Pain is a Teacher

Hello everyone.  I am sorry to be late with my next post–I am recovering from an injury to muscles connected to my sacroiliac joint (low back– right hip area). I am gradually off of pain medication but I am spending most of my hours laying here on my left side.

It was quite a shock last thurs. a.m., after a sleepless night, when the pain was so excruciating I had to go to the Emergency Room and there received two doses of morphine because the first dose was not enough! Now, after lots of vicodin which helped me to rest I am now weaned off of it completely and am able to walk without severe pain for a whole 5 minutes!

Needless to say progress has been slow but now it should speed up as I am under the care of a wonderful holistic chiropractor who has helped me much this week treating and relaxing the muscles and the healing has now speeded up.  “Pain is a teacher” he says as I complain about the pain ha ha.

He has now reassured me that I will fully recover–of course I will–I know this! But I also realized I had some deep-seated irrational fears that I will be in such a dependent and debilitating state forever. Some childhood wounds came up to the surface to be acknowledged.  This happening to me perhaps is healing those last unconscious fear remnants once and for all.

So what is the lesson in this happening to me?  Plenty!  I will be writing all about it in my next post.  As a highly sensitive person, my recovery is slower, my pain more deeply felt, but my resolve and appreciation for all things in life is raised to new heights!  My post will be about HSPs and the body, the importance of exercise and core strength, and this “awakening” that will forever change my habits of not listening well enough to the cues from my body and how this relates to emotional healing.

I just want all of you to know I am still here, I am thinking of you, I care and I will get to your emails, comments, and back to my coaching as soon as possible.  All is well and wonderful.  Life is even richer now as I contemplate the activities that I took for granted but never will again!  Pain relief is my immediate goal and it is getting better each day. I am so fortunate to have my loving husband waiting on me hand and foot  🙂 and my son and daughter of course have been wonderful as well.

Life is still good!

With Love,

8 responses

  1. Best wishes for a full and speady recovery Roxanne.


    1. dd, Thank you for your kind words and wishes. It means a lot to me. I have less pain and more movement each and every day. Yay! Thanks again. With love, Roxanne


  2. Glad to hear you are on the mend.
    Hope you feel better soon 🙂


    1. Zoe, Thanks so much for the kind words. Yes, I am getting better each day–thrilled I was finally able to drive myself to the Dr. appt. today. Yay! Thanks again 🙂


  3. Thank you for always sharing your truth. I have been reading your blog for about a year and this is my first time posting. It seems that as I go through my own layers of healing from my N not – a – parent mother you post something right on time that applies to me. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about excercise because I just recently signed up for martial arts classes because its time for me to empower myself and get my blood pumping and body moving. I want this to be a long term life changing way of life for me. I am learning also that it is ok for me to reach out and get support from others like on this site before I was too low self esteem to ever comment. Thanks for all your love. Take your time and recover! Healing is refreshing and hopeful!



    1. Aja, Thank you so much for your comment. I am so glad to meet one of my long-time readers and hear that my posts are resonating with what you are going through. I know you and others like you are out there and it really validates me to hear from you and that you are healing. Your comment really cheered me up because I had a setback this week and was back on the couch. Your encouraging words were just the boost I needed–I was so inspired that I wrote my next post this morning and it will hopefully be up and ready tomorrow!

      I am so proud of you for signing up for martial arts! Yay! What a wonderful way to empower yourself and get strong and stay strong. These are my new goals too–get strong and stay strong!

      Yes, and reaching out and getting support through comments takes courage and you did it! Your light is shining bright, Aja–your kind words of appreciation and well wishes really make a difference and many people will find encouragement from your wonderful comment like I did. 🙂 Thanks again. With Love and Light, Roxanne


  4. Roxanne,

    Your response was different than what I have usually gotten. It made me cry to see that I can have a positive impact on my environment. It is really healing to hear back from you. Thank you.


    1. Aja, 🙂 and {hugs}!, Roxanne


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