A New Beginning

A New Beginning
Roxanne Smith

A new beginning

I am trusting all my heart

A new surrender

Time alone brings a new start

I know that I am stronger now

I understand what went wrong

I treat myself with kindness now

I’m singing a new song

I trust the learning

I am open every day

To hear the message

That my heart has to say

Before I used to look for love

And lean and doubt and cry

But now I know I’ve got it all

It’s up to me to try

It wasn’t easy

I had to face the pain

You must surrender

Let it out and then you’re sane

Like magic you fall through and then

Something catches you

You realize it’s not your fault

And then you believe in you

Was it God

Catching me with such relief

Or the magic

Of the Universe and this belief

Does it really matter who

Or what is there for us

As long as we know someone does

Mother Nature’s sunshine loves

I am happy

To know I can stand alone

And give to others

What my soul has always known

If we can set aside the blame

And know it wasn’t fair

Yet we can all begin again

And trust our hearts and share

A new beginning…a new beginning…a new beginning

Original Song © Roxanne Smith

Download this song here=> RoxanneSmithMusic.com

4 responses

  1. I just wanted to let you know that I sit and listen to your songs and cry and cry. They help me mourn. You remind of Joni Mitchell. I love your folksy straight – forward style. I’m a singer too and I know what its like to have a mother who is jealous of you and doesn’t allow u to sing. I am encouraged to see that it is possible to heal and sing again.


    1. Aja, Thank you so much for your kind words about my singing and my songs. This is what I had hoped, that my music would help others to mourn and heal. Thank you for letting me know–it means so much. What a compliment–Joni Mitchell–and that you like my style. Wow, thank you. Yes, you can sing again–as you discover the truth about you under the pain, your true voice will gradually emerge with a new-found confidence to share it. 🙂 Wishing you comfort as you continue to heal. Love and Light, Roxanne


  2. This is truly beautiful Roxanne, chills all over! Keep up the great work, and I was instantly reminded of Joni Mitchell as well 🙂 Gorgeous!


    1. Wow, thank you so much Michelle! It means a lot coming from you–you are so talented yourself! I am so glad to hear it gave you chills. Thanks a million for letting me know how you felt and for the kind words of encouragement! I have been singing more lately to get my voice in shape to record more healing songs so your comment was very much appreciated. With warm and grateful wishes, Roxanne


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