Let Your Heart Change Your Mind


Let Your Heart Change Your Mind

By Roxanne Smith


-Let your heart change your mind

Just ignore those thoughts unkind

You know that deep inside your soul

you can do your hearts desire

Follow your heart

And you’ll change your mind.-

All of us have doubts inside

What we “should” do is our guide

The very thing we do desire

we are afraid to even try

But that’s the thing that will set us free

That tiny voice inside you and me

Turn off all the other voices

Follow your heart and you will see

CHORUS: -Let your heart…-

I have learned some thoughts are wrong

What I’ve been told does not belong

It’s my feelings that write my songs

I followed my heart and now I’m strong

It really is that easy

Take a break from all your thoughts

Upset feelings are not wrong

Write them out until they’re gone

You will discover your true self

Trust in this and you’ll feel help

Follow your heart and you’ll meet you

God and the Universe will be there too

Cheering you on

Helping you love

Love yourself and the angels above

Follow your heart

And you’ll find love

CHORUS: -Let Your Heart…-

Follow your heart

And you’ll change your mind

Original Song © Roxanne Smith

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