I’ll Believe


I’ll Believe

By Roxanne Smith

I am trying to make my way

In this cold confusing place

Every time that I succeed

You know the doubts are hard to face

Deep down I can’t help but wonder why

The feelings keep coming back

Things that happened so long ago

That kept me off the track

Now that I am on the road to happiness and peace

I keep trying to believe that all the pain has been released

I Believe…

That it hurts  because

I stopped believing when I was young

I Believe

It caused me to doubt my soul

And keep me from singing my song

I Believe

All my hopes and dreams that were denied

Keep coming back

I believe

All the pain will help me see and to finally

Stay on track

When I tell my story about a part of me most can’t conceive,

the doubts will fade, My soul will sing

and then I will believe

I’ll Believe.

I’ll Believe.

I’ll Believe.

I’ll Believe.

Original Song © Roxanne Smith

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