Comfort From Above–A Channeled Angel Message

Hello everyone!  Here is my very first long Channeled Angel Message.

Channeled Angel Message 1-12-19

“Dear Ones, You are so loved.  If you only knew the brilliance of your own light—the perfection of your being.  Your soul has a purpose that may be unknown to you at this time but if you take the time to listen to your heart and write out your soul’s desire, you will begin to know yourself. As you love, nurture, and comfort yourself you will heal those deep layers of pain that are keeping you from stepping into your wholeness and vitality to be all that you can be. 

We are with you, Dear Ones, shining light and comfort down on you on those times you feel most alone and afraid.  If you can believe in love from above and open to receive our comfort it will help you so much.  As light workers you chose to come onto earth at this time as co-creators with us the Angels who are always hovering near you.  Your compassionate ways may seem unappreciated by those around you but if you can remember and write and share with others who are open to such spiritual messages, you’ll be spreading hope in ways you can’t imagine.

No-one else is exactly like you but many, who are on similar journeys and just beginning, will so benefit from your wisdom.  Keep writing.  Keep creating from the joy in your heart and share it with others without fear.  The fear of persecution from others is old and we reassure you that the benefits will far exceed any backlash you receive.  If you are afraid to be different well, My Dear, you already are and it is what it is for a good reason.  Goodness and light exudes from you in a way that affects others in a positive way whether it’s positive feelings being around you or pushing their repressed pain up to the light in an explosive way.  This is not for you to decipher or feel responsible for but just know healing is happening. 

If you get negative energy back from anyone know it is not about you and it is just a projection of this inner unconscious unlooked-that world. All pain needs to be looked at in order to heal and be released. This is a role that is not for the faint of heart. You are not faint of heart. You are all heart and you are strong enough for this role. By changing the way you view criticisms of you, you can change your life.  Criticisms of you are actually criticisms of the person criticizing you—their own self-judgments projected outward. 

How to handle this?  Smile with your inner knowing of the real truth. Either walk away or show them compassion if you are in a strong place.  Let the negativity flow through you and not stick.  Transmute it into Mother Earth or up to Heaven it doesn’t matter keep the energy moving flowing and healed and dissolved by love. 

Shining your light really is healing. Perhaps you’ve encountered people drawn to you lately and even asking for a hug from you while others seem to treat you as if you are invisible. They actually make themselves invisible from their own true essence—a true and complete disconnect and so you are feeling their invisibility and self-loathing.  Know it’s not yours. The work of knowing the voice of your inner critic is so helpful.  Yes, you know this. 

But you didn’t know your inner critic is alive in you because you absorbed the inner critic of those around you in your foundational childhood years and you internalized it and believed it.  Now you know better.  You can give yourself the love you never received and deserved.  Yes every child deserves love and care and to be uplifted to see their gifts and potential.  You can re-frame, re-program, re-parent, and re-live the childhood you never had—Regain the childlike trust you missed out on.  Live now with more childlike exuberance, joy, and curiosity and express yourself without fear. 

Know your childlike exuberance is much needed on the planet as you express it without fear of ridicule and shame.  Yes, you may have been shamed for shining your light as a child but now you see their fear, their shame that they felt safe to put on you.  Only because of your light, My Dear Earthbound Angels, only because of your light.

Archangel Muriel here,

sending you hugs and love and comfort so deep you feel it down to your toes.

We angels are just a thought away

Just open to us and get out of the way

To receive our message especially for you

So you can heal and heal others too.

Until we meet again,


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(This post previously contained a video of the channeled angel message which has since been deleted as a new platform for the videos is in the making.)

With love and light,

Roxanne 😇

3 responses

  1. Hi Roxanne. Thank you so much for that beautiful message😇❤️I’m really going to try to internalize every word of it . Is part of the message that all of us should express through writing?or was that part for you? Well, anyway, regarding the format….I thought the graphics were beautiful, as was the guitar music.(Is it you?) I tend to need everything slow and quiet in order to really absorb information though, so for me, I’d probably prefer the scroll a little slower, and maybe fewer changes of ? tempo to the music. ( I have no idea if that’s the correct term! I know next to nothing about music🥴 ) Having the written transcript was really helpful, as I could read at my own pace too. Congratulations on taking this next step. You are so brave and an inspiration!


    1. Omg Thank you so much Sue!–This is so helpful! I had decided to make some changes and then I saw your comment and you really helped solidify my plans going forward. In reply to your question, this message was for everyone when I received it and especially everyone who resonates with all or even different parts of it. It’s such a great question because this message came through differently than usual–I usually know my guidance is for me. But this one was different and I knew it was a guided message for everyone when I wrote it out (when they said Dear Ones) even though when I read it back it sure resonates for me lol …but actually no it’s for everyone lol. And yes, everyone can benefit from learning to do automatic writing or even just journaling out their feelings–this helps to get the person who is stuck in the linear and critical left brain over to the compassionate, empathetic, and grateful right side of the brain–this is the intuitive side too. Writing is a bridge to the right side of the brain so it’s beneficial to everyone. Thank you for all the feedback and about the graphics, and the guitar music (not mine this time 🙂 ) and yes the pace could be slowed down a bit for sure. I have decided to record me reading it aloud in my own voice along with the scroll. And I agree that there were too many tempo changes to the music, I didn’t want it to get boring with the same music over and over but, yeah, a little distracting. But now that I’m going to record it with my voice I will use one tempo all through –maybe just very low in the background, or maybe no music at all while my voice is going–just music at the beginning and the end. What do you think, Sue? It may take a few days because I have to set up my microphone equipment etc. but I’m excited to get this right. …And start channeling more messages. 😃 I feel so honored to be able to do this work😌🙏–It’s kind of scary to come out with this kind of work–Thanks for saying I’m brave and an inspiration! No turning back now!! Your comments spur me forward so thanks again!! Hugs and Love, Roxanne 💞


  2. […] a new and improved version!–I changed my new video of the Channeled Angel Message (see last post for the original video) and added MY VOICE reading it, along with the scroll.  I turned the music […]


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