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Hello! Welcome! ✌️😇💖✨

Welcome here to my BLOG which also serves as a site with information about my services. For a long time I have provided a link to reach my separate Coaching Website to get my information but now I am adding all the cost information HERE on this Blogsite! (I’ll be adding individual info. pages for each service here soon)

I am available for Intuitive Coaching, Spiritual Counseling, Reiki Energy Healing in-person or distance healing and I am now offering Akashic Record Readings and Intuitive Angel Readings as well. 

I have a very flexible schedule of openings available Tuesday-Thursday 12-7 EST and Friday 12-2 and occasional Saturdays from 12-2. (or other times can be worked out to fit your schedule)

I am in the Eastern time zone EST in the United States–Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Connect with me: ✨💖 ✨

Email Address: (preferred)

Phone Number: 317-797-1557 Please leave a message! (include email address where possible)

Office Space: Dragonfly 360 Yoga and Wellness

1724 E. 86th St. Indianapolis, Indiana 46240


NEW RATES ADDED Aug. 7, 2019 

My rates for Intuitive Coaching, Spiritual Counseling, and

 Akashic Record and Intuitive Angel Readings sessions are:


$99 per 60 minute sessions, 
$77.00 for 45 minutes, 
$111.00 for 75 minutes,
$123.00 for 90 minutes. 
Available by Phone or In-Person, or Skype, Facetime, or Hangout.

Reiki sessions are also available in-person in Indianapolis for

$65 for 30 minutes and

$120 for a 60 minute Reiki and Chakra Balancing Session with Intuitive Coaching at Dragonfly 360 Yoga and Wellness.

All sessions are available Tuesday through Thursday 12-7 EST, Friday 12-5,  and Saturday 12-2pm . (Other times may be available upon request)

I also offer Distance Reiki Energy sessions that are at a rate of

$44.00 for 30 minutes

Please send a feedback email with your results and observations a day or 2 after the scheduled session–a recent photo of yourself is required to be emailed to me prior to the session. You relax at home during the scheduled time and then I email you about what I picked up. Please email me if you have questions about this service.

(Email Coaching is $44.00 per 100 words–you will get a 300 word reply of intuitive guidance for each 100 words of questions. See the Email Coaching page for details on this unique approach.)


I look forward to working with you!
With love and light,
Roxanne Elaine 😇💖✨



–My other Coaching Website can be reached at both and and it includes all my information about my Coaching, my Credentials, my Coaching Philosophy, info about all my services as well.

I specialize in:

     -Assisting Creative Artists, HSPs, and Empaths.

     -Spiritual Counseling for awakening souls, intuitives, and lightworkers,

     -Inner Child Healing including support for healing childhood wounds and trauma, PTSD, and abandonment wounds, anxiety, self-doubt, shame, narcissistic abuse recovery, and all survivors seeking emotional healing and wholeness.

    -Reiki Energy Healing (Distance Healing available) for those seeking Alternative Healing methods and interested in Holistic Health.

    -And Akashic Record Readings/Intuitive Angel Readings. 

     –Free Helpful Articles of Hope and Healing and Emotional Support

     –Guestbook with many stories from other highly sensitive souls

     –and More!


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My Email address is:

Sending you Comforting, Caring, and Encouraging wishes, and so much Love and Light,

Roxanne 😇💖✨




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