As You Imagine Angels Do – An Emotional Healing Poem For Sensitive Souls

Hello Everyone,

I felt drawn to share this poem with you today. I had forgotten about it and I came upon it today and felt like possibly someone out there might appreciate some hopeful, uplifting words channeled from spirit and co-created with my higher self.

Right now on the planet there is powerful, complex emotional healing and inner child grief work going on with us sensitive souls. It’s all to clear out the old so that we can level up to be more of our true selves. Give yourself permission to rest deeply and be very kind to yourself. You are sensitive for a good reason and you are stronger now to heal these new feelings of clarity coming up. You are awesome and amazing! You can do it!

For more support I’m available for Spiritual Counseling/Coaching/Reiki Sessions. Just reach out! (Email me at – website ).

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you with big hugs 💞 and big love 💖!

Sending you comfort and healing light,

Roxanne 😇💝✨


As You Imagine Angels Do

By Roxanne E. Smith

Pain so deep inside my heart.  No-one to lean on to help in part

Always thought I was due this love— A partnership gift from above

But now I see we’re all alone—on earth (but not in heaven-home)

In heaven we are all of one and love abounds and bliss a ton

But here on earth as I grow strong, more pain and truth keep coming along

And I get new clear eyes to see that loving myself is the remedy

Meanwhile terror hurts like hell.  I long to meld inside someone else

But no I must stand alone, on my brand new legs and wings now known

They are there just wobbly yet.  They are ready but I forget

The pain rears up and I retreat instead of bearing on my feet

This I’m learning ever slow.  I comfort pain with angel glow

They do love me and child within.  All is hugs and smiles and grins

I forget this love inside.  It was there in the worst of times

I didn’t know it but now I do.  Breathe and rest and center anew

Comfort the motherless child, now free to be herself so wild

And shining brightly to give hope, to others she extends a rope

A hand to hold, a shoulder too of songs and words:  “I’ve been there too!”

And you are gonna be okay—it hurts a lot to be here today

I really deeply understand, with kind eyes and a helping hand

Mean eyes hurt me as a child.  I extend forgiveness and eyes of mild

Heart stay soft and don’t get hard.  Rage just causes exhaustion-guard

Relax and trust that life is good.  That all is well and as it should

You are going to make it through.  Step by step you heal anew

Surprising gifts you never knew, will unfold right in front of you

And you will build a brand new home that you can count on as you roam

And tread carefully around the traps, and triggers that have you under wraps

But these are lessons to help you love …yourself and reach for help above

And see your great divinity so you can feel serenity

And these poems they are all for you, to read them when you’re feeling blue

Because angels helped to write them yes, so you can heal and share your success

That happened when you went within and wrote your feelings out with pen

And others have this gift inside, but they never knew to give it a try

Automatic writing yes, it’s wonderful to help distress

You show up and then get out of the way and let the angels have their say

(And it doesn’t have to rhyme …but Roxanne she does that all the time

For rhyming songs it is her gift, so poems come out for her in a jif)

And others too can write anytime, as they learn to trust the hope divine

And they’ll get answers when they ask …questions from their soul unmasked

Private writing not to share, but hopeful words for their own ware

that comes out as a great surprise—they become wiser before their eyes 

if they go back and read their words, their soul will see and get the urge 

to keep on writing words of hope and this will grow and help you cope

Your writing then becomes your friend, who will stick by you through thick and thin

And you’ll feel great each time you write, with intent to express your highest flight

Tap into love that’s being sent and allow yourself to circumvent

Any obstacle that comes in pain, deserves comfort and never shame

Shower words of love on you, As You Imagine Angels Do

They really do so it’s no lie—just ask for help and let out a cry

They respond with so much love but you must ask or they can’t budge

Because freewill keeps them at bay—with your intent invite them to stay

You will see changes in your days—little signs and easier ways

Raising to these high vibrations, you attract more elations

So you see I think you understand, writing will help you transcend

Pain can lead to deeper thought and joy is underneath a lot

Because the truth is we are love—here to help and rise above

You are loved and angels mend.  They wrote this poem with me.  The End.

Original Poem © 2019 Roxanne E. Smith

13 responses

  1. Thank you Roxanne. I’ve been having another “Dark Night” time and really appreciate this encouragement. With gratitude, Sue

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    1. You are so welcome, Sue. I appreciate you sharing your experience and that this was helpful. So thoughtful of you!–you are always a shining light of goodness. ✨😍✨ I believe when these Dark Night feelings come up it is because things are going well in our soul’s journey toward becoming our true self and so the hidden unbearable trauma from childhood must show itself so the false self can be cleared out. Imagine a tiny child with such rejection feelings–you would scoop them up in your arms and tell them everything is going to be alright because “I’ve got you”. You are so lovable and have always been. Thanks again for your comment, Sue. So nice to hear from you. With comfort, love, and healing light, Roxanne 😇💖✨


  2. thank you for sharing.

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    1. simplywendi, Thank you for your comment. Much appreciated! 😁 With love and light, Roxanne 💖✨

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      1. many blessings to you……..


  3. Beautiful poem & reminders.. thank you so much Roxanne. 🙂

    I have been wondering recently about hsp’s & complex emotional / IC healing and whether there’s an acceleration in these awakenings / processes right now so what you said validated that for me… I notice so many more people talking about & dealing with this and awakening to the truth of their situations. It reminded me of the indigo children I read about a few decades ago, groups of souls being born at a particular time & wonder though emotional abuse is as old as time, if there’s many of us similar people here on earth now together with similar situations to heal if that makes sense?


    1. Hello Peace, Happy New Year! Thank you for your lovely and insightful comment! Thank you for sharing that you are pondering deeply about what this poem brings up for you. I agree with all you say here. My journey has always been about deep introspection and the search for answers, the truth, and a determination to heal anything and everything and Yes!–I believe that hsps are speaking out as they heal and this helps others and I feel that is exactly the point–through helping others we also get uplifted even more and we learn this and it keeps the spiral going upward–it’s our purpose in life as we follow the flow of our inner urges in our heart. I have been told by trusted psychic friends that I am an Early Indigo and chose a difficult childhood to rise above it and help others too and I already knew it–my own spirit guides confirmed this now. Not everyone has our tools for overcoming negative energy so we are wayshowers and this is our purpose. You, my dear, seem to be of this same soul tribe–your awareness of this is the first step. Follow your curiosity and trust where it leads you. You might really enjoy reading Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton, PHD. – he provided many answers to my souls endless questions. It’s very esoteric reading but I feel led to share it with you. I could only read 5 pages a day 🤯😇–it’s been a while, I need to read those books again! Thank you for your kind words and I’m so glad my poem resonated with you. 2021 will bring more creative writing/sharing for many of us. A question for you: please tell me what IC means in your comment. Are you referring to interstitial cystitis? 🤔 Sending you hugs, encouragement to share your gifts, and healing light, Roxanne 😍💖✨


      1. Thank you, Roxanne & for your thoughts on hsp’s & the healing that’s now happening on a larger scale. It helps me to know I’m not alone with what I’m going through currently with my family situation and to know that there’s more to it all too in the bigger scheme of things…

        Its interesting to hear also about you also being an indigo.. I will look into that further too & the book recommendation… That sounds right up my street! I often come to your site to re-read poems & find inspiration.. I think you’re right about there being more creative writing & sharing this year — I’ve found it a really useful tool. Oh yes, sorry, I meant inner child re: IC 🙂

        Great to be able to share these thoughts with someone that gets them.



        1. Hello Peace! Oh IC means Inner Child! Of course!–haha 😂 ❣️ So glad to hear that my poems are a support to you. Your sharing your comments is greatly appreciated – I know that many people read this blog and have not found their voice to speak out yet so your comments help validate other sensitive souls who are drawn to the poems. Our voices were shut down in childhood and past lives but we are here to share our gifts to the world and supporting each other’s highly sensitive ways of being is part of our purpose. Peace, I’m So glad to hear you feel drawn to more creative writing and sharing in 2021–I hope you’ll keep sharing comments here and I’ll keep sharing here as well. Sending encouragement and healing light to you, Roxanne 😃🙏💖✨


          1. Hi again Roxanne, lol! 🙂 you’re right, writing a comment does feel big.. Its like admitting something out loud (& also not wanting to hurt anyone else in the situation even tho I’ve realised the dynamics going on ..hence sharing anonymously) but you & your site does feel like a safe haven so it’s good to be here 🙂 I appreciate your support & encouragement. X


            1. Peace, Hi again! Thanks for sharing your feelings about commenting. 😁 Makes so much sense! Most of us were shamed when we spoke up and shined our light as children–we were powerful but we were disempowered and then we had these deep false beliefs about ourselves–that is why it’s hard to overcome the shame.

              When I started the blog I used a pen name and it helped me find my voice. I highly encourage pen names for blogs–whatever works! After I worked through the shame after years of inner grief work and overcoming my stagefright, I was ready to put my real name on this blog …but it’s tricky because yeah we don’t want to hurt anyone–even our abusers. 😇

              So glad it’s a safe haven for you and others!–I see the stats on this post are pretty high because people are following this conversation here in the comments so that is why I am keeping this thread going. 😆😃 The holidays are tough for hsps with childhood wounds–New Years is tough, 2020 was extra tough! Often when we are tired from stress we beat ourselves up for being tired and stressed. We don’t give ourselves permission to rest and stop DOing and just BE and comfort ourselves! Thanks, Peace, for starting the dialogue about appreciating a safe haven. Warms my heart to hear that and to know others are resonating.

              I started this blog 11 years ago–this week is the Anniversary! For 2021 I’m so excited to expand my true voice to help others and speak out as a safe person who has been there! All we need is to be seen, validated, understood, and encouraged and we hsps can do everything our hearts desire! The key is to follow our hearts and unblock our creative expression as the bridge to the true self. For more helpful guidance I am expanding to YouTube, and, with more clients everyday it’s tough to find time, but right now I’m feeling really inspired to expand this safe haven. I’ll be putting all the links on the coaching website in due time—so everyone please keep checking back as it evolves into a hub for everything I offer including YouTube videos of me talking about emotional healing and spiritual awakening guidance (and angel messages) for sensitive souls. I hope to be posting more posts here on the blog too.

              Thanks again so much, Peace, for sharing your feelings! Do you have anything else you’d like to add or ask as a voice for this community?


              1. Dear Roxanne,

                Congrats on your 11th blog anniversary! 🙂 that’s quite a milestone. I know from discovering it fairly recently just how much you’ve helped me as one reader. What you shared about blogging also makes sense.

                I just wanted to say I’m aware it’s a very tough time for everyone right now so thank you for taking the time to write such thoughtful replies.

                I haven’t got anything else to add other than thanks again & I’m glad if our conversation helps others 🙂

                All my best x


                1. 💗😃🥰❣️


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