Poem: EMERGING WITH POETIC NEWS–About Healing Childhood Wounds

Emerging With Poetic News

By Roxanne E. Smith

October 1, 2018

Painful layers coming up. Tortured soul now wise enough.

Stronger now to see the truth.  Allow my heart to show the proof.

No wonder sometimes feel alone.  Who can understand this drone?

I can see it, but who else?  Few dive as deep into the self.

Emerging with poetic news to explain the latest cruise

That ventured deep inside my heart to purge and cleanse to a brand new start.

I feel the urge to start anew.  Old mask feels odd and fits askew.

Anxiety had gone away but visiting now it’s back today.

Fear from old, not about the present.  Hurry and leave, you are unpleasant.

I can comfort the child you hurt. Anxiety you are so absurd—

If I knew then what I know now I’d ground myself and calm it! Wow!

—I know how to when I “write” but when I “think” I lose all sight.

To think is to stay stuck in fright—to write accesses hope and light.

So write I must and clear it out.  The truth is LOVE and it heals all doubt.

Sure that I will then succeed as I would’ve done with love as seeds.

Fertile growth of childhood soul instead of hurt from heartless roles.

We all wear masks to protect the child—inside of us afraid, meek, and mild.

The bully’s gone you can come out.  Love is God and Joy can shout.

It’s okay to loudly dance and sing at newfound circumstance.

You are love and past was wrong but you are right so sing a song.

Release all doubt and pain not yours and let in truth and love in store.

Instantly you can check in and fill yourself with heart heaven.

By knowing love is under the pain, let it go and fill it up again.

My heart hurts but yearns for love. Replace all pain with bliss from above.

Writing helps me know the truth. If you weren’t loved then love is proof.

Now you’re loved and you are the same just now away from shame and blame.

Toxic talk does harm to kids but they then grow stronger hearts to rid…

They rid themselves of negativity and shine and thrive compassionately.

And go where kindness is so real and life is pure and peace does heal.

Get time alone with heartfelt word—injustice melts and love endures.

Replenish just by plugging in to your higher self and grow within.

More real you with tougher resolve—the outcome as your soul evolves.

Here on earth to shine your light with wisdom that helps others’ plights.

We all have this ability—some know it more—Oh lucky me.

My life plan helped me enough to encounter those who’d wake me up.

Awake I am and grateful yes to heal my soul from heart oppressed.

Freedom beckons every soul to love themselves and heal to whole.

Write to heal and feel relief.  You deserve to rest with peace.

And you’ll grow stronger you will see.  Sending Love to You, from Me. 😀

Original Poem © 2018 Roxanne Smith

This is the poem that I wrote a few weeks ago. It talks about how writing helps me to access a wisdom that comforts and heals me to my vibrant self again. This poem was such a valuable reminder–Sometime I forget to journal when I get stuck but writing out my most vulnerable feelings helps me every time!

This poem flowed out of me as is in cursive longhand–with just a few minor grammatical changes. I feel it is a combination of my own creative process combined with channeling my Higher Self/divine inner wisdom. It is never my intention to ever share it when I am writing these kinds of poems. After each time I write my poems and healing songs, I feel like I’ve healed a layer of repressed childhood pain that needed to be acknowledged and released.  I’m sharing this one now with this blog community with the hope that it helps you heal too. I encourage you to try writing this way too–give it a try in a journal for your eyes only–it’s important that you know it’s only for your own healing to help you dive deep and discover feelings you didn’t know you had. (The Artist’s Way book by Julia Cameron is a wonderful guidebook on how to journal to unblock yourself creatively and find your voice.)

Thank you to those who have emailed me to tell me that my poems have changed their lives and that they print out and read their favorite ones every day to lift themselves up.  It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve written one of these healing poems.  I’ll be adding it and a few others to the Healing Writings Page.  I’ll be adding new song lyrics to this page also–they won’t be new Posts so you won’t get email notifications, they will just be new Pages on the blog so I will mark them with “NEW” in red so you can check them out. Wishing you comfort, healing, inner peace, and a feeling of safety to be YOU!

With Love and Light,

Roxanne ♥ XOXOXO



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