Channeled Angel Message – (Revised Voice Version For Listening) and Blog Updates

Hi Everyone! It’s a new and improved version!–I changed my new video of the Channeled Angel Message (see last post for the original video) and added MY VOICE reading it, along with the scroll.  I turned the music down too.  Many people like to just listen to these YouTube videos rather than read them so I hope it is more appealing to more people now and makes the message more accessible and pleasant to receive. Below is the new version. Enjoy!

This is a work in progress and I appreciate any feedback on anything on this video you’d like changed. My voice will improve too as I get used to reading these–I used the very first take so it’s not a perfect match up to the scroll–let me know if it is bothersome or good enough!  Thanks!

Also, this seems like a good time to announce some other changes.  I have rewritten several key pages on this blog now–some were too long and definitely outdated. So if you haven’t already, please check out the new About Me page, the new About This Blog page,  the new Home page, and the new Original Home Page From 2012,.

Also, I am aware that the Theme of this blog is a little outdated as well (the theme is the look and design of it, including the width of the post pages–new themes have a wider overall set-up in many cases).  I like this one but Please let me know if you think I would appeal to more readers if I changed the Theme of this blog …or are you happy with the way it is? Please be candid about big changes or small changes you would like to see. Thank you so much for all of you who are reading here today!! I’d love your feedback! 😊


With love and light,

and have a good night!

Roxanne 😇💖✨


4 responses

  1. Hello again Roxanne! I love this new version! It felt much more personal hearing your voice and the quieter background music was very soothing ! You’re amazing!


    1. Hello Sue! And Aaww Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback and kind words! So glad you liked the improvements! I know I can do even better next time with my voice. I’m excited because today I got the news that my channeling videos were accepted on the Higher Self YouTube Channel which has lots of subscribers!


  2. Congratulations! You are unstoppable!

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    1. Thank you Sue! So sweet! 💞


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