Highly Sensitive Souls, I Am Seeing Stars This Week, Are You?

For highly sensitive souls, life can be especially complex. Whether you believe you may be a lightworker, an empath, an earth angel, etc. or just a regular human being trying your best to shine some love and light and compassion to show the bright side of every situation, you are complex.  I know I am. I believe this is a good thing. But just when I think I have things figured out, more new layers of emotional healing come out of left field to surprise me and tell me, there’s more challenges ahead–more self-growth to make me stronger. Jeesh!  I find a great deal of comfort talking to energy healers, reading about other HSPs’ journeys, and listening to videos of those who channel spirit for guidance.  I’ve learned to channel uplifting spiritual messages for myself in the last few years as well and it is a great comfort that is hard to describe. I like to spread my “everything is gonna be alright” messages to help others who are feeling lost or stuck. I do this through my songs, my blog, my facebook pages, and in my daily life with my family and friends. I feel it’s my true purpose in life and it took me a long time to find this inner peace and inner knowing and have confidence to believe it and share it.

I also find comfort coming here to this blog community. When I’m feeling unsupported in my personal life and childhood wounds rise to the surface, I find comfort in being in the company of other like-minded souls who feel the same way. I believe I have a higher self who has in some way orchestrated the challenges that come up for me to make me stronger.  I also believe I have free will to choose different paths as I go and I also believe I attract certain things based on my beliefs and the energy I am emitting. Often this energy is invisible to us–we all have blind-spots.  These blind-spots served us well for a time but now when we are stronger, things happen in life to make us “see” what we couldn’t before.  The illusions are lifted.

I had a long run of good fortune while I was away from this blog for awhile and those things I built and accomplished are solid things that I can count on–things I know about myself that no one person or event in life can take away. Now more growth and challenges are  happening and I realize I have very solid ground to fall back on.  This makes all the difference!  So when things happen and you are feeling like, “What the heck is going on! I don’t deserve this!”,  know that you are growing into becoming your true self and your false self is falling away.  It’s like when a wall is coming down which is a good thing but you accidentally get hit by one of the falling bricks on your head!  It hurts!  But the truth is the wall IS coming down, Yay! Don’t focus on the bruise on your head–see past it! It wasn’t meant to stop you or punish you at all, it’s a by-product of movement in the right direction!  If you are “seeing stars from the calamity”, you are actually on your way to clarity of mind and attracting a life more suited to your true self! You are strong enough to handle it or it wouldn’t be happening to you!  You’ve got this!!

Please comment if you are experiencing a “brick on the head” at the moment or just to say hello–it will help support other highly sensitive souls who haven’t yet found their voice.

P.S.–I’m excited to announce I’m going to be coaching again with a very flexible schedule of openings available all throughout the week.  I’ll be adding face-to-face coaching for clients in the Indianapolis area at an exciting new office location on Wednesdays only.  I’ll be adding Intuitive sessions with access to the Akashic Records, and Reiki Energy Healing services as well.  Email me at truevoicelifecoach@ymail.com if you are interested or just for more info.  I’m also updating this blog and my coaching website so there will be lots of good changes happening. Yay!  😀

Let’s embrace change together! We are a community of comfort, compassion, and encouragement for the emotional healing of our highly sensitive souls! Join us! Please Follow this blog for more uplifting, personal posts that will be coming!

With love and light,



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  1. I appreciate the new perspective of a brick falling on my head because I’m moving forward. I recognize the sensation from repeated experiences, and every time I moved forward.


    1. Hi Judy! Thank you for your comment. 😀 Yes, and it’s an easy concept to forget when I’m going through pain–so the visual of a brick is helpful to help me remember it–Walls need to come down. With love and light, Roxanne

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