Holiday Survival Tips–An HSPs Recovery From Artistic and Creative Self-doubt

Hi everyone.  It’s November!and there’s a briskness in the air and the awareness of the holidays approaching.  For many highly sensitive survivors that comes with a bitter-sweet feeling–of light and love from God above (the true reason for the season) mixed with the grief of a lost childhood and sad or painful holiday memories of being misunderstood and diminished.  Or it can be an overwhelming feeling of dread on some days for many reasons related to your present relationship with your some bullies in your life, and on other days of stress–being caught up in the busy-ness of getting ready for the big days ahead for your loved ones–often too busy to feel anything at all.

Depending on where you are in your recovery, it is normal for you to be feeling all of these different ways.  Be kind to yourself no matter how you are feeling and please try to slow down, breathe deeply and take self-care breaks–stop and be aware of the negative messages in your head and change them to kind words that you deserved as a child such as:  Everything is going to be all right,  You are doing a good job,  It’s okay to make mistakes,  You are special, deep, and a rare gift to this planet.

Affirmations you can say to yourself are:  I love and approve of myself, I am safe, and, my favorite, I give myself permission to be the best that I can be. This last one is helpful especially because often others may have been threatened and jealous of your gifts and so, sensing this, because you were highly sensitive and empathic, you protected them by hiding your gifts away so they would feel better.  Giving yourself permission to be the best that you can be can be so empowering and satisfying–like suddenly realizing, “Oh, wow, I don’t have to protect anyone anymore and I can just relax and be awesome!”  Many of you feel guilty for everything even for your own creative and artistic gifts! A caretaker from childhood may have caused you to feel shame for expressing them.  Please take your gifts out of hiding and take a good look at the truth of the gifts and talents that you brought with you to this planet.  They are your gifts and yours alone and you deserve to enjoy and feel good about them and share them with others!

With love,


For more about overcoming creative self-doubt please read my post from January 28, 2010 On Overcoming Self-doubt–The Story Behind My Songs Of Hope and Healing. 



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  1. I can really relate to this. I wanted to be a singer more than anything in the world. I felt joy when I sang. But was shamed, beaten by my step mother, abused verbally and emotionally and abandoned by both parents. Sometimes the pain that I can never now realize my dream is too much to bear, but I’ve done a lot of healing.


    1. Hi sublimewoman, Thank you for your comments. You can still realize your dream to sing, it is an important gift that needs to be expressed. Start by getting The Artist’s Way book and following the author’s guidelines on journaling to unblock creativity. It is magical if you follow her steps. I began writing songs just for myself to heal and the songs helped me to heal as I played them for myself–turns out now that they help other’s heal as well. You will discover what method of healing works best for you. Don’t ever give up on your dream to sing but give yourself lots of time and kindness about it. You deserve kindness. Our desires in our hearts are there to show us what is possible. With warmest wishes for you to believe in yourself and your gift, Roxanne


      1. Thank you very much for your reply Roxanne. I’ve ordered The Artist’s Way from my library. Hugs and best wishes to you.


  2. I’ve also seen people talk about being blocked creatively in comments on your other blogs. That’s me as well. I have all these ideas, imagery, words that I could express, but I’m too exhausted to do it. I can’t even blog. I’m grateful for your blog though, thank you.


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