Finally I See–Now I’m Free

This song was written at a time when I realized the futility of a relationship and was grieving for what would never be–but also discovered an inner strength and a new found sense of freedom.  I hope it brings you some comfort and strength.


Finally I See–Now I’m Free

By Roxanne Smith

I trusted you

As I was supposed to do

You were the one

You were supposed to look out for me

But now I see

Finally I see

Finally I see

Now I’m free

You cannot give to me what I need to be free

You cannot give to me what you never received

Now I can see and give what I never received from you

But you can never see how you hold me down

And push me round

I’m like a prisoner in my own life

Finally I see

Now I’m free

You don’t see my inner strength, my kindnesses

My weakness they make you feel strong

You are so insecure you prey upon my trust in you

You know I’ll build you up when you are feeling wronged

But I finally see that your care for me

Is a bridge that holds me under

That holds you up

And pulls me down

And I can finally breath

The pain I grieve has turned out to be

Like air for me

Now I can understand

The final plan

the struggle to be inside of all of us

The urge to trust

The very one who disempowers us

When will we finally see

The ones who are suffering the most

Have the most to give and will forgive (ourselves)

And be free

Finally I see

Now I’m free

Now I’m free

Original Song © Roxanne Smith

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