There’s Peace In Believin’


There’s Peace In Believin’

By Roxanne Smith

What’s wrong with me today

I’m feeling kinda low

Yesterday was fine

But now I just don’t know

I’d figured it all out

But now I’m all confused

Used to be on top

But now I feel abused

Why is it so hard

When others seem just fine

Why can’t I just ignore

This painful heart of mine

I know I’ve learned a lot

And this I know is true

My heart is calling out

When I’m feeling really blue


-There’s peace in believing

That dreams can come true

This pain’s a reminder:

Don’t give up on you-


My soul has got to spead

It has a lot to say

I’ll write it down again

And share it with you today

When I was just a child

I was misunderstand

I started to believe

I was not very good

Those feelings they remain

They follow ‘til you see

You are more than what they thought

Much more than they could see

You fit in now okay

But there’s so much more inside

Hopes and dreams you had

You’ve always had to hide


Sometimes you’re on top

You feel you’re on your way

Then afterwards there’s doubt

You lay in bed all day

It really isn’t fair

You were misunderstood

But you deserved applause

‘cause you were really good

They just couldn’t say it

And will deny it’s true

But you know in your heart

God gave that gift to you

You long for their approval

You must grieve but never fear

God speaks to us in whispers

Our parents do not hear


I know it’s hard to do it

I know what you’ve been through

But now I follow my dreams

And I wrote this song for you.

One response

  1. i can relate, i feel i have been misunderstood for a very long time. thank you for this poem. i especially loved the line

    “Hopes and dreams you had

    You’ve always had to hide”

    i have felt like this a lot, im just glad i have people online with whom i can share these dreams 🙂 thanks for writing this poem, i liked it.


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