Helpful Diet and Lifestyle Tips For the Highly Sensitive Soul

Hello everyone.  Highly Sensitive People often have highly sensitive bodies and food sensitivities.  Perhaps you are realizing this about yourself and frustrated about what to eat.  I know I was for a long time and it has been a journey of trial and error finding what worked for me.  I finally found it in 1995 and it changed my life and gave me so much more energy and hope. Now people comment that I look younger than my age (my children are grown up and on their own).  Here is a recent photo of me.


I attribute this solely to the fact that I have been on (for the most part) this very healthy diet called the Specific Carbohydrate Diet that I discovered in September of 1995. (I wrote a longer post about this diet previously on this blog and it has gotten over 5,000 views–you can read about it here.)

Due to being sick and tired of being sick and tired, I am happy to say that this diet cured me of my chronic fatigue syndrome and multiple food allergies that plagued me in my late 20s through my 30s. Since then I always come back to it to regain my health when I wander off of it from time to time. Now I’ve been sticking to it! It is an anti-inflammatory diet which explains why I have no aches and pains or arthritis like many people my age do. By reducing the allowed nuts I find I can keep my desired weight in check too (in other words, when I eat too many nuts and nut butters on this diet, I tend to gain weight if I’m not exercising much–it took me some time to figure this out! :D)

But all diets need adjustments to the individual needs of the person. This past year, in my attempts to be even more balanced,  I unknowingly was actually hurting my health! I had stopped eating red meat a year ago for ethical reasons and I do not like seafood AND at the same time I stopped eating raisins and dried fruits because of a recent final surge of ridding myself of candidiasis (yes, my lifelong struggle with candidiasis is now finally under control–I could write another whole post on this subject… 🙂 ). I believe it was all of these things that lead up to my body being low on IRON for months without realizing it! No wonder I was dragging! I waited too long to get a blood test to find out why I wasn’t bouncing back after a recent move to a new house.

Now I heard it may even take as much as 90 days to get my body absorbing iron supplements properly. But I’m so grateful it wasn’t anything more serious and all I have to do is take some supplements.  The big lesson learned is:  we can’t always intuitively know what our bodies are needing!  Sometimes we need a blood test now and then!  My wonderful, compassionate, alternative doctor is an MD of Integrative Medicine. He had only heard a little about the SCD diet but he has supported me completely when I told him of my results with it.  In addition to increasing my iron he is also having me get B12 shots now twice a week as well as some adrenal support as well to get my energy levels back to normal.  He had wanted me to have a blood test 7 months before I finally did (but I was stressed and too busy with all that is entailed with getting ready to move to a new home). Now that I’m settled in my new home, I’m determined to get back to performing again and writing more songs of hope and healing and now, with a doctor’s help, I’m back on my way again. Yay!

(It took me a long time to find a doctor who was sensitive to my needs.  If you’d like to try a new doctor, pray for guidance and listen to your intuition, and keep searching until you find the right one for you.  Insurance may not cover the one you find but the extra expense may be worth it if you think of your body as an investment that is worth the extra cost.)

Yes, we highly sensitive souls often have highly sensitive bodies that need extreme self care! And healthy diets are the fuel to help us reach the goals of our true purpose on the planet.

Here is a website which supports my diet (now a lifestyle that I adhere to):  I am not a medical professional–please always check with your doctor or a licensed medical professional before changing your diet.

It’s not easy to give up unhealthy comfort foods but it is so worth it when you finally have the energy to carry out your passions and gifts!!  In my case, with this particular diet, it takes about 2 weeks to get over the sugar and complex carb cravings and then it gets easier.  And if you are sensitive to gluten you may feel the energy increase immediately.

Remember, sensitive souls, you are sensitive for a reason, so please take care of yourself so you finally take off and soar!!  As you grow in compassion for your inner child’s wounds, grow in inner strength to rise above negative messages that arise to heal, the next step is to increase your energy levels so that you can become a creative partner with your higher self!!  You can do it!!

With love,


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