Don’t Blame Me



Don’t Blame Me

By Roxanne Smith

Don’t accuse me of causing your unhappiness

Your unhappiness was already there before this

Don’t accuse me and search for something

to twist around the truth

The truth is it all happened in your youth


Don’t blame me

For all the pain you feel inside

Don’t blame me

For all they did that made you hide

Don’t Blame me

And turn your anger at how they lied

Onto me

‘cause I’m on your side


Don’t accuse me with words confided

to a trusted friend

I trusted you with all my heart and soul

Don’t accuse me and twist my good

intentions to bad again.

I am innocent and don’t deserve this role


Don’t blame me…


Don’t turn it onto me

‘cause I’m on your side!

Original Song © Roxanne Smith

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