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Hope and Healing With Roxanne Elaine—-Heart-to-Heart Update-Part 1


Roxanne Elaine Smith- 2017 Photo

Hello Everyone!  Hello to all of you highly sensitive souls who resonate with the topics of emotional healing on my blog. Hugs to all of you!!!  I look at this blog and it is a marvel to me that I am so proud of–and now with over 250,000 views!   When I was writing with a pen name in 2010 at the start of this blog (with my middle name Elaine), I was uninhibited to talk openly about my emotional healing journey and help others in the process–this blog helped me find my true voice!  Then some things changed, some health problems, especially those in my throat chakra, that made me realize and listen to my heart and inner guidance that I needed to be singing–that my music and songs needed my best energy. Suddenly I was feeling spread too thin to keep up with the blog,  In 2014, I was going to open mic nights to overcome my fear of singing in public, and I was making an album of my original songs which was a dream come true.

Now jump ahead to now–This week is the 1 year anniversary of my first paid gig on September 23, 2017!  So now, as of September of 2018, I’ve had 19 performances in the last year at about 7 different locations. I’ve performed mostly as a duo with the help of several amazing guitarists to accompany me at some wonderful supportive venues for new musicians (mostly wineries and some food and beer chains 😊). In August, I was invited to perform my original songs at a local folk festival due to my success which was a big exciting breakthrough for my career and then I exhaustedly took a break for the month of September.  😃 🎉Phew!

I’m still on that break right now as I regroup and decide how I want to move forward.  I’m so grateful to these venues and the angels above for helping me land these gigs. Performing is such a thrill!–but it is also draining afterwards because, yes, I’m still an introvert, empath, and highly sensitive soul who has just figured out how to balance life and recharge in order to do it. Now I’m ready for the next level–reaching out to some higher paying venues to play even more original songs with new-found confidence and experience!

With this break which required some rest and regrouping, I feel stronger than ever before in so many way and so I am naturally examining what is important to me and following my heart. I’m happy to say that I have newfound excitement, renewed energy, and gleeful interest in reconnecting with this blog and it’s followers. Yay! This community is very important to me and has always been, but as many of you highly sensitive souls can relate to spreading yourself too thin, unfortunately keeping up with this blog had to take a back burner.

But now I’ll be sharing more of my healing journey on this blog, in part because I have recently made the realization that my own emotional healing journey is an important part of the musical journey too. Most of my 60+ original songs that I continue to write were born out of this need to dive deep and make sense of the painful feelings that come up as we navigate life–a determination innate in me to see the sun–the silver lining in every painful cloud. They are all heartfelt, soulful, positive, and empowering (but some are raw, vulnerable, and about inner child healing and those songs will be best shared here only on this blog …for now😌).

Now that I’m over the hardest hump of tackling the stresses of performing, I now realize it’s important that I’m transparent and honest and vulnerable as an artist.  So this is me.  It hasn’t been easy.  I’ve had emotional pain and shame come up to the surface with each big success. I’ve been shocked that there’s still more to heal when I thought I had healed all there was to heal.  No it seems there will always more to face and release as we get stronger.  New relationships and changing relationships still cause triggers and even ptsd reactions. I’ve been awakened to a spirituality that has raised my perspective higher than I ever imagined. I am grateful that I have tools to cope and to share to help others.  And here on this blog I can relax and be myself.  So I’ll be sharing more of my self here including my songs, my healing journey, my life.  Looks like New Beginnings again! (–wow that’s the name of my album–how serendipitous!) Have a wonderful end of September and I’ll be back again next week with part 2 of this update of …transparent emotional growth.  Wishing you a week of extreme self care and tender loving comfort for your wounded inner child.

girl guitar sunset

With Tons of Love and Light ✨💖✨,

Roxanne 😊🎶✌️🙏💖✨

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