shouts

Writing out anger when I’m wronged

Continues to make me strong

So much joy inside my heart

People of light have helped me start

To be sure of dreams a lark

And to trust those of light–not dark

People of dark I do not do

But I can let their words flow through

Their words of evil cannot hurt

When it flows past and into dirt

You can rise above it all

And you don’t need to make them fall

They will fall when they can’t rise

Into heaven when they despise

There is no hell but only time

Time without God…they must decide

And open up to feel his light

He loves us all—free will’s a right

And in between this life and next

They will decide to hate or rest

So do not fear those with mean gloves

Just rise above and send them love

So to you and me and all of light

Hand in hand we will take flight

With light and love there’s peace from fright

And everything will be all right!

Original Poem © 2010 Roxanne Smith 

Poem: EMERGING WITH POETIC NEWS–About Healing Childhood Wounds

Emerging With Poetic News

By Roxanne E. Smith

October 1, 2018

Painful layers coming up. Tortured soul now wise enough.

Stronger now to see the truth.  Allow my heart to show the proof.

No wonder sometimes feel alone.  Who can understand this drone?

I can see it, but who else?  Few dive as deep into the self.

Emerging with poetic news to explain the latest cruise

That ventured deep inside my heart to purge and cleanse to a brand new start.

I feel the urge to start anew.  Old mask feels odd and fits askew.

Anxiety had gone away but visiting now it’s back today.

Fear from old, not about the present.  Hurry and leave, you are unpleasant.

I can comfort the child you hurt. Anxiety you are so absurd—

If I knew then what I know now I’d ground myself and calm it! Wow!

—I know how to when I “write” but when I “think” I lose all sight.

To think is to stay stuck in fright—to write accesses hope and light.

So write I must and clear it out.  The truth is LOVE and it heals all doubt.

Sure that I will then succeed as I would’ve done with love as seeds.

Fertile growth of childhood soul instead of hurt from heartless roles.

We all wear masks to protect the child—inside of us afraid, meek, and mild.

The bully’s gone you can come out.  Love is God and Joy can shout.

It’s okay to loudly dance and sing at newfound circumstance.

You are love and past was wrong but you are right so sing a song.

Release all doubt and pain not yours and let in truth and love in store.

Instantly you can check in and fill yourself with heart heaven.

By knowing love is under the pain, let it go and fill it up again.

My heart hurts but yearns for love. Replace all pain with bliss from above.

Writing helps me know the truth. If you weren’t loved then love is proof.

Now you’re loved and you are the same just now away from shame and blame.

Toxic talk does harm to kids but they then grow stronger hearts to rid…

They rid themselves of negativity and shine and thrive compassionately.

And go where kindness is so real and life is pure and peace does heal.

Get time alone with heartfelt word—injustice melts and love endures.

Replenish just by plugging in to your higher self and grow within.

More real you with tougher resolve—the outcome as your soul evolves.

Here on earth to shine your light with wisdom that helps others’ plights.

We all have this ability—some know it more—Oh lucky me.

My life plan helped me enough to encounter those who’d wake me up.

Awake I am and grateful yes to heal my soul from heart oppressed.

Freedom beckons every soul to love themselves and heal to whole.

Write to heal and feel relief.  You deserve to rest with peace.

And you’ll grow stronger you will see.  Sending Love to You, from Me. 😀

Original Poem © 2018 Roxanne Smith

This is the poem that I wrote a few weeks ago. It talks about how writing helps me to access a wisdom that comforts and heals me to my vibrant self again. This poem was such a valuable reminder–Sometime I forget to journal when I get stuck but writing out my most vulnerable feelings helps me every time!

This poem flowed out of me as is in cursive longhand–with just a few minor grammatical changes. I feel it is a combination of my own creative process combined with channeling my Higher Self/divine inner wisdom. It is never my intention to ever share it when I am writing these kinds of poems. After each time I write my poems and healing songs, I feel like I’ve healed a layer of repressed childhood pain that needed to be acknowledged and released.  I’m sharing this one now with this blog community with the hope that it helps you heal too. I encourage you to try writing this way too–give it a try in a journal for your eyes only–it’s important that you know it’s only for your own healing to help you dive deep and discover feelings you didn’t know you had. (The Artist’s Way book by Julia Cameron is a wonderful guidebook on how to journal to unblock yourself creatively and find your voice.)

Thank you to those who have emailed me to tell me that my poems have changed their lives and that they print out and read their favorite ones every day to lift themselves up.  It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve written one of these healing poems.  I’ll be adding it and a few others to the Healing Writings Page.  I’ll be adding new song lyrics to this page also–they won’t be new Posts so you won’t get email notifications, they will just be new Pages on the blog so I will mark them with “NEW” in red so you can check them out. Wishing you comfort, healing, inner peace, and a feeling of safety to be YOU!

With Love and Light,

Roxanne ♥ XOXOXO



Part 3 (Final) of Heart To Heart Update

Hello everyone! If you’ve been feeling extra tired, or extra emotional, or stuck, or triggered, I believe the full moon todayfull harvest moon is causing energies that are helping us to clear out some deep unhealed layers of childhood pain.  I personally have been very tired and journaling a lot to work through heavy, dark feelings of self-doubt and unworthiness — which hasn’t been easy.  Some of my best songs and poems arise at times like these and I’ll be sharing them here hopefully soon to help anyone who resonates and would like to feel hopeful about their emotional state.  The poem I wrote on Oct. 1 that I mentioned in my last post will be shared in my next post–I read it again today and it was helpful in moving out the stuck emotions I felt today so I plan to share that in the coming few days.

Now, on with Part 3!–Here’s the last part of my heart to heart series to update everyone on what I’ve been doing while I was on a break from writing regularly on this blog. This post is a long one–future posts will be much shorter for easier reading I promise!

Continuing with sharing the story of my journey to finally start performing, let me just say it took until fall of 2017 for me to feel ready to start looking for paid gigs–I had been practicing a 2 hour set of my songs (including playing guitar) for many months while we got settled in our new house (Oct. 2016) before I felt ready to reach out to venues as a professional musician. Then on one courageous day, I took the leap and did it–made phone calls and sent emails with a demo video I had made.

1st gig photo

1st gig on Sept. 23, 2017

I found 2 local venues (a branch of Breweries, and a winery) that were encouraging local artists and paid, albeit meagerly, for 2 hours of a mix of original folk rock and cover songs by my favorite artists: James Taylor, Carole King, The Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt, Neil Young, and more! My album and the demo I made with performance videos from my open mic nights helped convince them to give me a chance and soon I was performing once a month then twice a month and then eventually 4 times a month. By the end of the summer of 2018 I was doing 3 hour gigs as well with several hired guitarists that I had duos with. Phew!rock and roll wonder woman

I stopped in September to take a break and get organized with my coaching and this blog and also to celebrate!– because I feel over a hump and ready to branch out and collaborate with some new musicians and look for higher paying venues.  Breaking through a glass ceiling that I never thought I could achieve brings up surprising amounts of grief and emotional pain and is not all just happiness, ease, and fun. glass ceiling Yes, when you have childhood wounds that kept you in a state of hiding most of your life, you must keep up with the positive affirmations and self-care of course but also make time for grieving the loss of all the years you didn’t believe in yourself and your gifts. It’s important to leave time for emotional healing and not spread yourself too thin.  It took some time for me to find a balance that worked for me.keep calm and glass ceiling

Okay, so now on a new topic, not only have I been performing and working on my music career, but I have also developed some new life coaching skills and emotional healing tools. From 2014 to now and continuing, I have been working with various intuitive coaches, energy healers, and spiritual counselors.  Through my seeking and thirst for knowledge about the spiritual realms, I have developed my own intuitive abilities to the point where I am proud to say that I am now a channel for spiritual guidance  as an Akashic Record Reader and you can read more about this on my new life coaching website. Yay! It’s very exciting! I realize now that I have always had this ability on some level but now I am able to ask for and receive spiritual inner guidance with greater clarity and greater confidence, knowing, and with greater tools to help others.AA Muriel

And this is because:  I have had to continually be doing intense emotional healing of my own.  Layers of pain coming up to the surface with each new success–the pain and doubt doesn’t just magically go away one day when you have many childhood wounds–having given up on myself at the age of 5 and banished my true self and my dreams away to develop a false self that was hiding and codependent, a people pleaser, and a rescuer–I’ve had to continue to work on healing all of these issues!  I’ve continually been working through the PTSD that results from having the abandonment wounds (from being hospitalized as a toddler) and also working through shame and feeling unsafe to be my true self as a child and throughout my early adulthood.  I had learned how to survive by hiding away my true desires and gifts and dreams so completely that I gave up on my music for 20 years while raising my children. Perhaps you can relate! hiding under a rock.jpeg

And so now here I am an empty nester, feeling like I’m in my 30’s (due to a healthy diet and new tools), pursuing a singing career, to share my songs that flow out of me– sometimes from my wounded heart but mostly from the bright light of hope inside of me that knows my purpose on the planet is to write and sing music and also give hope to others who cannot find their way up and out of the painful layers that often feel too heavy to break through.


As I write this I realize I’ve learned and sharpened so many tools since 2012:guitar yoga  I learned ways to replenish and to re-energize my adrenals; continued my healthy diet; exercise regularly for strength and endurance; made myself more disciplined to practice my music as a priority; tap into spirit often to sharpen those innate intuitive skills and gifts; continue to write poetry and songs as I work through the emotional challenges;  I have opened myself up to spiritual knowledge about ascension symptoms, upgrades to the planet, and even the effect of past lives on our current incarnations; practice extreme self-care as I continue to grow from life’s challenges and surprises, and remind myself that the rule #1 from this blog still applies and was really ground-breaking at that time.

And that is that Self-Compassion is rule #1!journal tea bed

I’m grateful to this blog for this all important bit of wisdom to come forth–because it was writing here to you all that caused this bit of wisdom to be born!

And so I say thank you to all of you that are part of this highly sensitive, compassionate, and spiritually awakened community of Hope and Healing from Childhood Wounds. I hope it continues to be a haven of safety for your wounded inner child to come and get strong–as a cocoon for you to grow your wings at your own pace and try out your new wings when you are feeling strong enough to go for your dreams.  As always my message is:  You Can Do It!! …And have compassion and kindness for yourself as the pain comes up to heal with each success! Because you are strong enough to feel it, comfort yourself through it, acknowledge that you absorbed negativity you didn’t deserve, release it, rest, and rise again!inner child

Rest here in this haven anytime you wish, and reach out to this community or just read the comments from the hundreds who have reached out with their stories of childhood wounds and emotional healing in the comment sections. I would love to hear from you!  Please leave a comment to let me know you are helped by what I am sharing or if you are new to this community so that I can welcome you.

Wishing all of you comfort, inner peace, and so much love as you continue to heal,

Roxanne 😇✌️🎶💖✨

Roxanne Smith – Folk Rock Songs For the Soul




Part 2 of Heart to Heart Update

Hello Everyone! Sorry to be late with this post– So much has happened since my last post.  I had intended to release Part 2 last week but, after my performance on Oct. 6, I was unexpectedly exhausted–I slept 8 hours then I took a 6 hour nap the day after my show! I was shocked and woke up feeling like Rip Van Winkle lol! I continued to be tired on and off this week and was feeling brain fog and lots of emotional healing to do from having broken through another glass ceiling for myself. solophoto10-6-18 This show was my first 3 hour gig on a saturday night and my highest paying gig to boot!  It went even better than expected too because I had to play all the guitar by myself  for the entire 3 hour gig (I usually hire someone to play guitar with).  I prepared a set list that was 1/2 originals and 1/2 covers and all songs that I could play confidently and I practiced at least an hour a day to have the proper callouses by then.  It was a duo show accompanied by my friend who plays beautiful mandolin and bass (alternating depending on the needs of each song).  I made my best tips ever too that night so this gig was a success on many levels and as always that brings up more inner child pain to acknowledge and  release–having given up on my music for so many years.

I’m so grateful to realize I can do things I never dared to dream to be doing and yet now I am doing it!  It’s been indescribably surreal and emotional causing parts of me to want to go into hiding again to protect myself from feeling it and other parts of me are so excited to be at the next level and wanting more success!–the latter is the voice I am listening to!

Preparing for this big performance was also emotional and so 5 days prior to the show I had one of those days I couldn’t function well because of intense emotions brewing inside me.  Whenever this happens I always turn to pen and paper to write out my feelings in longhand to gain clarity–and on Oct 1 a long poem burst forth in poetic rhyming fashion just like my other poems on my healing writings page.  I’ve been writing songs and journaling consistently but I haven’t written a Poem in a year or 2! It is still in longhand at the present moment but I will be sharing it here on this blog after I get it typed up properly. I’m naming it “Emerging With Poetic News” so look for it in an upcoming post after this “heart to heart update series”.

Okay now so back to Part 2! I’ll just start in with this.  …In keeping with my explanation of my journey away from the blog since 2012:  I was feeling spread too thin to keep up with this blog, I was going to open mic nights to overcome my fear of singing in public, and I was making an album of my original songs which was a dream come true.  It was 2012 when this blog and my coaching business were at their peak but I couldn’t do both–my heart told me that focusing on the music was the right thing to do.  My health problems improved dramatically and I overcame my severe stagefright and made important musical connections in my city.  I performed my songs with my guitar for free at open mics but I still had a long way to go.

The album was released on iTunes in 2014. I still had never performed for money yet.  I had no income, just a dream and spiritual guidance from an intuitive counselor mentor that I trusted who helped me to see that my songs of hope and healing are helping others and they are a big part of my true purpose in this lifetime. This deeply resonated as I had accumulated 50 original songs by now that had poured out of me fairly easily in a creative process that I had developed which felt as if I channeled their creation from my higher self.  I knew that I must become the singer-songwriter that I longed to be in my heart and share my journey of hope, healing, and upliftment through my songs.

As soon as my album was self-published and released on iTunes, I had a surgery in fall 2014 to correct varicose veins that ended up setting me back on my health journey–sensitive to the high levels of epinephrine that was used in this outpatient procedure that spanned 4 weeks time, my adrenal fatigue came back with a vengeance. I stopped with the open mic nights too and focused on regaining my health.

Continuing to write songs,  I realized my house and it’s constant needs for updates and repairs were too much for me and my husband.  So we followed our hearts and intuitive guidance from my intuitive counselor that it was best that we move and leave the 18 year old house where we’d raised our 2 now grown children and find a place that I could focus on my music and have less maintenance to worry about.  For a sentimental sensitive person like myself this was quite a challenge–purging many things to make the move easier.

By fall of 2016 we found the perfect home in a different part of the city and, after a rollercoaster year of searching and decluttering, we were all moved into a wonderful new home that (magically 😇 ✨) met all of our needs. Long story short, it took until fall of 2017 for me to feel ready to start reaching out and looking for paid gigs to perform my original songs of hope and healing….

…To be continued in Part 3 coming in a couple weeks.

Sending all of you Peace and Love and Light from Above,

Roxanne 😇🎶💖✨

Hope and Healing With Roxanne Elaine—-Heart-to-Heart Update-Part 1


Roxanne Elaine Smith- 2017 Photo

Hello Everyone!  Hello to all of you highly sensitive souls who resonate with the topics of emotional healing on my blog. Hugs to all of you!!!  I look at this blog and it is a marvel to me that I am so proud of–and now with over 250,000 views!   When I was writing with a pen name in 2010 at the start of this blog (with my middle name Elaine), I was uninhibited to talk openly about my emotional healing journey and help others in the process–this blog helped me find my true voice!  Then some things changed, some health problems, especially those in my throat chakra, that made me realize and listen to my heart and inner guidance that I needed to be singing–that my music and songs needed my best energy. Suddenly I was feeling spread too thin to keep up with the blog,  In 2014, I was going to open mic nights to overcome my fear of singing in public, and I was making an album of my original songs which was a dream come true.

Now jump ahead to now–This week is the 1 year anniversary of my first paid gig on September 23, 2017!  So now, as of September of 2018, I’ve had 19 performances in the last year at about 7 different locations. I’ve performed mostly as a duo with the help of several amazing guitarists to accompany me at some wonderful supportive venues for new musicians (mostly wineries and some food and beer chains 😊). In August, I was invited to perform my original songs at a local folk festival due to my success which was a big exciting breakthrough for my career and then I exhaustedly took a break for the month of September.  😃 🎉Phew!

I’m still on that break right now as I regroup and decide how I want to move forward.  I’m so grateful to these venues and the angels above for helping me land these gigs. Performing is such a thrill!–but it is also draining afterwards because, yes, I’m still an introvert, empath, and highly sensitive soul who has just figured out how to balance life and recharge in order to do it. Now I’m ready for the next level–reaching out to some higher paying venues to play even more original songs with new-found confidence and experience!

With this break which required some rest and regrouping, I feel stronger than ever before in so many way and so I am naturally examining what is important to me and following my heart. I’m happy to say that I have newfound excitement, renewed energy, and gleeful interest in reconnecting with this blog and it’s followers. Yay! This community is very important to me and has always been, but as many of you highly sensitive souls can relate to spreading yourself too thin, unfortunately keeping up with this blog had to take a back burner.

But now I’ll be sharing more of my healing journey on this blog, in part because I have recently made the realization that my own emotional healing journey is an important part of the musical journey too. Most of my 60+ original songs that I continue to write were born out of this need to dive deep and make sense of the painful feelings that come up as we navigate life–a determination innate in me to see the sun–the silver lining in every painful cloud. They are all heartfelt, soulful, positive, and empowering (but some are raw, vulnerable, and about inner child healing and those songs will be best shared here only on this blog …for now😌).

Now that I’m over the hardest hump of tackling the stresses of performing, I now realize it’s important that I’m transparent and honest and vulnerable as an artist.  So this is me.  It hasn’t been easy.  I’ve had emotional pain and shame come up to the surface with each big success. I’ve been shocked that there’s still more to heal when I thought I had healed all there was to heal.  No it seems there will always more to face and release as we get stronger.  New relationships and changing relationships still cause triggers and even ptsd reactions. I’ve been awakened to a spirituality that has raised my perspective higher than I ever imagined. I am grateful that I have tools to cope and to share to help others.  And here on this blog I can relax and be myself.  So I’ll be sharing more of my self here including my songs, my healing journey, my life.  Looks like New Beginnings again! (–wow that’s the name of my album–how serendipitous!) Have a wonderful end of September and I’ll be back again next week with part 2 of this update of …transparent emotional growth.  Wishing you a week of extreme self care and tender loving comfort for your wounded inner child.

girl guitar sunset

With Tons of Love and Light ✨💖✨,

Roxanne 😊🎶✌️🙏💖✨

“Pain From the Past” Arising for Highly Sensitive Souls

Pain from the past image


Lyrics by Roxanne Smith


Feelings coming up from I don’t know where

I don’t want to feel it but avoid it I don’t dare



‘Cause it’s pain from the past you see

Comin’ up to say hello to me

Just keep it a movin’ until I’m free

Let it move on through and away from me


They say it gets easier as the old layers heal

I can tell I am stronger and I’m more grounded and real

But sometimes it’s thick and pulls me back down

To how I felt as a child when love was not around



It’s just pain from the past you see

Comin’ up to say hello to me

Just keep it a movin’ until I’m free

Let it move on through and away from me


What happened back then can’t be made right

But I can love that little child in me with all my might

I can protect her and soothe her pain

I deserved love back then and now I’m gonna make it rain



Make it rain love love love

Coming down on me

Make it rain love love love

Until I’m free

Wash away all of the doubt

And the fear and shame

Until I’m a bright shining light again

with no more pain


Repeat 1st verse:

Feelings comin up from I don’t know where

I don’t want to feel it but avoid it I don’t dare



‘Cause it’s pain from the past you see

Comin’ up to say hello to me

Just keep it on movin’until I’m free

Let it move on through and away from me.

Original Song © 2014 Roxanne Smith

Hello everyone! Lots of good things have been happening with my music performances and my coaching in the last couple of months so I’ve been very busy with that. It’s very exciting and somewhat surreal as I keep reaching outside of my comfort zone.  HOWEVER, just recently I’ve been surprised by the intensity of feelings coming up that I haven’t felt for a long time or maybe EVER.  I know I’m so much stronger because I am observing this happening rather letting it get me down. However, I’ve been surprised at the intensity of old feelings, anxiety, lack of motivation, and emotional pain. I reassure myself that it’s old stuff on the way out but I have the say Man I’m very surprised at the intensity and heaviness of the feelings that been coming and going in the last few days!  I look up and listen to youtube channellings on the spiritual guidance about solar flares and energy upgrades and ascension symptoms and things of this nature at times like these when I feel out of sorts. I usually get comfort and confirmation that something big is going on with the planets energy and this time is no exception. One of my favorites for highly sensitive souls and empaths, if you are interested, is Lee Harris Energy. Check his video out at the bottom of this post if you are interested.

So if you are feeling out of sorts, lost your confidence, extra tired and unmotivated, and experiencing bouts of emotional pain, and/or loneliness please know you are not alone and this too shall pass.  Highly sensitive souls are feeling it because it’s a gift to be so clairsentient and empathic–it’s not because it’s a curse or a problem.  Please allow these times of emotional healing and physical healing to reassure you that you belong to a unique and special tribe of souls here on earth with an innate higher vibration. You might possibly be a lightworker and you might like to google this word and see if you resonate with the meaning of it–it may help you feel supported if you are feeling drawn to learning about spiritual awakening.

If you identify as an empath, introvert, or HSP then you might possibly still be a sponge and absorbing the unfelt feelings of the collective consciousness–this could be happening to you if you are still healing childhood wounds.  Learning about grounding techniques and positive affirmations can help a lot. Take solace in knowing you are not alone and you are part of a tribe of highly sensitive people all going through similar emotional healing in similar ways.  Please comment if you are needing support from others in this community right now or if you relate to what I am saying. Or let us know if you are doing great and zooming right through because of healing that is behind you.  Everyone is different and it’s fascinating to see how we are all healing in different ways and yet similar in other ways. We can learn so much from each other.

One common similarity among us it seems is that pain seems to come up to heal after a success and achievement is reached, that when “wham” old beliefs and insecurities come up to the surface, sometimes the next morning, after you’ve broken through a personal glass ceiling in your life’s journey.  Please don’t let your old inner critic/ego beliefs that can get loud after a success convince you that you are not cut out for this new level of success. Just try to observe it happening and write about it in a journal for your eyes only and see how unfair that voice is being to you. That is not the voice of your true self. Self-compassion is the voice of the true self and that is the voice that is best to listen to–your higher self.  It’s like developing a muscle when you are learning to tap into this inner guidance–you will get stronger and stronger as you practice recognizing when your inner critic is beating you up.  It’s often just a lower vibration energy that is on the way out as your soul is reaching for higher heights–back up where you belong.  😃 Because you were born with a higher vibration–highly sensitive for a good reason and that reason is to elevate the planet with your compassion and innate goodness and positivity.

With love and light, comfort, caring, and compassion,

Roxanne 😇🙏🎶💖✨

P.S. Please leave a comment because your comment will help other highly sensitive souls who have not yet found their voice or inner strength to comment yet.  Helping others by writing about your story can lift you up during hard times as well!

Here’s the video I mentioned above:



To All Highly Sensitive Souls–You Are Loved

You Are Loved

Lyrics by Roxanne Smith

I once was lost but then I opened up my heart

It took time to see my journey’s sad start

Strength in me came with feelings inside

Courageous purging with joy on the other side


Somehow I know that love is all there is

Inside every dark and painful fear is bliss

This I know because I left no stone unturned

I face the pain when the bottom was learned


It lays waiting until you let it go

Forgiving those who don’t connect with their soul

The soul has answers and comfort and love

Go within to hear angels from above



They surround each and every breathing heart

You are loved every day right from the start.

You are loved, you are loved, you are loved, you are loved

You are loved, you are loved, you are loved, you are loved


Repeat from the beginning


Add end (slowing)

You are loved, you are loved, you are loved, you are loved

Original Song © 2017 Roxanne Smith


Hello Everyone! I am sharing this song to the public for the first time here on this blog. It’s such a personal song I have not performed it yet, waiting for the perfect audience, the right moment. You all, however are the perfect audience for lyrics like these.  Here on this blog I feel comfortable letting it all hang out and feel proud of the healing journey I am on with all it’s ups and downs but always “with joy on the other side”.

I just saw that it has been since April 5 that I have put out a blog post and I apologize for that! Time has been flying by since I decided to start my life coaching business back up. I just completed designing my brand new life coaching website.  I’m happy to report that this blog has gotten over 45 new followers in just the last 2 months even though my recent posts were short and not really up to my standards yet.  So I am getting the message that my blog posts here are important and to make them a priority in my life!

I am very excited about this.  I love talking to you all!  I love giving hope to all of you like-minded souls out there who resonate with my message of hope and healing to become your highest selves! We strive to be our healthiest, kindest, most confident, and helpful to the planet while being complex and highly sensitive souls who often feel we don’t fit in with others. We are overcoming deep-seated negative feelings and beliefs from the past that keep popping up out of the blue just when things are going well.  Phew!  Why are we so hard on ourselves when we already know that extreme self-care makes so much difference in our lives?

Time to pull back again. Get quiet. Go inward. Write out ALL your feelings with self-compassion as if you are writing to your most trusted friend in the world who really GETS you! Be your own container when you can’t find a safe person to vent to.  We all need to vent all the frustration we are feeling about EVERYTHING! I had a surprising amount of anger to release in April. It was all about codependency issues that I thought I had healed long ago.  Surprise!–there was more! Releasing it all (which was not easy) moved me to a new place of strength and independence at the core of me that I didn’t know existed.  And the month of May… well it’s starting out with a virus from some recent airplane travel that has got me layed up and resting to clear it all out.  So all my exciting plans for coaching and more performing are on hold while I rest and clear out this virus and with it lots of emotions too. My intuition tells me I’ve moved to a new level of vibrational success so I need to clear out more …whatever! 😳 I’m not as frustrated as I am fascinated and trusting that whatever happens it will be for a good reason.

Sometimes things are so hard and then we get through it and see the silver lining that was there all along. And that is that We Are Loved.  We are loved from above. We are here for a good reason.  We are highly sensitive souls who are here on the planet at this time because the planet needs our gifts, our light, our true essence. We can relax and just BE and know we are loved.

Just being here is enough.  You don’t have to do anything–just heal and learn to love ourselves.  If we really GET this we can recharge and become strong and then we have more energy to give more light and love to others. But we can’t do it if we don’t love ourselves first. Let the love in that is beaming down for you at all times. Believe it.

And if you can’t believe it at least be OPEN to the possibility. Let down your guard and allow the possibility that your guardian angel/spirit guide/God/ Universe/Highest Self  just might be sending you messages of love and comfort through your intuition.  They just might be sending you guidance on your next steps for the highest good of your soul.  Follow your heart to hear the inner guidance. Hear it? It is saying, You Are Loved! Exactly as you are! You don’t have to change yourself, you only need to love yourself. Let that sink in. Marinate in that truth for a while.  I’m sending all of you so much comfort, caring, and encouragement to see your unique gifts as highly sensitive souls. I’ll be writing more uplifting blog posts soon so stay tuned.

With love and light 💖 ✨,

Roxanne 😇 🎶

Holding Space and Being an Enlightened Witness For Highly Sensitive Souls–I’m Coaching Again!

CampingHolding Space for someone is also called being an Enlightened Witness for someone else’s pain. Alice Miller talks about this in her book The Drama of the Gifted Child. This concept changed my life as I learned to be my own Enlightenment Witness through journaling and doing deep inner grief work when my children were growing up.

This process helped me to find my ”True Voice” and I started writing songs of hope and healing in 2004, then I started a blog helping others called Hope and Healing Haven for highly sensitive people who have childhood wounds in 2010. The success of the blog lead to my intuitive life coaching business which I named True Voice Life Coaching in 2011.

After a hiatus of a few years where I worked solely on my music, performing and getting my songs of hope and healing out to the world, I am now adding the Coaching back in. As an intuitive life coach I offer my services as an Enlightened Witness for highly sensitive people recovering from childhood wounds. I am available and accepting new clients for Telephone Coaching, Skype Coaching, Email Coaching, and for the first time ever I’m offering face-to-face Coaching. I am adding Spiritual Counseling and guidance from the Akashic Records, and I am adding Reiki energy healing services as well.

Starting April 18, 2018, I’m excited to announce that my new office is at Dragonfly 360 Yoga & Wellness  in Indianapolis, Indiana! I will be there on Wednesday’s only for the face to face Coaching from 11-7. But I am also available online Tuesday-Saturday  12-5 for my other Coaching services.

So if you are in need of someone to Hold a Space for you, or offer intuitive guidance on your self-healing journey to find your true self and true voice, Email me at I understand, I’ve been there, I care, I listen, and I feel your true spirit.

If you are looking for a safe haven, or more info about my coaching and testimonials, I hope you feel by coming here to my blog that you’ve come to the right place.  I feel so honored to be able provide a safe haven and a safe community to highly sensitive souls who are healing to become whole–to become their true selves. Welcome to my blog!

With love and light,


Highly Sensitive Souls, I Am Seeing Stars This Week, Are You?

For highly sensitive souls, life can be especially complex. Whether you believe you may be a lightworker, an empath, an earth angel, etc. or just a regular human being trying your best to shine some love and light and compassion to show the bright side of every situation, you are complex.  I know I am. I believe this is a good thing. But just when I think I have things figured out, more new layers of emotional healing come out of left field to surprise me and tell me, there’s more challenges ahead–more self-growth to make me stronger. Jeesh!  I find a great deal of comfort talking to energy healers, reading about other HSPs’ journeys, and listening to videos of those who channel spirit for guidance.  I’ve learned to channel uplifting spiritual messages for myself in the last few years as well and it is a great comfort that is hard to describe. I like to spread my “everything is gonna be alright” messages to help others who are feeling lost or stuck. I do this through my songs, my blog, my facebook pages, and in my daily life with my family and friends. I feel it’s my true purpose in life and it took me a long time to find this inner peace and inner knowing and have confidence to believe it and share it.

I also find comfort coming here to this blog community. When I’m feeling unsupported in my personal life and childhood wounds rise to the surface, I find comfort in being in the company of other like-minded souls who feel the same way. I believe I have a higher self who has in some way orchestrated the challenges that come up for me to make me stronger.  I also believe I have free will to choose different paths as I go and I also believe I attract certain things based on my beliefs and the energy I am emitting. Often this energy is invisible to us–we all have blind-spots.  These blind-spots served us well for a time but now when we are stronger, things happen in life to make us “see” what we couldn’t before.  The illusions are lifted.

I had a long run of good fortune while I was away from this blog for awhile and those things I built and accomplished are solid things that I can count on–things I know about myself that no one person or event in life can take away. Now more growth and challenges are  happening and I realize I have very solid ground to fall back on.  This makes all the difference!  So when things happen and you are feeling like, “What the heck is going on! I don’t deserve this!”,  know that you are growing into becoming your true self and your false self is falling away.  It’s like when a wall is coming down which is a good thing but you accidentally get hit by one of the falling bricks on your head!  It hurts!  But the truth is the wall IS coming down, Yay! Don’t focus on the bruise on your head–see past it! It wasn’t meant to stop you or punish you at all, it’s a by-product of movement in the right direction!  If you are “seeing stars from the calamity”, you are actually on your way to clarity of mind and attracting a life more suited to your true self! You are strong enough to handle it or it wouldn’t be happening to you!  You’ve got this!!

Please comment if you are experiencing a “brick on the head” at the moment or just to say hello–it will help support other highly sensitive souls who haven’t yet found their voice.

P.S.–I’m excited to announce I’m going to be coaching again with a very flexible schedule of openings available all throughout the week.  I’ll be adding face-to-face coaching for clients in the Indianapolis area at an exciting new office location on Wednesdays only.  I’ll be adding Intuitive sessions with access to the Akashic Records, and Reiki Energy Healing services as well.  Email me at if you are interested or just for more info.  I’m also updating this blog and my coaching website so there will be lots of good changes happening. Yay!  😀

Let’s embrace change together! We are a community of comfort, compassion, and encouragement for the emotional healing of our highly sensitive souls! Join us! Please Follow this blog for more uplifting, personal posts that will be coming!

With love and light,



“Noone Was There”–Song Lyrics of Hope For Healing Childhood Abandonment Wounds.

Hi Everyone.  I’m excited to write a new post and share the lyrics to a new song I just wrote.  Life is full of change and growth for us highly sensitive souls, and new layers of childhood wounds seem to pop up when least expected. Abandonment wounds are some of the deepest and most painful. I woke up feeling terror for some reason and immediately got paper and pen to write out my feelings to sort it out.  As always, I just started describing how I felt and I gained clarity about where the feelings were coming from and compassion for myself, and then I felt a song coming on.

When I start to write a song I always tell myself, this is for me only, and then I let the creativity flow. Later I decide if I want to share it or not and that takes pressure off the process of writing a good song.  If it’s completely from the heart it’s always ends up “good” and this one flowed out from beginning to end with few changes.  The words came first and then the melody was already there in my head too when I went back to read it. Adding a bridge came easily to make it more interesting and poof! Done! A new song!

The creativity process is so healing that the original pain is somehow transformed into a feeling of pride and achievement. When I first started writing songs I felt shame about them because I was exposing forbidden feelings often straight from my inner wounded child.  If this shame happens to you, keep at it and share them only with a safe trusted friend who will help encourage you and not criticize.  It’s amazing how healing writing can be. I kept my songs hidden for a long time and now I’m proud to share all of them because they help others! I’ll be adding more songs to this blog now–I’ve written quite a few that I’m ready to share.

This song is dedicated for those of you who have not yet found your voice yet to describe  and heal unbearable emotions from childhood or trauma that often remain hidden until we are strong enough to release them.

I plan to start posting more posts again and I am going to be doing Coaching again on Wednesdays only too. My music and Coaching are going strong and for the first time I’ll be doing both.  I’ll be performing more of my original songs of hope and healing now and sharing the videos here as well. So please stay tuned for more! 😀

Noone Was There (Hope for Abandonment Wounds from Childhood)

By Roxanne Smith



Feeling so alone. Can’t describe the pain.

Falling in a hole.  Doom makes you insane.

Pain is not the truth. It’s just your darkest fear.

Noone was there to comfort you my dear.

Noone was there to comfort you my dear.


That is all it is.  This dark and empty thought.

Fill it up with love and give it all you’ve got.

You know that love exists and it is All There Is.

So why not be the one to show us it exists.

So why not be the one to show us it exists.


It exists in every heart, not just a chosen few.

Every single human has the chance to renew.

When you’re feeling all the worst, hopeless feelings inside,

Love yourself so much, so much more than you ever tried.

Love yourself so much, so much more than you ever tried.


You didn’t know how empty, how raw you could feel.

Writing is the way, to fill you up with love and heal.

And when you forget and you’re feeling really low.

Ask for help from the Angels who will guide you how to go.

Ask for help from the Angels who will guide you how to go.


They love you all the time, but you can’t tell they’re there.

Unless you ask for help, you don’t know how much they care.

Pain is not your truth, It’s just your darkest fear.

Noone was there to comfort you my dear.

Noone was there to comfort you my dear.



Comfort is there, when you’re feeling lost.

Let the Angels in, when you’re feeling tossed.

They are always there, when you feel alone.

Love yourself so much until you feel home.


Home is in your heart, it just gets covered up.

It feels so far away, but it’s always close enough.

All the comfort that you wish for, is already there.

Just let yourself believe Heaven really cares.

Just let your self believe Heaven really cares.

No one was there (slow to end) to comfort you my dear.

Original Song © 2018 Roxanne Smith

Sending comforting, caring wishes to all!

With love,



Take Me Down

Take Me Down

By Roxanne Elaine Smith

Woke up feeling all the pain of all injustice

Of those accused but did nothing wrong

It’s as if those who shine their lights the brightest

Bear the brunt of changing darkness into song


Chorus: Take me down to the river

And I’ll wash away my tears

Take me down with the givers

And we’ll wash away the years

Let the water wash the darkness

From the hearts of all those souls

Who do not know that the river holds the gold.


Hidden from the consciousness illusions do arise

And a subtle roll of thunder underneath the cloud survives

Beware the dark billowing of shadows that roll in

And the light of those entangled must be strong and grow within


Chorus: Take me down to the river

And I’ll wash away my tears

Take me down with the givers

And we’ll wash away the years

Let the water wash the darkness

From the hearts of all those souls

Who do not know that the river holds the gold.


Bridge: That’s the beauty of believing in a higher love

I can comfort all injustice in my life

Take me down with your words and I get help from up above

Bring on the pain it just makes me feel alive

Take me down, take me down, take me down,

take me down,

Take me down, take me down, take me down


Chorus: Take me down to the river

And I’ll wash away my tears

Take me down with the givers

And we’ll wash away the years

Let the water wash the darkness

From the hearts of all those souls

Who do not know that the river holds the gold.

2x, slow to end.

Original song © Roxanne Smith

Helpful Diet and Lifestyle Tips For the Highly Sensitive Soul

Hello everyone.  Highly Sensitive People often have highly sensitive bodies and food sensitivities.  Perhaps you are realizing this about yourself and frustrated about what to eat.  I know I was for a long time and it has been a journey of trial and error finding what worked for me.  I finally found it in 1995 and it changed my life and gave me so much more energy and hope. Now people comment that I look younger than my age (my children are grown up and on their own).  Here is a recent photo of me.


I attribute this solely to the fact that I have been on (for the most part) this very healthy diet called the Specific Carbohydrate Diet that I discovered in September of 1995. (I wrote a longer post about this diet previously on this blog and it has gotten over 5,000 views–you can read about it here.)

Due to being sick and tired of being sick and tired, I am happy to say that this diet cured me of my chronic fatigue syndrome and multiple food allergies that plagued me in my late 20s through my 30s. Since then I always come back to it to regain my health when I wander off of it from time to time. Now I’ve been sticking to it! It is an anti-inflammatory diet which explains why I have no aches and pains or arthritis like many people my age do. By reducing the allowed nuts I find I can keep my desired weight in check too (in other words, when I eat too many nuts and nut butters on this diet, I tend to gain weight if I’m not exercising much–it took me some time to figure this out! :D)

But all diets need adjustments to the individual needs of the person. This past year, in my attempts to be even more balanced,  I unknowingly was actually hurting my health! I had stopped eating red meat a year ago for ethical reasons and I do not like seafood AND at the same time I stopped eating raisins and dried fruits because of a recent final surge of ridding myself of candidiasis (yes, my lifelong struggle with candidiasis is now finally under control–I could write another whole post on this subject… 🙂 ). I believe it was all of these things that lead up to my body being low on IRON for months without realizing it! No wonder I was dragging! I waited too long to get a blood test to find out why I wasn’t bouncing back after a recent move to a new house.

Now I heard it may even take as much as 90 days to get my body absorbing iron supplements properly. But I’m so grateful it wasn’t anything more serious and all I have to do is take some supplements.  The big lesson learned is:  we can’t always intuitively know what our bodies are needing!  Sometimes we need a blood test now and then!  My wonderful, compassionate, alternative doctor is an MD of Integrative Medicine. He had only heard a little about the SCD diet but he has supported me completely when I told him of my results with it.  In addition to increasing my iron he is also having me get B12 shots now twice a week as well as some adrenal support as well to get my energy levels back to normal.  He had wanted me to have a blood test 7 months before I finally did (but I was stressed and too busy with all that is entailed with getting ready to move to a new home). Now that I’m settled in my new home, I’m determined to get back to performing again and writing more songs of hope and healing and now, with a doctor’s help, I’m back on my way again. Yay!

(It took me a long time to find a doctor who was sensitive to my needs.  If you’d like to try a new doctor, pray for guidance and listen to your intuition, and keep searching until you find the right one for you.  Insurance may not cover the one you find but the extra expense may be worth it if you think of your body as an investment that is worth the extra cost.)

Yes, we highly sensitive souls often have highly sensitive bodies that need extreme self care! And healthy diets are the fuel to help us reach the goals of our true purpose on the planet.

Here is a website which supports my diet (now a lifestyle that I adhere to):  I am not a medical professional–please always check with your doctor or a licensed medical professional before changing your diet.

It’s not easy to give up unhealthy comfort foods but it is so worth it when you finally have the energy to carry out your passions and gifts!!  In my case, with this particular diet, it takes about 2 weeks to get over the sugar and complex carb cravings and then it gets easier.  And if you are sensitive to gluten you may feel the energy increase immediately.

Remember, sensitive souls, you are sensitive for a reason, so please take care of yourself so you finally take off and soar!!  As you grow in compassion for your inner child’s wounds, grow in inner strength to rise above negative messages that arise to heal, the next step is to increase your energy levels so that you can become a creative partner with your higher self!!  You can do it!!

With love,


Sharing a Song of Hope to Comfort the Fear as Obama Leaves Office

Hello everyone. I felt inspired to write today to send comfort!  A lot of people and especially minorities are feeling fear right now. (The inauguration of Trump is today).  It is palpable! Fear of the unknown possibilities of losing freedoms that America has fought long and hard for. I’m sharing my song Free To Live, which is one of my most downloaded songs, to give hope. It was written as I overcame an inner struggle to feel free to express myself. I also hope it is a reminder that feeling free to express your true voice and true self is essential to the pursuit of happiness which is so clearly stated in the Constitution of the United States as a fundamental right. …And it’s essential for all humans on the planet!

I believe Freedom is a state of mind much like inner peace that we can tap into internally and spiritually and give ourselves the inner strength to express our true voice. I believe God is love and wants us ALL to feel Free, to have self-belief, and to be self-empowered to be ourselves and spread love and light while sharing our unique creative gifts!

We will get through the turbulent times ahead by remembering that darkness is only the absence of light–and by turning up the lightswitches in all of our hearts we can and will illuminate the earth and the darkness can and will eventually disappear! This is because the majority of people on the planet are of the light!!! We will pour into the streets (peaceful protesting) if we all can’t be Free To Live!!! Please Share!

With love, Roxanne 💖

(You can buy this song on iTunes, Amazon, or music sites worldwide–just search Roxanne Smith. Or on my website…/…/22706519-free-to-live

Singer Songwriter music

Emotional Healing Tips for HSPs and an Inner Child Healing Poem

Hello everyone.  So many people are still continuing to visit and follow this blog even though I stopped writing on it a while back!  This community is indeed a special one!  I realize the common bond we all have of sharing the journey of awakening to becoming our true selves by acknowledging the depths of our childhood wounds. We HSPs innately have the inner strength and determination to voice and transmute our painful truths, grow in self-compassion, and ultimately learn to comfort ourselves in order to become whole and ultimately Shine Strong!! ✨ 😍 ✨   I’ve decided to reconnect with you all again and share some more personal posts knowing this is a place where I can share my most authentic self!  What’s more important than that?!!  haha Nothing, right?!!  💃 💝

To refresh your memory, “Hope and Healing with Elaine” was changed to “Hope and Healing Haven” as I revealed my real name was Roxanne Elaine Smith. It was wonderfully empowering to step into being myself and no longer use a pen name.  Many changes have happened to me since I’ve been away.  Mostly I have stepped fully into my realizing I am a singer/songwriter at heart and that I was born to do it!!  I’ve been evolving as a performer and it is my top career priority.  I am also still a life coach (on hiatus) and feel comfortable now calling myself a Spiritual Counselor as I have been drawn more and more to understanding “the big picture” of why I am here “as a soul”.   I have an unquenchable desire to connect with my higher self at all times now and also learn to balance and understand the challenge of being a highly sensitive person on the planet.  Let me know if you can relate to my journey and I will continue to share on this blog all that I am discovering.

To get right to it, here is a post that I shared on the newer blog Higher Ground Haven (which has less personal stories) that I felt really belonged here on this blog:


Are you a highly creative, sensitive soul struggling with feelings of inadequacy?  Take heart because it is not easy to take the road less traveled when you are trying to fit in with what appears to be going on in the world.  Take a step back and go inward.  This is the direction to go to find inner peace and satisfaction in your life.

You have gifts beyond measure that are invisible to most people you encounter on a daily basis out in the world.  Loneliness is a sign that you are separated from your true self.  The more you reach outward to the masses to fill this loneliness, the lonelier you may feel.  A rich, inner life exists inside of you when you connect with your true self, your passions, desires, and gifts with compassion for all you’ve been through to get to here. Be kind to yourself about your separation from knowing and loving yourself.  Often it is as small children that this separation began so it takes Inner Child Healing to find ourselves again.

Journaling out (for your eyes only) the painful truths of events from childhood can help us tell our story to ourselves.  By accessing the right side of our brain through writing we also access the compassionate part of our brain that comforts and soothes and say “wow, no wonder you feel sad…” or mad, hopeless, fearful, or whatever feeling is dormant, blocked, and keeping us from feeling whole and vital and joyful.

Inner Child Grief Work can take a long time, years in fact, as you work through the layers of emotion that come up to the surface to be validated, comforted, and ultimately released by YOU!  Yes, you can be your own compassionate therapist, your own enlightened witness if you embrace this process and trust that your heart will guide you to the next layer to be released.

This is “the road less traveled” but it does not have to be a lonely road.  Yes, it is a solitary road though and it will lead you to much joy and inner peace when you work through the layers of untruths you believed down to your core as a child.  As you shine light and love on your wounded inner child, she/he will begin trusting herself and this new process of healing– the child inside will feel lighter and lighter as the negative beliefs reveal themselves as just illusions meant to protect you at that time and then these beliefs will gradually fall away.

What remains is a strong desire not to suffer any longer and an ability to rise above negativity when you get triggered by something coming from someone else.  You will finally know “you” and you will stop beating yourself up mentally.  You will recognize when you start to spiral negatively and you will learn to stop yourself and be kind.  Positive affirmations like “I love and approve of myself”, and “I am safe” are essential in this core rebuilding process.

As you go forth in this healing process, emotional pain that arises will be looked on as a healing opportunity to get to the more joyful truth underneath. Because you know that the essence of you is a compassionate, loving, kind-hearted soul who is here on the planet to help and never harm others and that is so special and rare.  You then will love being alone to recharge your soul so you can lift others up to see the beauty that exists that others do not notice.  Your gift to the planet is your sensitivity and what a blessing it is to be different than other people and have this wisdom to heal deeply, recharge, and spread love and light to others.  It takes time to heal and rest from the trauma of being misunderstood and separated from our true gifted nature as children.  Be kind to yourself about it and let the healing take as long as it takes.

For myself, after years of inner grief work journaling and finding my voice starting in 2003, by 2011 I had healed most of the inner wounds and finally felt a wonderful feeling of “wholeness”.  This was a feeling I couldn’t foresee or imagine during the process.  Once you master this process of finding your inner strength through writing, you will use it often to get clarity of the lesson of each new experience the universe offers up to you. I got away from blogging here in the last couple of years as I pursued my music but I’ve continued with the journaling whenever needed. I’ll be sharing my continued journey more now on this blog as HSPs have continued to reach out to me and I am at a new place incorporating the music as a healing source for others as well.

I have discovered that social media outlets like facebook can be an addictive and unhealthy distraction much like too much television dulls our motivation and steals our joy–especially if you look to it as a companion of sorts or as a source of validation for your personal daily life.  I have found it to be best utilized as a platform to shine and help others and to share creative works to inspire.  A personal facebook page is supportive when you lose a pet or family member or need support when you are occasionally ill or have some bad luck …but for deeper daily struggles it can drag you down further–it’s best to unplug from it and go inward and not compare ourselves to what others are doing and saying or expect the masses to understand our complex lives.

We HSPs have all the answers to our own neediness inside ourselves.  Self-compassion and loving, soothing attention to the child inside who feels a sense of unbelonging is the answer to all discontent in my opinion.  When you begin to love and protect your hurt inner child, you recharge and create helpful work that keeps on giving.  The sense of accomplishment snowballs to living a creative life of exciting possibilities.  You trust that whatever is around the corner, it will be a wonderful adventure as you discover more of what you are capable of.

Being your own best friend is not a corny cliche`–it is a real and essential tool for highly sensitive people to navigate our world inhabited by lots of lesser evolved souls who can’t relate to our emotional journey.  We have a higher purpose, a higher vibration of light to shine as “lightworkers” if you will, and our inner child needs our own tender loving self-care in order to be able to turn the light switch back up from the dimming that may have occurred in childhood or from an unsupportive culture or environment.

Shine on yourself first when you are not feeling the least bit shiny. Let me explain.  Highly sensitive people have a gift of believing in lofty ideals and “light” and that really is a highly spiritual concept.  Deep inside we “know” that unconditional love exists for all and we can tap into that love whenever we want. If you struggle with this concept consider that you may be blocking yourself from receiving this loving feeling from the universe because of a childhood belief that you don’t deserve it.  You may have to actively “decide” to be open to allowing love in from Heaven/God/ Source/Universe/ All That Is/ Mother Nature or whatever you’d like to call it.

Believing I deserve love and letting it in made all the difference in my life.  It changed me from looking to others for outside validation to knowing I could heal myself and shine my gifts on the planet to make a difference.  Now this is no longer daily work for me but I still need to journal to reconnect to my inner wisdom from time to time when I need to recharge from the world.

Being an HSP, highly intuitive person, highly evolved, compassionate, or introspective soul is only difficult when you compare yourself to the masses. Consider that you came here to make a difference!–to shine a new path, a new way of thinking about the earth.  You are a pioneer here to show others how to appreciate nature, how to see beauty in unlikely places, how music or poetry can lift them up, how a healthy diet can change your mood, or how building a strong body can help you have more energy to accomplish goals you never imagined before, etc.  There are so many ways that HSPs are essential to our planet thriving.  It all starts with loving the little child inside of you who is still comparing herself to others instead of seeing the spectacular yet fragile gift she/he has always been and always will be!

After all my inner work now my inner child is very strong.  She is the playful creative force behind all my creative works.  This poem flowed out of me from beginning to end in one fell swoop one day recently when I was in my car–I always have pen and paper handy for when a song or poem comes to me.  I just stop everything and write it down. I’m glad to share it with you now:

angel inner child

Wise Inner Child and Wings and Things

By Roxanne E. Smith


Painful layers coming up

Anger, grief and other stuff

I thought all of this was healed

No there’s more! It is revealed!

Inner child inside can now

Tell the truth—feels safe somehow

I will comfort her brave heart

Out of hiding, let her start

To spread her fragile angel wings

Never used before it seems…

Whoa!! She’s ready! Knows they’re real!

Says, “Yeah, I’ve got wings! It’s no big deal!”

No more hiding them from sight

Imagining her very first flight

I’m the one who kept her down

Protecting her from scorn or frown

She tells me to open the door

“Look” she says, “what wings are for!”

Flying easy as the breeze,

she hovers anywhere she please

Surprised that I am still afraid

She takes MY hand and says, “Let’s trade!

“You be me and I’ll be you.”

“Did you know you have wings too!?”

I look behind and see them there

Tucked away with so much care

Hidden just beneath my sight

I didn’t know I had the right!

“I’ve been busy protecting you

and now I see I’ve got wings too!

I am scared to try them out.

It’s been so long I’ve gone without

How to switch to this new change

It feels so shameful and I feel strange!”

Wise child says,

“You know where that’s from?

Others shamed you because they had none.

No wings to fly wherever they want

So they put you down to stay up front.

But now you know the truth down deep

You learned from all the lessons reaped

Deep inside you know your soul

Has learned more love through the life school

Many lives you’ve lived and learned

About compassion and now’s your turn

You’re here to be a beacon light

Fly and shine on others bright

You know you do this anyway

But you’ve got wings so fly and play

Fly and play don’t toil and fret!

You’re sensitive but the strongest yet!

Now you get to do your thing!

Love and shine and fly and sing!

That’s all that’s it and now you know!”

The little child then hugged me so

And said,

“I love you and I’m always here

I’m your inner strength—no longer fear

You protected me ‘til I was strong

Now I help you to get along

Just like with the Butterfly

The caterpillar is gone goodbye!

Brave new woman with golden wings

Stand your ground and fly and sing

Tell about your growth to show

Others who also do not know

That they have hidden wings as well

They earned them too but they can’t tell

Not until they are really SEEN

For the first time since they were teens

They tried to fly but soon were stopped

And painfully their wings were cropped

But they grew back and have been ready

Until the self was loved and steady

Grounded in peace—no longer fear

You’re free to fly away my dears!

So lighten your house and ease your load

Because the next chapter’s seeds are sowed

Freedom is what will grow

and life will have a different flow

Peace and love will soothe your soul

So you can sing some rock’n’roll

Giving hope to others through

Sharing what you love to do

Then they’ll believe in their own soul

And all the world will heal to whole!”

The child then smiled and said, “Okay?!”

Then held my hand and we flew away!!

Original Poem © Roxanne Elaine Smith

I wish all of you all the most glorious blessings that life has to offer!  Whether you are alone or with loved ones, remember you are loved from above and you are never alone.  As well as having a higher true self that is your creative source, I believe we all have a spirit guide who is our best soul friend and guardian angel looking out for us from heaven and giving us those Aha moments and pride in ourselves for rising up to higher heights to fly!

With warm wishes of love, light, and inner peace,


Beginning to recover

Here is a post from a wonderful new blog which has links to mine. I highly recommend it! 😀 With love and light to all of you, Roxanne
(formerly pen name Elaine)

An adult daughter's struggle to recover from narcissistic parents

Over the past 2 weeks, I have been reading a lot of information on how to recover from the harm done by parents with NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder), and I also found out that I am indeed a highly sensitive person. Yet, my sensitivity to the external changes and my talent in writing have been continuously ignored and even ridiculed by my biological family. When they were not belittling me or taking advantage of me, they just ignored me. (I used the past tense because over the past few years I have managed to distance myself a little from them, to minimize the damage they might continue doing to me. So now it’s just getting a little better, or endurable, for me.)  I have been invisible and felt that I don’t belong to this family. My feelings have been numb. Being numb is the only way I can survive here…

View original post 1,414 more words

Introducing My Other Blog–Higher Ground Haven

Hi everyone!  It’s wonderful to be back here to talk to all of you again!  It’s been 6 months since I have written here and that was not my intention, and I apologize to anyone who has been waiting for more posts. The last 6 months have been an amazing ride and life has taken me through lots of amazing new opportunities!

I discovered my True Voice by writing this blog and although I still have a lot to say,  I find that now it’s time for a fresh, new, HIGHER perspective as I use what was learned from writing this blog as a solid foundation of emotional healing for moving upwards to Higher Ground.  “Higher Ground Haven” is the name of the new blog I started writing in my legal name while I was still using my pen name Elaine to write this one.  It was an exciting experiment to see if I could have a successful blog and coaching business just being myself with no pen name, and Uplifting others, and encouraging Highly compassionate souls to embrace their uniqueness and shine their lights to Higher Heights!

Well, this new blog turned out to be a wonderfully, successful venture and the facebook community associated with it (also called Higher Ground Haven) grew out of it’s success–it continues to thrive and blossom as many Highly sensitive, (AKA Highly intuitive) and Highly compassionate, creative souls find it to be a safe refuge for understanding the painful journey of overcoming childhood emotional wounds while also gaining inner strength and positive energy to go for their dreams!

My own dreams to share my original songs of hope and healing with the world were an example of a journey to overcome painful insecurities about my creative gifts.  After sharing on this blog how I was able to over-ride my inner critic and empower myself up and over many fears and feelings of shame that were deeply-rooted from childhood wounds, I began having the courage to pursue my music as a lucrative career!  I have shared on this blog the exciting steps through some health challenges to being able to record an album of my original songs and have them distributed worldwide and available on iTunes, Amazon, and to mention a few.  It has been exciting to follow my heart and see what new opportunities manifested in front of me with the intention of helping people with my healing songs. You can refresh your memory (or read anew) about my New Beginning Journey here.

The next step to tell you about was how I began performing and overcame my deep performance anxiety after meeting another amazing local musician (Jeff) and his band one night last summer (2014) and having him invite me to his open mic nights at a local establishment in my city.  Soon I was friends with many other musicians who also were performing at these open mic nights and they were cheering me on.  Jeff and his wonderful family held my hand with encouraging words as I got over my deeply rooted irrational fear of performing alone in front of an audience.  It was terrifying the first time, but I was determined to do it anyway because I believed that these new people in my life were meant to help me and that meant this was all supposed to happen in some kind of a spiritual way!  I felt God was with me and angels were cheering me on each step of the way!  Sure enough getting the first time over with was the biggest, hardest hurdle–after that each week’s performances got easier and easier until I was easily singing alone and with Jeff and other amazing guitarists every week throughout the summer.  Meanwhile, that summer, I was also recording my songs and was finally ready to release my first 10 songs as my debut album entitled A New Beginning on September 30, 2014.  On October 1, 2014, I had an album release celebration where I performed about 12 songs including lots of my original songs.  With the support of my husband and children and my new musician friends in the audience, it was a thrilling, sort of out-of-body experience as I performed that night and I realized I had accomplished overcoming my fears in such a short time and now had an album released to boot! It was another “new beginning” for me–the name of the album I was releasing!

In order for me to have this success, there were some health challenges I had to go through to get there.  I want to share with you that part of what helped me succeed in overcoming my fear of singing was the amazing effects of new strength I felt in my diaphragm due to going to an Osteopath who specialized in cranial sacral and especially myofascial work.  This amazing woman (who was recommended by my amazing new doctor of integrative medicine), who had been been trained in energy work, , could tell by looking at me that my diaphragm was locked up in fear probably since childhood.  She explained that myofascial work could help to get my energy in my body flowing properly again. She told me that she has to refer many people to get emotional support while doing this process but that she could tell I had already done the inner work and that I was “ready”.   It took some time and a few treatments before I went to her excitedly and told her I felt the difference–I had woken up in the middle of the night a few days after my last treatment with her and I felt this fear sensation rise up to my consciousness and leave my body.  I know it sounds very woo-woo but I woke up with this feeling of fear and also with the clarity that I no longer have to be afraid of it and I am strong enough to let it go! And it went! I had an exhilaration in my heart and a new found ability to breath deeply and had more strength in my diaphragm to sing with more strength and passion. (I tested out my new lungs by singing in the shower that morning haha)  My singing was better and that helped so much with my confidence!  I also felt taller!–opening up my diaphragm helped me to stand taller and I could feel the difference with more confidence to stand with better posture much easier than before.  My chiropractor noticed the difference in my neck adjustments so much that she started referring some of her clients to this amazing woman.  I feel so lucky to have found her at exactly the right time in my life when I needed her and right before she is going to be retiring.  All this happening confirmed my belief that the universe will rise up to help you and bring the right people into your life when you get in alignment with your true self, express your true voice, and follow your true desires to shine your light to help others.

My new doctor also encouraged me to have the Endovenous Laser Therapy treatment (by a different Dr. ) for my varicose veins that I had been putting off for 10 years.  So on October 10, 2014 I had the first of 4 weekly surgeries where they inserted a laser into my main vein in my legs to fix the varicose veins that were hurting my circulation and causing some other problems.  Anyway, long story short, they used large doses of epinephrine and numbing agent in these surgical treatments (in order to call it outpatient)–and being highly sensitive and still having a fragile adrenal system evidently, this caused me to have exhaustion and low immune function for months following these procedures with a very slow recovery from more painful injections, brain fog, fatigue, and all resulting with an increase in adrenal problems.  After a lovely Christmas with my family and performing with my son and making a youtube video with him of a Christmas song I wrote,  I ended up with a virus and struggled again to recover and get back to performing.  I was up and down struggling to get back to my pre-surgery energy with frustration and swollen glands that just kept coming back.  Now it is March and I have performed 2 times since Christmas due to this virus that effects the quality of my voice and overall stamina.  I am being patient, as I undergo I.V. therapies to rebuild the strength of my endocrine system and adrenal due to the large doses of epinephrine that wreaked havoc on my adrenal glands.  In spite of all the unexpected set backs to my health, I am still glad I had this procedure done!  My legs look and feel great now and I feel it will be worth it all in the end! I am sure I am going to recover fully and with more energy than ever to do all the things I want to do!

By the end of the 6 months away from blogging, and finally recovering with more energy and vitality, it became clear that moving to the newer blog that represents a new higher vision and moving on from where I shared some of my past inner grief work (and a lot of personal stories to help others) is the best new direction for me to express my True Voice.  It reflects my new higher creative energy and success:  I did it!–and you can do it too!  In addition to being a Life Coach for emotional healing, I am now a Singer-Songwriter and Performer!  I overcame my biggest fear and my most important desire in my heart–to be able to confidently sing my original songs which reflect my True Voice in front of an audience!

The road to true wholeness is an amazing one–just when you feel you are whole you realize there is more you can do, more you have to offer, more of yourself to heal yet more fun and satisfaction than you ever even dreamed for yourself–you find yourself moving HIGHER as a new staircase unfolds in front of you. I have learned to trust and flow with the moment and KNOW that I am a shining light of God’s love that is grounded in the earth (as we all are) and I am here to give hope and emotional healing to all who are open to it. I hope you will join me as I continue to blog at Higher Ground Haven.  If you followed me here please follow me there!  I look forward to seeing you at our new community of love and light and higher heights!

With warm welcoming wishes and gratefulness to all of you,


Announcing the iTunes release date of my debut album–“A New Beginning”

Hi everyone,

So much has been happening, I have been very busy finishing my first album and I have also been performing my songs and overcoming my performance anxiety with great success!  This is an exciting time for me and I wanted to share it with all of you so here is my announcement that I just put on my personal facebook page:


“I just announced the ITUNES release date of my debut album on my website and I am hoping you will check it out… For those of you who don’t know the story of how it came to be, here is a brief summary:


In 2004 I started writing songs and I called them my songs of hope and healing because the process of writing them was empowering me, expressing the hope I felt in my soul, and helping me to heal and find my “voice”. By 2010 I had written over 30 songs and shared the lyrics and my personal journey of healing in a blog that became successful because it struck a chord with many people. I started a life coaching business due to the success of this blog and people asking for my guidance in helping them find their inner strength and true voice as well.


People began telling me that my lyrics and songs were helping them–I kept writing songs and now have written over 50. Last summer I collaborated with local musician Wendell Ray to record them. He played the guitar on 28 of my songs that we recorded including some with him on harmonica and other added backing tracks. He produced my first 6 songs and then showed me how to record and produce the rest!


Also, with the encouragement of Wendell and my family, I started performing at his gigs—this was the beginning of me gaining confidence to perform alone and share my songs with the world. Overcoming the performance anxiety has been a thrilling and exciting part of this musical journey I am on and at one time I couldn’t imagine overcoming this deeply ingrained irrational fear. But with inner determination, God, and encouragement from others, I am now on the other side of it having fun performing: singing my songs, cover songs, and harmony with others; improving on the guitar every week; and writing and recording more songs!


So now with this first album, I feel I have found my true voice in yet another profound way and helping others is the most wonderful and important part of it all. The release of this album is symbolic of the achievement of a lifetime of hopes and dreams and that we can always create “new beginnings” for ourselves as we change and grow. These first 10 songs are about personal empowerment, believing in yourself and the inner spirit we all have inside, and overcoming doubts and fears we all face in life–you can do it!!


Thank you all for all of your support along the way and for sharing in this exciting time with me!! The release date is finally here! It is being first announced today on the home page of my music website– For more information about my musical story you can read my Bio that is on the home page as well.


With love, gratefulness, and warmest wishes to you all,




A special note to all of my blog followers, you are the reason that all of this was able to happen.  I started sharing my story with you back in January 2010 and you all responded with your full support which gave me the encouragement to continue finding and expressing my true voice.  The are no words to express my gratefulness for your courage to follow my journey and to say “me too!” and I want to hear more!  I will be keeping you posted at each milestone in this process of the worldwide distribution of my songs of hope and healing and I hope to be writing more blog posts about emotional healing in the future.

Just remember, those of us with sensitive souls, we are “the lucky ones”–highly evolved souls here to learn to shine our light through the negativity around us and say to ourselves and others–You can do it!!  You are strong enough!!  You can have “A New Beginning” and follow your heart and soul that knows “everything is going to be all right!”

And so to all of you, I want to share the lyrics to this song that I wrote most recently this year:

“The Lucky One”

by Roxanne Elaine Smith

The lucky one is the only one who cries

The lucky one is the only one who sees

The lucky one is the only one who feels the truth

The lucky one is the only one who cries


What’s the reason for the bad dream

To watch a child fall?

It was a long way down

Such a long way down

Noone else could see the damage

The reason for the tears

The loss was so profound

The love made no sound


CHORUS: The lucky one is the only one who cries

The lucky one is the only one who sees

The lucky one is the only one who feels the truth

The lucky one is the only one who cries


Somehow coming through it all

The answer comes with joy

There is no end

Only lessons learned

To realize the love in every

Unmistaken fall

Is to trust that all

Hold onto what we earned


CHORUS: The lucky one is the only one who cries

The lucky one is the only one who sees

The lucky one is the only one who feels the truth

The lucky one is the only one who cries



Alone is this vision

To see the hope in the despair

Alone in this valley

While everyone’s in the air.

To be still and feel the beauty

In a painful plunge

Is to be real in this world

Where our flight has just begun


CHORUS:  The lucky one is the only one who cries

The lucky one is the only one who sees

The lucky one is the only one who feels the truth

The lucky one is the only one who cries


The lucky one is the only one who cries….


With love and light to you all and gratefulness from the depths of my soul,




The Passing of Robin Williams

I haven’t posted in a while and I ran across this wonderful post and felt moved to share it:

imageThere is something about Robin’s passing that has really affected me, and I am struggling to understand what and why. I never knew him personally, yet somehow I felt that I did.

Perhaps it is the paradox that was Robin Williams: that behind his unique and exceptional comedy, there was such sadness and darkness. How could someone so funny and full of life be so tortured and in such pain?

As my blog friend Lorrie Beauchamp says below: “creative genius and mental anguish are two sides of the same coin.” This was especially, and tragically true of Robin.

The word “sadness” keeps coming up in much of what is being said and written about him. And for those he left behind, it is very sad. We will never enjoy him again. But it is not sad for him. He is no longer anguished or troubled or tortured. He is at…

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Procrastination Can Be A Sign Of A New Path Emerging–A Decluttered Future Awaits!

Hi everyone. I wrote this post exactly one year ago today on my other blog The topic is very relevant right now so I wanted to share it with all of you.  With love and light, Roxanne

Higher Ground Haven

481678_10151469584314316_2045054624_n Hello everyone.  I hope you are coping well as we trudge through these last few weeks of winter.  Saying goodbye to the cold February weather was a boost for all of us here in the midwest USA and colder climate areas!  But this new wave of snow is making March harder than many of us anticipated I think.  For me, in addition to cabin fever,   procrastination of my very important goals became a problem.

I had struggled with procrastination in the past and discovered some useful ways to overcome it.  My methods worked once again so I thought I’d share them with you.  It is my hope that this post will resonate with highly compassionate intuitive souls (aka HSPs) who struggle with this because… we are more creative than most (too many fantastic ideas), we are more sensory-sensitive (overstimulated) than most (actually intuitively gifted :)), and we are even…

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