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Are You Comfortably Numb?

Hello Everyone. Are you feeling Comfortably Numb? Are you stuck in a state of mild depression but grateful for all you have so you are doing okay …but you rarely get out of your comfort zone? 🤔😑
I am very familiar with feeling comfortably numb. I spent years in this state and didn’t know it. I realized it when I began writing songs with my guitar as a stay-at-home mom back in the day (2004-ish 🙃). Sometimes I would notice this state when “I wanted to sing but also didn’t want to sing at the same time” and so I wrote songs about feeling this way to move through it. (2 songs that come to mind are “Free To Live” and “Sing Out the Wind”. I will put the lyrics out to these songs in the coming days here as posts.)
Now when it happens to me, on rare occasions, I know just what to do feel vital and motivated again—other tools besides song-writing have developed for me as the roots of the process unfolded in my healing journey and in becoming a professional Intuitive Coach. I am able to shift to a state of self-compassion and listen to my creative inner guidance which always has the exact answers I need in the moment. This “comfortable numbness” is a state which is common for many people but few understand it’s roots and how to move out of it to become creative and flowing with the vitality of the True Higher Self again.
And so I am grateful that I learned years ago how to “uplift my soul” out of this state of being creatively and energetically blocked. Many people are living in a comfortably numb state day in and day out and since they are able to go to their jobs, do their work, and pay their bills, they are not aware that they are actually stuck in a state of being their “false self”. There is so much more within them, a rich inner life of creativity and passions is hidden inside—their true nature is blocked and this blockage is keeping them from feeling satisfied with their lives or feeling vital and healthy.
One way to get things flowing again is through learning tools that support the expression of their repressed emotions and how to release them. This release causes a realization that the deeply hidden false beliefs about themselves can be dissolved and replaced with positivity as one witnesses their hidden truth. One needs to feel very safe and “seen” in order to examine, acknowledge and release these emotions, to get to the truth of the events that lead to the original shut down of the true self that occurred. (Another way to start to get your “flow” going again is through receiving Reiki treatments. 😊🙏)
I can help guide people through various energetic and emotional healing processes because of my own lengthy intensive inner grief work (2003+ 🤔) that resulted in my unblocking my own creativity and true self. Over time and training, I learned the tools necessary to gain access to and actualize my creative gifts as a singer-songwriter, intuitive spiritual counselor, and Certified Reiki holistic therapist. Now I’m helping other sensitive souls to heal their energetic and emotional blockages which unlocks their creative gifts and the true self as well. I feel so blessed to be doing this work that helps others–often it is childhood wounds and trauma at the root of these blockages. I know that it was for me and the inner work hasn’t been easy but it has been so worth it to finally feel Free to be Me! 💃🎶😇
Every sensitive soul who is drawn to reach out for my professional assistance as an Intuitive Coach is unique and I can meet each individual where they are at in their soul’s journey. I can give them the guidance their soul needs the most from providing a safe space for holistic talk-therapy, or energetic Reiki treatments, or intuitive spiritual channeling sessions, or all 3. 😁🙏💜
You can Check Out my website here at (aka and and see if it resonates with YOUR soul (or please Share with someone who may benefit from this post) and/or then
Reach Out to me to schedule a session through Email at I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Sending you comfort, caring, and love and light,
Roxanne 🎶💖

Channeled Angel Message For April–12 Archangels–Pandemic Support For Empaths and Lightworkers

Hello Everyone,  I have a new Channeled Angel Message for you from the first half of April. I am a little late getting this out to everyone because I had an injury to my lower back that caused a minor setback but now I am back to my most important work which requires some stress free time to be organized to work on the blog as well as my client work and other obligations. So here is the channeled message from my largest group of Archangels so far. The names of the Angels and their descriptions are at the end in the signature.


Dear Beautiful Sensitive Empathic souls,

We are so happy to be able to come through as one voice for this important message to give you hope and encouragement. These are hard times. But you are well prepared for what’s ahead. Even though you may be in shock about the impact this virus is having on the world you are slowly gathering your strength as to what to do next.  Don’t feel bad if you have been very unproductive and just trying to grasp the situation and get through just the basics of each day. It’s ok to take care of your body’s during this shocking time as the death toll rises. Know that these souls have contracts and free will to return back to heaven at this time. They are returning to so much love and bliss and welcomed home by their soul families.  Please try not to dwell on these deaths and focus on finding inner peace inside yourself and your gifts of a higher perspective and a high vibration and LOVE.

After all everything is love or the absence of love as you know and you also know how to tap into this state to activate your creativity and gifts of healing others. Give yourselves time and trust that you will be guided to your next best steps as you open your hearts to hear your guidance. Be open to your feelings as a guide. Let the tears flow when sadness appears and you will be surprised how quickly feelings will pass as you let them flow.  Think of yourself in constant flowing like a river or a fountain with no end because the source is infinite love. Just like a river runs—where does it start? You have this gift as light workers and empaths to tap into this infinite source of love to give hope and love light, comfort, and inspiration to others and these uplifting things are so needed at this time. 

It is a good time to start shining your true voice of hopefulness to the world on your outlet of choice if you have not already started doing so.  When you feel stuck, writing out your feelings to vent and release the old or the collective energy that you have observed but think it is your own. Negative emotions are never your own. Take that in and think about that.  You innately are an old soul with a very high vibration of love constantly available so when you feel negative emotions you can  simply say, “These are not my feelings, I am going to let them go”, and visualize them going away from you to be transmuted by heaven or mother earth.

We know we’ve said this before but this is a very important and valuable tool for you to get in the habit of using to clear yourself so that you can shine your true light of our love more often and do what you love and came here to do.  This need not be a hard road ahead. For you it will be easier because you have the higher realms to retreat to whenever you want where as other people you know who are still in 3d have chosen not to have that awareness at this time. Send them love at a distance and allow yourself to bask in the hope and love that you feel in the higher realms of meditation or writing or prayers, or listening to videos of others who channel—however you find inner peace and comfort is a wonderful thing. 

Remember you can always call us angels in to help you and give you insights and clarity or relief, or healing when needed. Remember that we cannot help you unless you ask and we’d like you to get in the habit of talking to your guides and us angels daily.  This will help you build a strong intuitive muscle.  Writing out your prayers and writing down the subtle insights you pick up and then reading back on these things can help you learn to trust that the guidance you are picking up is helpful to you. Give it a try—Roxanne was helped so much by the book the Artists Way by Julia Cameron—she followed the book as a guide of how to journal and was able to unblock her creativity and find her writing voice at the age of 42. You can too. We are eager to help you and so excited to give you hope and healing and insights.

We know this is a hard time right now but we hope this message will help you remember that we are here to help you and you have spirit guides that you chose as a soul before you incarnated in this life to guide you and send you messages to help you to fulfill your goals and desires as a soul.

Take some of the pressure off of yourselves right now and know that extreme self care is of utmost importance right now as you are bombarded with negative news and collective fear and despair on a daily basis. Take good care of you by staying very hydrated with lemon water if you can, taking sea salt baths daily, or showers and imagining all negativity going down the drain.  Eat nourishing foods as best you can and stay away from sugar and processed foods. When healthy food is limited, you can send loving healing energy to your food before you eat it to raise it’s vibration by doing reiki on your food through a positive prayer and intention.

Love yourselves, Dear Ones, and take life one day at a time right now.  Be very kind to yourself and keep reactions and triggers to yourself to work through independently as the best way to thrive in close quarters with others.  You have tools that they may not have but these is not a time to teach others or even ask for support because everyone is dealing with their own issues which the pandemic is bringing up to the surface for each human to face. You are a role model to others just by staying calm and having healthy practices of self care.

We leave you now with so much love we are shining down upon you.  You have everything you need to get through this ordeal.  Trust in this and trust that your higher self knew what you were getting into to push your gifts to the fore when the time is right. Be kind and gentle with yourselves and we’ll be back with a new message for you soon. What the world needs now is love sweet love is the song we want to leave you with.

Goodbye for now, Archangel (AA) Muriel, and the whole group.

–This group consciousness message as one voice includes 12 Archangels:

AA Muriel (Empaths), AA Gabriel (Communication, Strength, and New Beginnings), AA Ariel (Nature and Animals), AA Azrael (Grief, Loss, and Transitions), AA Jophiel (Creativity and Beauty), AA Chamuel (Comfort), AA Sandalphon (Music and Grounding), AA Raziel (Divine Magic and Alchemy), AA Uriel (Wisdom), AA Michael (Protection), and Mother Mary (Queen of Angels and who is from the Angelic Realm and is the twin flame to AA Raphael) and AA Raphael (Healing) is included here as well.

This is the first time for the presence of Archangel Gabriel who is the Archangel of Communication, New Beginnings, Strength and Feminine Energy—this timely appearance of AA Gabriel really profoundly resonates as so supportive for me personally as I find myself asking for strength in stepping out in the world with my divine feminine gifts more fully—in my career as an intuitive as well as the other services I have been offering. …AND this is also the first time for Mother Mary to join in on the channeled message although she has begun coming through on Reiki healing sessions with clients for the past couple of months. I am so honored to be able to do this highly sensitive and Divine work from the Angelic Realms.  I am humbled beyond words to do this channeling work.

Sending you all so much inner peace and love,

Roxanne 😇💖✨ 

If you enjoy this channeled angel message, please contact Roxanne for a personal intuitive angel reading (more info here) or for info on any of her other online services here.


Roxanne Smith is an Empath, an Intuitive Channel, a Certified Spiritual Counselor

–specializing in childhood wounds and narcissistic mother recovery–

And she is also a Certified Reiki II Holistic Energy Therapist.

Her Email:

Are You Desiring a Safe Space To Vent Your Deep Emotions and Find Direction and Relief?

Hello Everyone. I hope you are having a good Monday! This virus is bringing up more than just outer struggles about work and socializing, it’s bringing up the necessity to do inner reflection and look at buried beliefs that are keeping people stuck from feeling happy and vital in their lives.

Many people are getting clarity and realizing that they have been numbing themselves out to get by each day. Now they are seeing that they have an opportunity to get more satisfaction out of life by doing some emotional healing. Journaling is a valuable healing tool to help people find their true voice and express their feelings.

A deep satisfaction results from expressing the truth that’s in your soul. If you’d like someone to talk to …to vent to … or to learn how to journal for relief, or just sort out some deep and complex desires for self-actualization and emotional healing, check out my website for more info on a session with me.

Peace and Love,

Roxanne 😇💖

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