The Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and Allergies, Food Intolerances, and Stress-related Illness

Hi everyone.  I hope you are enjoying the summer!  I am.  I am thoroughly enjoying the warmth that is finally here.  I am not going to complain about the heat and humidity here in the midwestern United States. That’s right, I am located in the midwest and as I get older I had been longing to move south… but no longer!  I realize that although it is colder than I like for 5 months out of the year (November through March) it is pretty wonderful the rest of the time. It isn’t until mid January that the weather gets kind of unbearable for me.  Last year a trip for 1 week to the Florida Keys in mid February did the trick!  One week out of the year made the entire rest of the year look so much better. Going somewhere warm in February every year is now officially a must!

Now that I am a happier person and able to be in the moment and appreciate being alive on the planet, I am able to see the beauty in my life as it is.  Have you ever had a person visit you and point out all the negatives in your life? The way you decorate, the paint colors you chose, saying “why did I do it that way”? It can be eye opening if you were used to this point of view and then suddenly realize you had been seeing things through their eyes.  It occurred to me and I suddenly realized that all of those things weren’t true. Another example is I have a beautiful backyard with a pond and trees and privacy.  I used to have allergies so I couldn’t enjoy being outdoors so I didn’t appreciate it (remembering now it was the reason we bought this lot in the first place.)  This person, when they visited,  ignored my backyard so I didn’t feel like it was special.  But it is actually very special and it recharges me on a daily basis!  I am so happy that I am able to see things with a whole new perspective now and I can let go of the negative judgements of others.

How did I get rid of my allergies you might be wondering?  I was treated by a holistic doctor who specializes in energy medicine and in a technique called Nambrudipad’s Allergy Elimination Treatment (NAET).  It is very New Agey and it is hard to describe it to you, but it WORKS and my husband and daughter were also treated.  (Google it for more info.–it works similarly to accupressure and has to do with energy blockages in the body).  We all used to take claritin and sudafed year round and now we don’t take anything at all and can enjoy the outdoors.  My husband used to be lactose intolerant and now can eat dairy with no problems. It is really amazing.  I heard about this doctor from the wonderful folks at my local health food store.  I highly recommend a trip to your local health food store for a wealth of valuable and helpful information if you are having health problems–my life is completely changed because of support from these people (I have found it is often fellow HSPs who work there).  I didn’t even realize how much my health had improved until I was talking to my NEW chiropractor, who uses a gentler and massage-type method of  alignment rather than “jerking” my spine back into shape.  Anyway, when I was talking to her I realized that I “used” to have so many health problems and they have almost all gradually been or are being resolved.

Here is a list of the health problems:  Spinal misalignment due to stress (my neck was locked up for 15 years which seriously affected my immune system and my ability to sing–all of which I was completely unaware of because  there was no pain just poor posture), Chronic Fatigue, Ovarian Cysts, Chronic systemic Candidiasis, Symptoms of low thyroid (I felt cold all the time), Severe PMS with low back pain and severe fatigue for 2 days at every Ovulation, Fibrocystic Breast Disease,  Multiple Food Allergies with intestinal symptoms, occasional Migraine headaches, and Seasonal Allergies to early tree pollen that left me so fatigued in early spring that I was taking 3 hour naps daily!  All of these things were like a vicious cycle because you just can’t get done what you need to get done and so you are constantly beating yourself up mentally saying to yourself,  “What’s WRONG with me?”

What was wrong with me?  Nothing!  I am a highly sensitive person and so I must treat myself more gently!…Not change myself to be more tough but to change my expectations of myself to meet the special circumstances of my being.  I am sensitive for a reason! Don’t compare yourself to everyone around you!

A “specific carbohydrate” diet was the first step to wellness for me and this is how I found it:  Back before I was the least bit spiritual, I can remember throwing a coin in a wishing well at the mall and asking sincerely for the answers to my health problems that had crept up on me slowly and were now dragging me down–I felt like I was constantly swimming upstream and getting nowhere.  Within a week my wish (or prayer) was answered and I was drawn to buy a local magazine  that I never ever read.  Inside was an article on the exact symptoms I was having:  fatigue, intestinal problems, and bloating.  The diagnosis was Gluten Intolerance and the cure was to remove gluten from my diet–grain in the form of wheat, oats, barley, and rye!  I was very excited to figure this out!  Where most people would have been devastated to give up pizza, bread, and at that point what seemed like everything good, I was ecstatic to have found what I hoped was the answer to why I  was sick all the time!  I was so sick of being sick!  I also felt my prayers had been answered and so was feeling very loved and blessed by…could this be that God really existed and cared about me after all?  Yes, I believe it was so…because I’ll never forget that first day of removing gluten from my diet on September 25, 1995–I did not need to take a long nap as usual and felt like a new person with a new-found energy and a relief from the fatigue!  Hallelujah!

I had known since 1992 that I had multiple food allergies (eggs, rice, milk and dairy, sugar, and yeast)  but with guidance from my friendly folks at the health food store, I found out that the gluten causes the initial damage that causes all the other food sensitivities.  The book Breaking The Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottschall was a godsend as well because it provided a “specific carbohydrate” diet that heals and repairs your digestive tract so that after a period of time you heal your other food sensitivities so the only thing you need to eliminate from your diet is gluten. ( I can provide more information on how this diet works at your request.  Please just ask.)

Gluten Intolerance is now much more widely diagnosed and talked about than it was in 1995 with many more prepared food choices available and whole Gluten Free sections available at grocery stores now. (Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View has it, talks about it and even wrote a book about it).  Gluten Intolerance has completely different effects on different people and has a range  of  severity.  Most severe is the genetic Celiac Disease  (or sometimes called Celiac Sprue ) where even a spec of gluten can cause an immune system reaction of extreme fatigue, diarrhea and blood in the stools,  and a stomach ache until the digestive tract heals again. This happens because of genetic inability to digest the protein called gluten and the body reacts to the offending grain as if is a poison.  Occasional cheating is forbidden because you may be producing scar tissue that will make the digestive tract unable to heal even the other food allergies and you may be left irreparably  unable to digest many foods at all and with a condition called malabsorption which can lead to extreme weight loss and even death.  So this condition should not be taken lightly.

But most people probably have a milder form of gluten intolerance that develops as we age and encounter stress in life like parenting small children and balancing work and home.  Studies show that 40% of women over 40 may be sensitive to gluten and not know it.  I believe that, if you are a highly sensitive person and over 40, you should definitely try avoiding gluten if you are having intestinal irregularities such as alternating constipation and diarrhea and/or unexplained fatigue and bloating.  The improvement to the quality of your life could be phenomenal.  And if you are like me,  feeling good again is worth the sacrifice… after all it is just food!  Food is supposed to be fuel for the body–why put something in your engine that makes it run so poorly!  It takes 2 weeks on the Elaine Gotschall “specific carbohydrate” diet (meats,   fruits, vegetables, nuts, and some cheeses–no limit on quantity) to get the carb cravings out of your system and then you are home free and no longer even want any carbs or sugar.  You feel so healthy and fruits and vegetables taste so much better like your taste buds come alive. Finally you can concentrate and get things done!   And I lost 25 pounds being on the diet for 4 months.

For 11 years my daughter and I ate completely gluten-free (but not carb-free) and I never knew if I was Celiac or not but had to avoid every spec of gluten because I would get symptoms if I accidentally ate some–I did think that both of us were Celiac.  One and 1/2 years ago though when I was first treated by my new holistic doctor with the NAET Technique, he treated us both for gluten “allergy”.  I was skeptical from what I had read online and my doctor admittedly said he knew very little about Celiac Disease.  Online I had read that NAET cannot treat Celiac Disease and is for people who have a gluten allergy only.  I was very nervous about my daughter eating gluten again since she had stopped eating all gluten in 1997 at age 7 with a complete recovery from ill-health and fatigue and intestinal symptoms (although different from my symptoms).  I insisted on a blood test be done for her to rule out Celiac Disease, and sure enough she tested negative for it and since then has been eating gluten with no trouble ever since.  I have heard that there can be a remission of sorts for Celiac in the teenage years and that she can temporarily be without symptoms only for them to return later in life when stress enters her life.  She is 20 and is also a highly sensitive person and is on the lookout for symptoms recurring but so far she is fine.  I on the other hand waited a year after NAET to even try gluten again and the few times I tried, each time, I felt a stress on my immune system and ended up getting an upper respiratory virus.  However, I was in the throws of Adrenal Fatigue at the time so once I completely heal from my Adrenal Fatigue, which I am determined to do, after a blood test I am going to try eating gluten occasionally now and then.  But for now I avoid it except in small hidden quantities and I feel great.

My Adrenal Fatigue condition has greatly improved  by taking many vitamin and adrenal supplements and hormonal replacements that were depleted by stress over the years.  This holistic doctor who did the NAET treatments also ordered saliva testing for my hormones and the results showed that I was low in DHEA, Testosterone, and Progesterone  for which I administer cream supplements daily from a pharmacy that specializes in bio-identical hormones (all arranged through my holistic doctor). I also take a special iodine supplement for low thyroid symptoms (feeling cold all the time and especially hands and feet and fibrocystic breast soreness and swelling monthly–all so much improved I actually forgot I used to have these symptoms!).  I also take an adrenal rebuilder, and something called Cortico-B5 and B6  because the saliva testing showed I had high levels of cortisol (stress hormone) in the evenings.

I have been on this Adrenal Fatigue Treatment plan since January 2009 and all along I did not feel much different because the healing is so gradual.  But compared to January 2009 when I had so much exhaustion I could not exercise at all without extreme fatigue the following few days, I now realize I am 10 times better health-wise! I still do struggle with some things like:   my sugar and yeast allergies keep coming back when I am under stress and I go back for more NAET treatments on these 2 allergies only.  I still pick up viruses easily because my immune system still is not as strong as it should be yet, and I still have some mild PMS symptoms.  I still cannot exercise to the extent that I would like to and must continue to take it easy.  To keep my weight under control I eat only specific carbs Monday through Friday but then I can eat whatever I want except gluten on the weekends which is awesome and gives me a fun weekend to look forward to. (At 5’10” I stay around 140 lbs.)  With these adjustments, I am feeling great and on the road to complete recovery!

I feel better now at 48 than I did in my 20’s!  Part of it of course is also the following:   believing in and learning to love my self, avoiding stress and negative or toxic people, ignoring the “should” requirements of others and listening to my own heart and desires instead, expressing my truth in journaling and then discovering my gifts of writing, songwriting, and empathic coaching skills for helping others,  being able to be in the moment and learning to relax, unblocking my creativity, believing in and being grateful for God and the magic of the Universe and the Law of Attraction, believing that being highly sensitive is an asset and a gift and that it is only a liability in the eyes of others who are judgmental,  and narcissistic (and although they are entitled to their opinion and way of life, are people I choose not to be around for the sake of my health).

Who knows?  When I get even stronger and even healthier, I may be strong enough to be around even the most negative people because I know how to release the negativity and recharge by getting time alone and through the elements of nature, and to ask for guidance from above.  I feel I am living proof that God really does answer prayers.

For more information on the health issues mentioned above, please see Christiane Northrup’s book entitled Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom.  It was this book that I first heard about the NAET Technique and Adrenal  Fatigue and actually many of my health problems.  In a future post I will write about how I made my Ovarian Cysts disappear to the amazement of my Ob.Gyn. (and myself!) with the knowledge I gained from this book and Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life.

Writing all this has made me realize how amazing it is that I have recovered so much in so many ways.  I also have overcome many compulsions (shopping and overspending, hoarding certain items, organizing and cleaning,) perfectionism, procrastination, and basically the inability to enjoy my life.  I no longer feel “compelled” to do any of these things.  Yay!  Until I wrote these things down to share with you, I really did not realize how my life has unfolded for the better in so many ways.  Thanks for reading. I will be writing more about how I overcame  these issues mentioned above if there is interest so please let me know.  I hope I have inspired you that there is always hope and you can heal your life too–one step at a time.  Just keep believing and knowing that as a highly sensitive person you are sensitive for a reason and that even the most difficult obstacles can be overcome!  You can do it!

With love,



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  1. Wow, that is truly amazing! I’ll have to check out NAET. I don’t have all the health problems you had. I had severe seasonal and cat allergies as a child. I went through 5 years of desensitization shots and all but the cat allergies were gone. Then after the birth of my 2nd son, all the allergies were back AND my thyroid shut down. I have no food allergies and I’ve been tested for everything. I do have to take claritin every day from spring through fall and a daily prescription for my thyroid.

    Great post and I’m happy you are feeling so much better! Midwest summers are so short we have to enjoy it all while we can. 🙂


    1. Cyndi, Thanks for sharing about your health. It’s always surprising to find out people’s health problems–it’s not a fun subject to talk about. Sorry to hear about your allergies and thyroid. You are lucky not to have food allergies being highly sensitive and it is good that you got tested–many of us do and it is so hard to figure out.

      Enjoy your short midwest summer! Thanks for your comment and support!


  2. Wow. This was like reading my life story in so many ways. I too was sick until I found out I had a gluten intolerance. I also experienced an abusive childhood because people didn’t understand that the way I was behaving was part gluten-related and part HSP-related (I’m an empath).

    I’m also a singer/song-writer but haven’t done it in a while. (I think you’ll like ‘Baby Blue’).

    This is a great blog. I hope you’ll keep in touch.

    Love & light,



    1. Jaime, Thank you so much for your comment and your kind words. I checked out your blog and it is really informative and helpful for those of us with mystery ailments–really great alternative health advice! (Regular doctors were not helpful to me in finding solutions to my health problems). Thanks for sharing about your childhood as well–I will keep in touch and hope that you will too. I haven’t checked out your songs yet but I plan to soon. Wow, we have so much in common! Thanks so much for sharing this information, and that you are an empath as well, and for your support of my blog!


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  4. I remember when I was a teenager — at the height of my issues with my mother — and how I suffered from really bad stomach issues. It was mostly stress-related, because my mother had a tendency of invoking the silent treatment on me. Even though she was silent, it was aggressive and mean, and rife with angry glares.

    At that time, my biological father (they were divorced) would pick me up and take me to school. But sometimes he wouldn’t show up if he was sick, and would not call. So I’d sit there on the couch, staring at the window while my mother sighed dramatically from the kitchen. She’d ignore me but it was clear from the look on her face that she was angry that I was infringing upon her “me” time, which involved reading the paper and having a ‘glass’ of coffee. She didn’t drive and my stepdad wouldn’t take me to school, so that would mean my mother would have to pay to get me a cab. She would be enraged but not express it verbally. My stomach would be in knots because I also knew I’d be late for school, and sometimes got detention because of it.

    I suffered from stomach issues a lot until I moved out at 18. I rarely suffer from them now, but I’ve also gone No Contact with her.


    1. Thank you for your comment, Debra. I appreciate you sharing your stress-related stomach issues. Wishing you continued support and comfort. 🙂


  5. Hi everyone. It’s me, Roxanne. I thought I should update this post because some things have changed for me since I wrote this post. First of all, I am back on Elaine Gotschall’s diet full-time again. Over the summer, my 20 year old daughter was having fun learning to cook and trying new recipes so there were lots of delicious carbs around. So my carbs-only-on-weekends turned into all of fri. sat. and sun which is almost 1/2 the week! I started feeling tired a lot and had trouble concentrating etc. When she went back to college, I went back to the specific carb diet full-time and my energy is back and my clarity of thinking is sharp again. I also gained some weight over the summer–about 7 pounds–and that weight is now slowly but surely coming off.

    If anyone has a question about how to do this diet successfully, please just leave a comment. 😀


  6. I just found your blog this evening and am really enjoying it. You are truly an inspiration!


    1. Zoe, Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for my blog–I am so glad you are enjoying it and find it to be inspiring! Welcome to our community of HSP survivors with childhood wounds! Your kind words are very much appreciated. 😀


  7. Yes, yes, yes, and yes! So much of what you’ve described is what I’ve experienced, too. Casein (the protein in dairy products including butter) is another allergen I have. Thanks for your encouragement, Roxanne.


    1. piecework, Thank you for your comment. Wow, so glad you relate to so much of what I say here. Thanks for telling me about Casein. Stay strong–whenever the guilt starts to get to you, get angry about it and use the energy that this healthy anger provides to take action towards your own personal goals and dreams as you heal. You are doing great piecework, you can do it!


  8. Thank you for your journal entry,

    I am at that point of no return right now… in my late 20s, having trouble concentrating at work… feel SO incredibly fatigued. I am having trouble with muscle pain. My friends and family are telling me its all in my head. My mother has started to tell me that my diet is terrible, but the problem is I have had to cut so many things out due to multiple intolerances and food allergies. Some days I am even intolerant to lettuce. My diet has been reduced to salads, nuts, seeds, coconut and supplements. So I am gluten free. I am not sure how long it will take, but I did start to feel better and then I went out for dinner and got food poisoning from it. I just found out this week that I have no stomach acid. I am recovering from another bout of bacterial illness in my gut that has lasted two weeks, but taking time off work is expensive and my husband is unemployed. Its very stressful. I’m always cold and I’m not even ovulating any more. Very sad. I am hoping that soon I find the cause of these problems and remedy it like you did. I am looking forward to the day when I, like you, will be able to comment about how happy I am feeling.

    I am very much a HSP. Just re-read the book at I have 22 traits out of the 24 she mentioned. I am wondering whether this illness I am experiencing is an extension of being HSP. I have had to take on a lot of responsibility for our household finances, while simultaneously being unhappy with my work and after having a lot of stress because I lost my baby due to a medical complication over a year ago.

    Your blog gives me some hope, so thank you. I think it is important to associate with other HSPs, maybe we understand each other better.

    All the best and continued happiness in your journey,



    1. Petra, Thank you for your comment. I find much hope in what you write to me because you know you are highly sensitive and you are starting to take care of yourself–you recognize your special needs and know that something needs to change. You are on your way! Be very kind to yourself every day and know that you are healing as you stop comparing yourself to others and see how special and unique you are. Thank you for sharing your struggles with your sensitivities–I believe the more sensitive we are, the more gifted and special–these gifts will become evident to you little by little as your health improves and your strengths awaken to take charge of a new you full of vitality–physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Warmest Wishes to you! 😀


  9. Hi Roxanne,

    My name is Sue, and I surfed into your blog after searching for “adrenal fatigue” and “empath”. And here you are talking about NAET! 🙂

    Interesting … I am on the fence about it. I guess you could say I am rather skeptical because I did it for about eight months 10 years ago, and yet here I am again with a whole stack of allergies. For whatever reason, it didn’t “stick”. I have begun seeing a naturopath recently who has started me on NAET again, so I’m glad to read that it has worked for you. I’m happy to keep doing it in the hopes that it will help – who knows?


    1. Hi Sue. Thank you for your comment. My NAET practitioner told me that, on some people, the NAET doesn’t stick as well as on others. My understanding is that on some people there are unhealed emotional energies that are still causing new allergies and throwing off the the balance of the ones that have been treated as well. I experienced this myself with yeast and sugar for a time. I had to keep going back for just these two allergies and each time there was an new emotion tied to it. It was during this time that I was processing through a lot of faulty childhood beliefs (inner child healing) and now that I feel so much more emotionally healthy and centered, the yeast and sugar allergies are better now. I’d say 10 whole years is a very good run!. I went recently for a “tune-up” because it seemed some new nasal allergies had come back but he said these were new ones and the old ones were holding–they are at different times of the year than the ones I used to have it’s true so I believe him. Holistic chiropractic care (getting your spine adjusted) seems to help a lot with allergies too, at least in my experience. Good luck and let me know how it goes! 🙂


      1. 🙂 That’s really interesting. V-e-r-y interesting *twaddles fingers together*.

        Thanks for that. Now, if only to FINALLY clear those childhood issues for good … 🙂

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  10. Janis I. Monroe | Reply

    Thanks so much for writing this post. I too am highly sensitive, and I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue in 2007 by a saliva test through a nutritionist. Later, I saw an endocrinologist who really didn’t give me the time of day and said “you’re fine”. It’s been three years since that doctor said that, but I still suffer from aches and pains, headaches, extreme fatigue and I take naps every day and sometimes for hours. I have gained weight because I just can’t exercise like I used to. I tire so easily, cry often because I just can’t handle very many things. I just get overwhelmed so easily. I am tired all day and feel very stressed out and cannot relax. I also had a rough childhood. It’s hard to imagine growing up like that and all the stress it caused, especially on a highly sensitive person. Sometimes I think our sensitivity makes us prone to have adrenal fatigue at some point, but that is just my opinion. I would love to talk to you more on this subject if possible. Oh, and I also run and adrenal fatigue blog at If you would like to be a guest poster about your experience with adrenal fatigue that would be great. Totally up to you though. Thanks again for your post. It’s people like you who share what they’ve been through that allows others to benefit from your experience. Thanks you and may God bless you in your efforts.


    1. “I tire so easily, cry often because I just can’t handle very many things. I just get overwhelmed so easily. I am tired all day and feel very stressed out and cannot relax. I also had a rough childhood.”
      This is me me me!!! Especially the last 6-8 months it’s gotten bad. I get soooo overwhelmed. I am 40 and I just recently discovered I am HSP, and maybe now i have discovered I am Gluten intolerant.. Wow!!!!!! My history- My mom was narcissistic and addicted to pills and alcohol. I am good at researching… This is my new project. Maybe this is what I’ve been searching for!!!


    2. Janis, Hello! I was looking at my blog and saw that I somehow overlooked replying to your lovely comment! I apologize and reassure you it was my intention to reply so I will reply now. Thank you for sharing your story and for your kind words. I see your blog is no longer up and running–I hope you are feeling better and are healing from your health ills. I’ve had much success on my own healing journey and recommend that you look for a doctor of Integrative Medicine in your area. Sending you healing, caring wishes! 😀 Roxanne


  11. Good Evening everyone!

    I, too, happen to have food allergies. I have to follow a Vegan, Gluten-free, and corn-free diet as a result. This is very difficult, but worth it! Anything animal based affects me in a physical way (severe abdominal pain, constipation or diarrhea, fever, headache), howsoever gluten and corn have a very strange affect. I’m uncertain how “typical” of an allergic reaction this is, which is why I wish to ask you (or anyone here reading this) if you know why some people react this way. Corn makes me hysterically depressed and panic stricken (atleast the sugary form does). The sugar derivatives of corn increase the severity of my tics (as I have Tourette Syndrome), and make me panic! The starchy derivatives of corn make me feel really angry (for no reason). I feel really ****ing mad when I accidentally ingest corn flour, corn starch, etc-even to the point of snapping! Gluten makes me react the same way, except I seem to have a minor uncalled for melt down afterwards. The only way I can explain this to people in a nutshell is to state “gluten and corn attack my nervous system.”. I am fine when I don’t consume these foods.

    Is this a reaction that is specifically tailored to HSPs? Or is it just me? If it aids you in anyway, I am diagnosed with C-PTSD, Toyrette Syndrome, Panic Disorder, and OCD.

    Thankyou to anyone whom responds in advance! =3:


    1. Dear Edna-X! Hello! I was reading through my blog and saw that I somehow missed replying to your wonderful comment. I apologize! Thank you for sharing your story! Your comment helps many others see the effects of severe food allergies and I am sure gives them understanding and hope! I do not know if HSPs have more allergies than the general public but I do know that when we HSPs cut back on stress with extreme self care in all areas of our lives including diet, it helps the immune system, which helps everything heal! Wishing you healing, love and light! 😀


  12. Hi, I do think this is a great site. I stumbledupon it 😉 I’m going to come back yet again since I book-marked it.
    Money and freedom is the greatest way to change, may you be rich and continue to
    help others.


    1. Hi Terry, Thank you so much for the kind words and for your comment. 😀 I hope you come back to visit often–welcome to our community! Well I am not rich financially but I feel rich in blessings since I have written this blog and met the most gifted and compassionate people such as yourself who express their gratefulness for my words. I find that loving the self raises a persons vibration and then they begin attracting love and abundance in their lives and sometimes this includes financial freedom. Sending you warm and caring wishes always! 😀


  13. […] I attribute this solely to the fact that I have been on (for the most part) a very healthy diet called the Specific Carbohydrate Diet that I discovered in 1995. (I wrote a longer post about this diet previously on this blog and you can read about it here.) […]


  14. If you’re an avid Coffee drinker, try cutting it out. As amazing as it is it does cause adrenal fatigue! Google has a lot of articles on it, the withdrawal is HORRIBLE, but three weeks later you’ll have more energy than ever before. The best time to do it is when your going on vacation and you don’t have to worry about work/stress, because the first week can cause a lot of brain fog and other unfortunate symptoms (withdrawal from the drug – caffeine)! Good luck!


    1. Thanks for your comment Mallory. I gave up coffee years ago and yes it did improve my adrenal fatigue. I need to update this post with a new post about my progress! My health is great now with little to no adrenal fatigue! Thanks for sharing so others will know to cut out caffeine. I had very bad withdrawal for 9 days when I quit but then I felt great! Worth it to quit and I’ll never go back to coffee. I have organic decaf sometimes though with no problems. Thanks again for your comment! Warm wishes, Roxanne


  15. […] defined term slung around to hype up products and environmental awareness? I have struggled with health problems and food sensitivities most of my life. I went from doctor to doctor for answers, none were found, […]


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