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Updated 2020

Hi everyone. I want to thank all of you who have followed this blog and who have shared your stories and have felt part of this community of hope and healing. It was years ago in January 2010 that I started this blog and many of you have grown and evolved with me as we have shared and healed our childhood wounds together.

I used a pen name, Elaine–my middle name, when I started this blog.  I chose to use this name so that I could write uninhibitedly about my journey in emotional healing and so that I could help others who are struggling to find and express their true voice as well. My pen name served me well and I have no regrets about being known as Elaine and proudly using this name for my life coaching business that came about because of the success of helping others through this blog. I did not predict that I would not only find my voice and true purpose by writing this blog to help others and myself but also strike a chord with other highly sensitive souls who were in recovery from childhood wounds and many from narcissistic abuse.  I am so proud of the success of this blog and the community that contributed to all the comments and sharing of stories. I strive to continue to write here as often as I can with more posts sharing my emotional healing journey and interact with new readers more frequently in 2020 than I had between 2012 and 2017.use your voice…brave…live life imagined

So, after those years that I took a break from blogging and coaching to pursue my dream to perform my music, I came back to this blog and decided to step fully into the light with my real legal name, Roxanne Elaine Smith, and claim my story.  I felt and hoped this would be very empowering for others who are healing from childhood wounds as well.  I believe there is no shame in telling your story, nothing to fear when you speak up for yourself about times you felt diminished, unloved, or wounded as a child.  It’s important to voice your truth!  Telling the truth and coming out of hiding is the right thing to do and doing so will support others to do the same. My newest songs and poems and posts continue to reflect the emotional healing process I’ve gone through, and how I uplift myself and heal by way of this inner work of recovering from abandonment wounds and other childhood wounds.

My middle name is Elaine and when I first decided to start this blog and call it Hope and Healing with Elaine, I was proud to find out that the meaning of the name Elaine is “shining light”.  My first name is Roxanne and I was surprised and happy to find out the meaning of Roxanne is “dawn”–light of a new day-a new beginning. How amazing and fitting!  After the name change I hope all is understood with this new beginning for this blog …that I am Elaine and I am Roxanne.  Elaine and Roxanne are the same person–ME!  😀 Please call me Roxanne now.Being yourself…is easier

Owning our story…brave..our light


I believe helping souls to break through to their true essence is my true purpose in life.  I have come to a place where I know that the absence of light experienced as children is because parents and caregivers of children may have had atrocities and abuses from their own childhood that may have caused a complete separation from their own light and true essence.  We may have absorbed all that darkness as highly sensitive gifted children but now, after emotional healing, we can now give that light back to ourselves — as for myself, it was only through much inner grief work that I recovered and this is what I now help others through my work–through blogging, life coaching, and through sharing my healing writings and my healing songs and their lyrics.

The truth will set us freeI share my honest feelings on this blog because this was my experience and I am told by many who email me that it is this candidness that most helps people relate their own feelings and stories and heal on a deep level. Many of my songs and poems continue to reflect the painful journey to wholeness and joy from a childhood of feeling lost–-I feel it was through the gift of music and creative song writing that I was able to heal and express my voice and this self expression continues to heal me as well as others.  follow fire in heart…passion is your purpose

I have a music website that has info about my professionally recorded Album of ✨Folk Rock Songs For the Soul✨.  It is RoxanneSmithMusic.com. I am excited to share with you this album of 10 professionally recorded songs, A New Beginning, that is now available for download and also on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and many other music platforms worldwide.  You can buy downloads of the songs there on the website–all proceeds will go to continuing my work to help others heal from childhood emotional pain.

I highly recommend playing your favorites of the songs especially in the morning each day as you get ready–I have experienced and also been told by others that doing this can change your mood for the day and has a healing effect. Think of it as part of your extreme-self-care healing routine each day which is so important for highly sensitive souls.  We need to do extra kind things for ourselves each day!  Please let me know how it works for you!  I’d love to hear from you! As of 2019, I have written over 60 songs and soon I’ll be adding the lyrics of the new ones that are especially healing and empowering to this blog.

Other changes on this blog and my websites include the adding of a link to my facebook community page called Higher Ground Haven. So please check it out by finding it on the right side of the page and clicking on the name of it–you don’t have to be on facebook to enjoy it–it is open to the public and will just be another means of support for this community.  Sometimes in winds…. find our direction

Another change that happened was that this blog’s name changed from Hope and Healing with Elaine to Hope and Healing Haven.  I hope you like it!  I think it is a great fit!  The domain name went back to hopehealing.wordpress.com and I’ve added hopehealinghaven.com.  Starting in 2018, I resumed Coaching clients again with new skills and services offered!–information about this can be found on my coaching website TrueVoiceLifeCoaching.  

Thank you for reading here today.  I am excited to connect with all of you who are searching for emotional guidance and a safe place to feel connected and to heal from the past.  This is a wonderful community to be a part of and I feel truly blessed and grateful. Welcome To Hope and Healing Haven!

With love, blessings, and warmest caring wishes,

Roxanne ✌️💞🎶😇🙏✨

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Submitted on 2014/02/11 at 12:59 pm | In reply to Judy.

Thank you so much, Judy! That’s wonderful that you will be joining me! You are an important part of this community and I appreciate your support and participation as we journey ahead! With love and light, Roxanne

Submitted on 2014/02/10 at 2:26 pm

Congratulations. I’m looking forward to step onto this new path with you.

Submitted on 2014/02/09 at 4:58 pm | In reply to Alec.

Hi Alec! Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement! Yes, I’ve got new wings to fly higher!–I hope it is “uplifting” for all! Stay tuned for my next post in 2 days–it’s about my “amazing” past year.

Submitted on 2014/02/09 at 8:32 am

This a great step! Well done! You are flying on an amazing trajectory!


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