Are You Comfortably Numb?

Hello Everyone. Are you feeling Comfortably Numb? Are you stuck in a state of mild depression but grateful for all you have so you are doing okay …but you rarely get out of your comfort zone? 🤔😑
I am very familiar with feeling comfortably numb. I spent years in this state and didn’t know it. I realized it when I began writing songs with my guitar as a stay-at-home mom back in the day (2004-ish 🙃). Sometimes I would notice this state when “I wanted to sing but also didn’t want to sing at the same time” and so I wrote songs about feeling this way to move through it. (2 songs that come to mind are “Free To Live” and “Sing Out the Wind”. I will put the lyrics out to these songs in the coming days here as posts.)
Now when it happens to me, on rare occasions, I know just what to do feel vital and motivated again—other tools besides song-writing have developed for me as the roots of the process unfolded in my healing journey and in becoming a professional Intuitive Coach. I am able to shift to a state of self-compassion and listen to my creative inner guidance which always has the exact answers I need in the moment. This “comfortable numbness” is a state which is common for many people but few understand it’s roots and how to move out of it to become creative and flowing with the vitality of the True Higher Self again.
And so I am grateful that I learned years ago how to “uplift my soul” out of this state of being creatively and energetically blocked. Many people are living in a comfortably numb state day in and day out and since they are able to go to their jobs, do their work, and pay their bills, they are not aware that they are actually stuck in a state of being their “false self”. There is so much more within them, a rich inner life of creativity and passions is hidden inside—their true nature is blocked and this blockage is keeping them from feeling satisfied with their lives or feeling vital and healthy.
One way to get things flowing again is through learning tools that support the expression of their repressed emotions and how to release them. This release causes a realization that the deeply hidden false beliefs about themselves can be dissolved and replaced with positivity as one witnesses their hidden truth. One needs to feel very safe and “seen” in order to examine, acknowledge and release these emotions, to get to the truth of the events that lead to the original shut down of the true self that occurred. (Another way to start to get your “flow” going again is through receiving Reiki treatments. 😊🙏)
I can help guide people through various energetic and emotional healing processes because of my own lengthy intensive inner grief work (2003+ 🤔) that resulted in my unblocking my own creativity and true self. Over time and training, I learned the tools necessary to gain access to and actualize my creative gifts as a singer-songwriter, intuitive spiritual counselor, and Certified Reiki holistic therapist. Now I’m helping other sensitive souls to heal their energetic and emotional blockages which unlocks their creative gifts and the true self as well. I feel so blessed to be doing this work that helps others–often it is childhood wounds and trauma at the root of these blockages. I know that it was for me and the inner work hasn’t been easy but it has been so worth it to finally feel Free to be Me! 💃🎶😇
Every sensitive soul who is drawn to reach out for my professional assistance as an Intuitive Coach is unique and I can meet each individual where they are at in their soul’s journey. I can give them the guidance their soul needs the most from providing a safe space for holistic talk-therapy, or energetic Reiki treatments, or intuitive spiritual channeling sessions, or all 3. 😁🙏💜
You can Check Out my website here at (aka and and see if it resonates with YOUR soul (or please Share with someone who may benefit from this post) and/or then
Reach Out to me to schedule a session through Email at I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Sending you comfort, caring, and love and light,
Roxanne 🎶💖

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